My Design For The New Miss Teenage Canada Rollup Banner

What should Miss Teenage Canada be about?

What is unique about Miss Teenage Canada?

What is the idea behind Miss Teenage Canada?

More importantly,

What makes Miss Teenage Canada so wonderful and meaningful?

I thought about these questions as I sketched my design for the new Miss Teenage Canada Rollup Banner.

After a lot of drafts, I finally came up for an idea.

I started with Miss Teenage Canada’s logo on the top and a pink tiara to match the logo.

I believe Miss Teenage Canada is a very meaningful pageant competition that is not only about the outside appearances; it is more about how different people express their ideas and definitions of “beauty.” Therefore, I came up with the line “Express Your own Definition of ‘True Beauty’.”

I really like Miss Teenage Canada’s motto, which is “Dare to Dream.” The line is just simply inspiring and encouraging, which is what Miss Teenage Canada is all about. Positivity is what I wanted to present. Therefore, I choose to put the lines in an “infinity” symbol made by birds, meaning that dreams are unlimited and imaginations do fly freely like birds.

Below the symbol, I put a cartoon pageant girl, looking happy and confident with the sash and crown. The girl represents a typical pageant girl who gain a lot of valuable experience through Miss Teenage Canada. She learn how beautiful she is on the outside and the inside . Her smile blooms warningly. The atmosphere that she presents really show other people what you can gain from the valuable experience offered by Miss Teenage Canada.

Lastly, below the girl, there is a line that says “Be Confident,” which really do illustrate what the pageant girl wants to present. Confidence is a positive attitude towards life. People should have every reason to be confident of themselves, and this is what Miss Teenage Canada wants to inspire youth across the country.

Below is my design:

MTC banner photo

Hope you like it=)

Live honestly, passionately, and valuably!

Lots of love,

Evangeline Lou

Written by: Evangeline

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