I can’t believe that today is already the 21st! It feels like the each year passes exponentially faster than the last, and this summer is just flying by. Nationals are in two weeks, which feels completely surreal (technically, next weekend, but I don’t want to freak myself out), and after that I’ll be visiting some schools in Toronto and down to the States. I’m overwhelmingly excited about that – it’ll be incredible to experience the environment, go on tours, and learn about programs in person.

Webinar! Read about it below:

Webinar! Read about it below:

After some Instagram/Twitter things this morning, I sat down with Jennifer for the informational webinar, Social Fundraising: Put Your Network to Work. It educated non-profits on the most effective methods of fundraising, from a relationship-building perspective. From the importance of “warm introductions”, to tips on how to scout out connections to potential corporate donors  through LinkedIn, and to ways to leverage the connections of people close and supportive of the non-profit already, such as board members and volunteers, the webinar covered a whole lot with points and scenarios in 40 minutes. But everything still narrows down to one thing the female speaker briefly mentioned: the ABCs of today are “Always Be Connecting”.

As Jennifer said, it’s wild that we are all connected in some way. So, when reaching out to a “target” donor corporation, the webinar speakers suggest to search up – with all the detailed filters – people connected to that corporation, and then narrow down connections, whether they are first or second degree. They gave this scenario where the male speaker needed to reach out to a company in New York, and would have never thought that his sister – a New Yorker – knew a key person in that company if it hadn’t been the connections mapped out on her LinkedIn. The thing is, his sister wouldn’t have recalled she had that connection without LinkedIn either, and wouldn’t have been able to introduce him.

Another thing that Jennifer mentioned was that nowadays, it is considered polite for a person to check out another person’s LinkedIn profile before reaching out to him/her, to get more understanding of his/her role and to make sure that interests align.

After lunch and some more social media stuff, Jen and I wheeled even more clothes for the Shop for a Cause sale over to Harbour Centre! It’s this Saturday, 10am-6pm, and there will be designer, vintage, new, and gently-used clothes there for $5 and up! All proceeds go back to our programs.

This sequinned vintage Adrienne Vittadini sweater will be at the sale!

This sequinned vintage Adrienne Vittadini sweater will be at the sale!

And here is some news of today! “Once Again Dress for Success Worldwide Receives a 4-Star Rating on Charity Navigator. Our organization received a four-out-of-four star rating in recognition of the high standards we adhere to, including sound fiscal management, accountability and transparency.”

Speaking of transparencies, I left early today to get my Invisaligns…wearing them right now, it feels like I have food in my teeth 22/7. A Lot of food. I just hope they don’t end up lost, buried within a heap of leftover food in a restaurant in China like my old retainers did…but that’s another story.

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