As I grew up I was always told that I could be anything I wanted I just had to believe. Well over the years my ideas have change at one time I was going to be a dancer and I lived for dance 26 hours a week for years. I than decided that my greatest ambition would be a contortionist I still love to performing but my ideas have changed once again, modeling has been a big part of my life right now and I love the photo shoots,

I grew interested in the pageant world two years ago, and though the different workshops they have us do I found my voice. Once a very shy girl who was bullied, who could not speak in public now stands proudly on stage. I have had many people who do not understand why I do pageants. They believe it’s a waste of money and time. I just want people to understand that pageants have made me who I am today. They teach young girls to be confident, have courage to speak, they give us life skills which we use in our everyday lives, and you also make new friends. Whether you bring home a title or not the life experience is wonderful .As a title holder the doors open even more, we give back to the community by volunteering, by raising money for the charity of choice. We can make a huge difference in people’s lives, by helping others we help ourselves.

In conclusion my believe is that every young girl should compete in a pageant for the experience of a life time, the importance of this is not that she wins or loses because I believe there is no loser, I believe every one walks away a winner because what you learn will make you a better person, and we just don’t get this education at school.

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