It was a quiet Friday morning today, with only two staff members, 2 interns, and Hannah in the back room. Scheduling and editing tweets on Hootsuite kept me occupied for the morning, since I had to leave for the afternoon. Emily and I threw in some testimonials – most of which were so heartwarming and unfortunately could not be jammed into 140 characters for our Twitter audience.

Working with Emily, Marketing Intern on Hootsuite

Working with Emily, Marketing Intern on Hootsuite

I really wanted to share what one lady said about the impact of DFS Vancouver’s services on her life – the un-curtailed version of a future tweet. I really love what she said about how “it’s alright to feel vulnerable”, and then to “work on it”. I think some of our day-to-day agitation stems from the fact that we dwell over a present situation, and drive ourselves into a gridlock from there. I really hate doing downward dogs, but a part I do like about yoga is that the instructors always tell us to “accept the present”. Once there, we can properly “work on it”.

“It was been a great pleasure and amazing experience to be apart of DFS Vancouver and PWG program. The first time I came to pick up an outfit I did not even imagine how lucky I was! I felt a little uncomfortable at the idea of receiving free clothes but had no choice since I lost 13kg last year. I got my first full-time job in Canada. My 18 months experience with PWG showed me it is alright to feel vulnerable and work on it. Meeting so many women with both shared and unique challenges and stories united us. It helped me to overcome life stress, to believe and hope! Moreover, networking and hearing stories from different women helped me learn about Canadian life and work environments, culture, and social and economic challenges. I started to feel better, to accept challenges and understand personal strengths and weaknesses. These positive Influences helped me to take change and be responsible for my own life challenges, and to be aware this is a normal transition period! Volunteering and helping others was such a rewarding experience for me. Thank you for helping me to stand on my feet again!

Sincerely, T.S.”

Happy weekend!

Shirley L

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