Hello everyone!

My name is Shirley . I am beyond excited to be starting this blog – this will be a place for me to regularly update interesting and inspiring events in my “reign” as Miss Teenage Vancouver 2015.

Let’s get to know me better first, shall we?


Shirley is a Principal’s List student who attends Kitsilano Secondary School, where she immerses herself in literature studies and designs as the Yearbook Editor-in-Chief and Newspaper Club President. She enjoys playing basketball with her school team, eating green (and cruelty-free <3 ), and living a healthy lifestyle. Outside of school, Shirley is actively engaged in her community – she has been volunteering at Kitsilano Neighbourhood House for five years, and now assisting the running of the Volunteer Program. She has played key roles in the Community Potlucks, Kits House Youth Leadership, the Kits House Project for Awesome, the Kits House Youth Evening of Arts, and at various events. She loves supporting Kits House because it provides programs for diverse individuals from all walks of life – she is grateful to have grown a strong relationship with the community members and staff here since she first set foot on its premise at 12 years old. For her community service efforts, she received the Youth Good Neighbours Award by the Association of Neighbourhood Houses.

At the Khats Day last year...I wish I took more photos of my everyday-volunteering at Kits House...I'll take some to show y'all what it's like next week!

On Vogue UK: Walking for Dawson & Deveraux at SS15 Vancouver Fashion Week















Shirley fulfills her love of fashion by interviewing people in the local fashion industry, writing for her fashion website, The Vancouver Scene (www.thevancouverscene.com), and interning at a luxury designer resale company in downtown Vancouver. She is constantly inspired by the creative individuals she meets, and advocates fashion as a way to bring people together, rather than a mere materialistic pursuit. Represented by her modelling agency, Shirley has graced the runway for numerous designers at Vancouver Fashion Week.

Johnny Liu Photography

This was at the Khats Day fashion show organized by Vancouver Fashion Week! This was actually the day that I was introduced to the idea of Miss Teenage Pageant - more details on that later!

Current Home Page of my fashion website - check it out - it would mean a lot to me! Yes, I designed the site myself; yes, it took all-nighters; and YES, I enjoyed every minute of creating it!

An interesting fact is that Shirley is a Sergeant in her air cadet squadron, the 111 Pegasus Squadron in Vancouver. She has been a member of Drill Team and First Aid Team. She is the editor of the 111 Roast Newsletter, and is currently the Marketing and Public Relations Director for the squadron’s annual Pegasus Challenge event (www.pegasuschallenge.ca). Shirley has had a huge passion for flying since a young age, and is very excited to be a finalist for the Glider Pilot Scholarship Course this summer in Comox, BC with air cadets!

As for the future, Shirley plans to study journalism and publishing in university, and aspires to become a magazine editor. She believes in hard work, dedication, and the joy of the journey.

I was Master of Ceremonies for our squadron's Annual Ceremonial Review 2014!

Here is our flight (Neptune Flight) looking serious. This was taken when I was a Flight Corporal; now I am a Sergeant!

This was me receiving the Effective Speaking Competition Second Place Award in the Air Cadet program, in grade 8! This was half a year into me joining the program so I didn't even have my uniform yet! Thought it was funny to post :)


Her pageant platform is called “Girls, We Can Fly Too”. In the literal sense, she hopes to promote the Air Cadet program and Glider Pilot Scholarship Course to girls nation-wide, as she has personally learned so much from the program and would like to inspire more girls to join. In the figurative sense, she advocates gender equality and encourages young girls to achieve equal endeavours as boys.


There is so much more in my life that I’d love to share, but that will have to be for later posts! Stay tuned, because I have Very interesting content coming up about events, my sponsors, my pageant experience, and more get-to-know-mes. But for now, it is time for me to get back to that calculus…Meanwhile, keep up with my posts at my own website, www.thevancouverscene.com!


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This year as pass by so quickly, this weekend I sadly say good-bye to my Miss Teenage Vancouver title, it will be a year that I will remember.  During this year I got to help out at many events, I met some wonderful people who have become very close to me.


I would like to thank the many people who were there to cheer me on, to support me, the Event coordinators who allowed me to participate in the events. Each of you helped me become who I am today and for this I will always remember you.


To the girls this weekend I would like to wish you all the best, you are already a winner you are here making memories, this weekend will change your life. Have fun with the title remember to just go out there and be the best you can. You are all beautiful.


Good bye for now.

Nicole Johnston

Miss Teenage Vancouver 2014                                           

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My platform is an Act of Kindness and last night I hosted the dinner at Ronald McDonald House what a great experience. The new house is beautiful with everything being donated so the families can stay for free. It is in walking distance of the Children’s Hospital so that the families are close by.


I want to take a minute and thank some of the companies and people who have helped me out by donating money, time, and dessert.
Thank you to Town & Country Floor Design   (Abbotsford)
Real Canadian Super Store (Mission)
Mary Lewis (Abbotsford)
They have all donated Money for us to purchase food..

Thank you to Bite Me Mini Desserts (Maple Ridge)
Julia Mare (Coquitlam)
Cassie Friedenstab (Abbotsford)

Donell Holman ( Maple Ridge )
They have all donated desserts for the dinner
I would also like to Thank Dorothy Wilson (Surrey) for helping us out at Ronald McDonald House.
To Sheila from Mad Platter Catering (Surrey) for lending us everything we need
To Mike from Country for his helping hand.

The Children that I met last night are so strong some were as young as 3 months old, with different treatments, surgeries they still had smiles, they were so cute and stole my heart.  The parents, grandparents I could not even image the pain, and the stress you must be going thru.

I am grateful that I was able to help In a small way, and I am very grateful for all the companies and friends who helped me make this night a success. Each of you showed an Act of Kindness.


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I would like to thank No Boundaries No Limits for letting me be a part of a wonderful event, it was awesome they raised over 15000.00 for Cancer. The entertainment for the night was a nice vary they had performing dogs, kite fliers, contortion a singer and a rock bank. Leo the Lion was a hit. Tons of prizes given out and a wonderful table of food.  Everyone from the very young to the old generation had a great time.

“NBNL is a way of thinking – The ability to live your life with no boundaries and no limits” this is their mission statement and I believe it’s a great way to live your life.

Why is it so easy for us to put limits or boundaries on doing what we love?


No Boundaries No Limits information is listed below



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What a great weekend I was invited to two fundraisers both for cancer, on Friday I was at Party in Pink Zumbathon raising 1400.00 dollars for breast cancer, I began the evening with helping collect money for 50/50 and entry fees, once that was done I got to Zumba with Kim Hunt who organized this wonderful event, at the end of the event I performed.

Kim has been hosting this event now for the past 3 years, it was a great night to just have fun and raise some money for a wonderful cause. I have to thank her for letting me be a part of the event. I am looking forward to the 4th annual Party in pink.


Pictures are by Fly in the Eye Photography



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