Had a blast helping out at the sale last week, running speedy shopping trips during lunch breaks with Emily, and everything in between. It’s been something I’ve been anticipating since the beginning of this month, with every promotional tweet scheduled, with every sale-worthy clothing item stuffed into bankers boxes, and with every bumpy trip over to the Harbour Centre with the racks.

The Shop for A Cause sale is open to the pubic for one day: July 25th. Designer, vintage, new, and gently-used clothing are sold starting from $5. All proceeds go back into our programs. ’Cause DFS Vancouver is awesome, and it needs funding to run career services programs, etc.

If you missed it, don’t worry – the Sales are seasonal, and Fall is coming right around the corner. Or better yet, here is my recap of the whole fundraiser event through photos.

On the first day, I stayed here helping out the whole day. From ten until ten, our clients lined up outside the space: many return season after season, and all are excited and patiently waiting to discover the goodies we have this time.

Our early bird clients excited to go into the sale :)

Our early bird clients excited to go into the sale 🙂

Many volunteers supported the sale for it to run smoothly. Rebelle, and many volunteers who are usually at the boutique had a couple of shifts, and the girls who have basically been running the sale for a few seasons, were there for whole days. From bringing the clothes over from the boutique, (which starts in the beginning of the month!) to sorting them, to putting them out onto the floor, the sale would not be possible without them.

Three of the ladies who organize the clothing sale 🙂

The merchandise there was amazing. Every piece has gone through two rounds of selection: once in the boutique’s sorting room, and another time when items arrive at the sale space stock room and are sorted again before being put out. Some items are brand new – donated by a clothing store, but are unfit to be worn to an interview or employment. For example, there was a collection of new LOFT corduroy pants, and baskets of mint-condition 100% silk shirts and skirts. Clothing that would normally be $100 and up are sold at the affordable price of $5, and our clients get first picks.

Some blazers and suits at the sale

Some blazers and suits at the sale

People came in waves: the floor was quite packed in the morning, and when things slowed down a bit in the afternoon, Gabrielle and I went to the stock room to sort through more clothing and restock.

Stock room!

Stock room!

Lastly, Nicolle, an author at VancityBuzz, came over to check out the sale. Here is a BTS of some Instagraming/Twittering.

Christina, DFS Vancouver Sponsorship and Marketing Manager, helps Nicolle of Vancity Buzz snap a shot sporting Shop-for-a-Cause pieces from head to toe!

And that wraps up the recap. My apologies for the quick, run-down-of-the-day blog post today though – my mind is entirely on the Miss Teen Canada competition that is coming up in 4 days and a few things I need to finish up before I leave – such as my drivers test!

Hope everyone is enjoying the absolutely gorgeous sunshine we are getting (the ocean was an especially tropical deep blue yesterday!). Enjoy this photo from Monday (aka my lock screen background):

Yes, this saturation was adjusted - but only to bring out the beautiful, clear blue that was the ocean!

Yes, this saturation was adjusted – but only to bring out the beautiful, clear blue that was the ocean!

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