Today’s big highlight is the annual report meeting! I met Connie, our graphic designer (whom we “couldn’t do without”) and the graphic designer for YES – a division of Dress for Success. I also met Emily, our new part-time marketing employee who supports Christina, our Marketing & Sponsorship Manager. I joined in the meeting with Jennifer, to see how these meetings go. We mainly talked about potential Instagram campaigns, more effective ways to raise funds, special DFS thank-you cards etc. It was an incredible opportunity to learn the thought process behind many ideas. Before I joined Dress for Success, I found its social media platforms very, very impressive – everything seemed so developed and “figured out”. How does a non-profit organization manage to upkeep social media all the time?

Meeting with Connie and listening to the various new ideas, however, made me realize that even for the experienced, everything is about learning, growing and innovation.

We talked about using design elements from these brochures for the thank-you cards

We talked about using design elements from these brochures for the thank-you cards

For our upcoming Success Luncheon (I’ve always pronounced it “Lunch-on” until now…opps!), I  researched some potential corporate sponsors and whether their charity interests align with DFS’s work. Did you know that Aritzia supports many women’s initiatives?!

A photo as I go for lunch break :)

A photo as I go for lunch break 🙂

After some delicious sushi, I helped Jen sort out fall/winter items in the boutique, and put together some outfits for rack display. Funny how much easier it is to style looks for your own size! And how fashion has gotten so much…“faster” – I had two, almost identical sapphire blue blazers: one a few decades old, and on from H&M. There was this printed dress and pearl-like necklace that I wanted to pair the blazer with; the older blazer with its amazing quality really elevated the whole look.

The day ended with some admin stuff for Mailchimp and calling clients to confirm appointments for tomorrow and Saturday. Afterward, I raced to The Landing for Mint to Inspire’s first anniversary event; being an hour early, I’m now sitting in this cozy coffee shop near by to write this post. I just got a cookie but I really really don’t want to eat it. Let’s just say that Class Pass has been AMAZING ( and the hours at these classes/the gym have been really paying off in terms of reversing the effects of exams finals season and nightly Calhoun’s double chocolate chip cookies.

Okay, TMI.

Excited for Mint to Inspire,

Shirley L

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