“ALEX S. YU is made with dream and love. I create garments that explore the fine line between reality and fantasy. Rollicking the happy emotions of childhood, nostalgia and wanderlust; and pondering the very definition of femininity in a modern, quirky way through garments.”


Since first seeing Alex S Yu’s designs last year at VFW, I’ve been blown away by the amount that the brand has grown and the consistency in Alex’s designs. Immediately recognizable, the frolic pinks and metallics and prints pull together the entire look. It was a pleasure to be in his get up for the Aldo A-List event – astounding, how something as simple as clothes can completely lift your mood and the way you perceive everything throughout night. I love it not for the feeling of being a kid again (please, no thanks), but for the playfulness the clothes embody. I was basically wearing a thick plastic bubble, for heaven’s sake. And a metallic fabric thing, held up with an elastic, that slightly fans out – so that I can feel like a ballerina, probably. And a spandex-y material. And (faux) fur. And my crown. And fuchsia Aldo pumps that just about killed my feet. But the exuberant feeling! The outfit, for the night, gave me a release of the pressure that’s constantly pushing onward, speeding the heck out of youth-hood before getting the chance to stop and smell the flowers, or just to hang out with friends. I guess you can call it momentum, but still – thank goodness for summer.

As you can probably tell, seeing and wearing Alex’s designs was the highlight of my night. Many came out for Connally Mcdougall Design’s showcase of her latest collection as well!

Lastly, I would like to thank Jamie and Skye of Myskyeberrypie for inviting me out – they were so kind, and their energy filled the room!

About Alex S. Yu’s collection: THE SWEET SIXTEEN marks the second consecutive time ALEX S. YU is showing at Vancouver Fashion Week. This collection finds inspiration in the often capricious teenage angst and the cult movie ‘Mean Girls.’ The overly mature and sexy appeal of pop culture and its pin-ups and media darlings intrigues and inspires Alex to design in a reverse way. This season he designs for a woman who is longing to be young again, to live naively, freely and worry-free and to remember that it’s okay to break some rules, have some fun and eat that extra scoop of double chocolate ice cream.


Shirley L

Miss Teenage Vancouver 2015


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