【My Help Stop Bullying International Association’s (HSBIA) “Bully Proof Conference”】

Collaborating with Canadian Youth Education Society (CYES), and Lions Club International, Helps Stop Bullying International Association had a “Bully Proof Conference” on June 24th, 2016.


The association’s founder and current president, Evangeline Lou, made a speech and a presentation on statistics about bullying, types of bullying, and the solution to the problem. The presentation educated youth, parents, and teachers in the community about how to deal with the issue.


At the conference, the association also invited a SPECIAL GUEST, Master Luoxin, who is a sixth-level Karate player, the highest level in China so far. Master Luoxin came to the conference to teach students self-defence when facing physical bullying or just when any potential physical danger.



SPECIAL THANKS to RISE WEEKLY and LAHOO.CA for their great media report & support for the conference


Unfortunately, bullying is a very common and terribly hurtful issue in our society. However, we should all try our very best to prevent it prevailing in the community. No one deserves to be bullied!

This is one of my main reasons why I choose to enter Miss Teenage Canada. I hope to spread more awareness for bullying issues through this platform.


13686631_1566808103614763_4857681698783099453_n【ABOUT THE ASSOCIATION】

Our “SEP” Mission:
“S”pread awareness for bullying issues
“E”ducate others about bullying and its best solutions
“P”rovide a platform for help and advice.


“Help Stop Bullying International Association (HSBIA)” is an anti-bullying association founded in BC in 2016 by Evangeline Lou. With the association’s Honorary President as JUSTIN TRUDEAU (Prime Minister of Canada) and our members, we aim to empower more bullied victims and educate others on bullying issues in our community.13707733_1566806786948228_6600597725595434805_n

The association aims to raise more awareness for bullying issues in the community though activities and conferences, while educating parents and students about bullying. In addition, the association provides a communication platform for people to advise and help each other on bullying problems.

13729178_1566808473614726_8988015946645548091_nFuture goals:
Not only in Canada, the association will eventually branch out our main organizations internationally in US, China, and eventually across the globe to help bullied victims across the globe.13754674_1566807413614832_1591247920204737244_n

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Live honestly, valuably, and passionately!

Lots of love,


Written by: Evangeline

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