Unexpected Benefits to the Miss Teenage Canada 2018 are many!

This week has been so eventful and wonderful! From meeting all the amazing girls from across the country,

to going to the CN Tower,

TORONTO-CANADA, 10 APRIL 2017: CN tower, third tallest tower in the world and the tallest free-standing structure in the Western Hemisphere, signature icon of Toronto’s skyline and a symbol of Canada

to having a private tour of Casa Loma, which is a Gothic style mansion in the heart of Toronto, ON. It took 3 years for the original owner / financier Sir Henry Pellatt to build his private residence, from 1911 – 1914. The mansion is now a historic property and museum.

The unexpected benefit to participating in the Miss Teenage Canada Pageant has been all the insights and knowledge we’ve gained already!For instance, there is something you should know about me! I’m a pescatarian (meaning I’m a vegetarian who will also eat fish). I became a vegetarian several years ago during a school project, and haven’t looked back since. Not only is being a vegetarian good for the environment, but it’s also a healthier option for our bodies as well, I believe.Well since arriving in Toronto, I’ve discovered a new company that has changed my food world! And this is important, because I’m a healthy foody! ūüôā

Going into the Pageant, I was a bit concerned about what I would be eating and if being a pescatarian was even a meal option with the meal sponsors, Clean Meals? To my surprise it was!  Not only do they have Vegetarian options, but Pescatarian, Carnivors (I like to call them Meat-atarians, it sounds nicer), Diabetic, weight loss, allergy specific meals, and even Gluten free meals!

Our meals have been DELICIOUS here! I had the salmon which was incredible!

I’m so excited that Clean Meals is the sponsor of Miss Teenage Canada 2018, because this means I am able to eat healthy, nutritious, AND delicious meals on the go!

Here’s a look at our www.CleanMeals.ca all wrapped up and ready to go! Looks delicious hey?

And this is what it looks like once heated up and reading for the dining room table!

And finally, one of the best surprises I learned about #CleanMeals.ca was that we both have the SAME Platform!!! We both desire to end homelessness.For me, it’s through:

  1. Employment
  2. Improving personal hygiene
  3. Food! Lots of healthy, good food!

And this is what #CleanMeals is having a HUGE impact with! Below is their program, mission and accomplishments (taken directly from their website https://cleanmeals.ca/project-end-hunger/ 

Please check out Clean Meals today, because you’ll not only support your body by eating healthy, you’ll also be helping a lot of homeless people as well!

So there you go! Clean Meals to go!

Have a great day! And continue reading about the great work of Clean Meals.ca!

Well, it’s time for bed. I’ll saying my gratitude tonight for Clean Meals easy dinners, with their Sunday deliveries, Ontario wide. Hoping soon they’ll expand all the way to Vancouver as well. <3

#ProjectEndHunger, a charitable initiative supported by Clean Meals towards feeding as many homeless and less fortunate as possible within the Toronto and GTA regions!

#ProjectEndHunger aims to help provide healthy meals for those who are less fortunate. Food is the fuel to our bodies in order to function and essential for human survival, together we can make a difference within the community and help feed those who are hungry.

In 2017 our goal was to provide 500 meals to the less fortunate, we are pleased to announce with the help of your donations and various socially responsible companies we exceeded our goal and provided 504 meals in the short 5 months since we started this initiative.

Due to the amazing respond from companies and individuals we have set our 2018 goal to be 2400 meals for the whole year, which makes it 200 meals each month. As #ProjectEndHunger we want to make a difference in people’s lives as far as we can and we need your help.


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