Here is a quickie blog about day 2!

It’s incredible, the amount of attention Dress for Success pays to thank avid supporters – a personalized note of appreciation goes a long way: even if it is a simple thank-you voicemail that people come home to, it means a lot.

Thus began almost 100 calls to people who attended the Impact 360 event of June 4th:

“Hello? This is Shirley, and I’m calling from Dress for Success…”

“Oh sure, of course! You know what, it was actually my wife who attended and she’s at work right now – ”

“Oh okay, would you please pass it on to her?”

“You know what, how about I hang up right now, and when you call back, it’ll go to voice mail so she can hear the message herself when she gets home? I’m sure she’ll appreciate that.”

I thought that was very sweet.

Lunch was really good, if you can't tell already :)

Lunch was really good, if you can’t tell already 🙂

Next, I wrote a couple of thank-you cards to some corporate sponsors. This is quite, quite, embarrassing, but I have never mailed letters before!? After zipping through some WikiHow articles, the cards were ready. I was very amazed how non-profits such as Dress for Success are so connected to other local non-profits and businesses – and not only on Twitter; although I was to learn how Twitter/Hootsuite works, finally!

The cutest thank-you cards

The cutest thank-you cards

There were also some cards to write to online donors. One person donated to us in honour of her friend’s birthday, as Dress for Success is her friend’s favourite charity. Did you know that $80 gets a woman a private session with an employment consultant?!

See you tomorrow,

Shirley L

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