I’ve had Facebook for a long time (and enjoy it for many purposes); Instagram for a while (although I still don’t understand how people can spend so much time looking at these tiny squares?!); but Twitter has remained completely elusive to me. I was obligated to make a Twitter account for Miss Teen Vancouver updates back in March I believe, but the scrolls of tweets still look like some sort of code, much too taxing to decipher.

So, I was super glad to start learning how Twitter works and posting, for corporate purposes. Twitter targets a different audience, I learned, and can be a very useful tool for marketing bites of news or sharing updates on campaigns. Hootsuite is another. We use it mainly for Twitter, and it lays out mentions, messages, etc. Having all these tweets broken down into sections, clear and structured, gave a very helpful overview of all that revolves around DFS. There is also an option to monitor a specific hashtag – for example, we have a campaign coming up with Oakridge Centre, where for every selfie taken with the giant red shoe/handbag and posted with #dressoakridge, Oakridge donates $5 to DFS. Being able to view all #dressoakridge tweets in the same column allows us to interact/like/follow users who participated in the campaign. Crazy how much social media raises awareness for non-profits such as DFS – I wonder how they promoted their events/campaigns/programs/services 10 years ago?!

Getting a sense of Hootsuite

Getting a sense of Hootsuite

Mailchimp was another. At Kitsilano Neighbourhood House, we use VerticalResponse for mass emails – for example, the volunteer e-newsletter that went out every month. Although VerticalResponse is more familiar to me, Mailchimp did have a nicer layout – but in the end, they serve the same function. Over at Kits House, a year and a half ago, when I started writing the e-news, the whole mailing system took me so long to learn! I was so glad that I had the experience from there, or else I would not have been able to follow Christina (Marketing manager) as she carefully led me through Mailchimp! Things do pay off 🙂

So while I was learning about social media in the office, dressing services went on in the boutique. As I waited for the elevator at lunch break, I met some women who were just dressed in preparation for their upcoming interviews. I can tell that our stylists did an amazing job just from how happy every one of them were!! After I introduced myself, they ecstatically showed the shoes, the jewellery they just received, laughing, joking, and inquired about how their second, post-landing-of-employment visit will work. Here’s a quick photo!!

Had a nice chat with these women DFS supports!

Had a nice chat with these women DFS supports!

I will end this post here – tonight has turned into early tomorrow and I’m still lying on my floor (the heat!!), caked in foundation, from tonight’s photoshoot for Miss Teen Canada. We shot in Yaletown in studio and on location with Sabrina Photography and Vicky Lo MUA. I think I’ll quickly share a story from the shoot; although I will be writing another post with BTS photos too. I just found it so funny, the different types of looks/comments we got while shooting. There were many full restaurants in the area (as the night before Canada Day), and those archaic, red-bricked backdrops were the perfect setting.

Some (fake) flowers in Sabrina's studio...(unfortunately iPhone quality isn't the best at displaying their beauty)

Some (fake) flowers in Sabrina’s studio…in iPhone quality

I was wearing a sequinned skirt, heels, my sash, and crown for the shoot. Some people read my sash, whispered to their group “Miss Teen Vancouver”, and good-naturedly congratulated me. But there were quite a few instances where parents led their children out of the way, as if shielding them from my “influence”. The outfit was obviously not the most modest, so I can understand why the parents would do so – I don’t feel embarrassed at all by their judgements because I know who I am. I’m not some brainless girl who enters pageants for the title and struts around in heels for attention. We don’t know anyone’s story before we truly get to know them. Judgements are natural, and confronting people about their judgements is the last thing we want to do; it’s not the right way to express anything.

Instead, we need to approach these things from a positive standpoint – to inspire people to be open to one another, and to be supportive of one another. I’m pretty sure all this idealist stuff only comes out at 2am… but still, wouldn’t that be amazing?! It’s part of the reason I chose my platform to support girls/women, and I think Dress for Success does an amazing job at promoting that type of support.

So there – some stuff I think about brought to you in the early hours of the day.


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Miss Teen Vancouver 2015


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