I came in this morning with an interesting task. Not many people know this, but I used to be really, really into arts and crafts. And I was quite a perfectionist at them. Before I learned InDesign to graphically design yearbooks, I made my elementary school’s last year yearbook with them arts & crafts skills. In retrospect, I think I spent just as much time doing that in grade 7 as I did this year, creating/editing our school’s yearbook with two other editors (two grads whom I loved working with so much and will be devastated to not have them around next year. This year’s yearbook was our baby and we received SO much positive feedback on it! Meant a lot to me.)

“Unafraid” for Dress for Success!

A close up of “Unafraid”‘s description.

Okay, back to today’s experience. So basically, Pyrrha, a jewellery brand made locally (“Individually handcrafted with care, Pyrrha talismans protect, celebrate and inspire the wearer”) specially made a Dress for Success necklace called “Unafraid”, and it was to be put on display nicely – a part of its proceeds go to support DFS!

Next, I sorted all the shoes in the back room to organize them neatly, into their sizes. Not the most glamorous job, but with some music, it was actually quite soothing and sure was satisfying when done!

A display at Holt Renfrew that I saw on my way to lunch. Just thought it was beautiful.

A display at Holt Renfrew that I saw on my way to lunch. Just thought it was beautiful.

As I have mentioned in my previous posts, before I joined DFS, I wondered how its social media game was so strong. Turns out, we schedule many of our tweets with Hootsuite, so that information is sent out at most popular Twitter-checking times and campaigns are promoted on an effective and specific schedule.

After some Timmy’s at lunch time, we loaded clothes for our upcoming Shop for a Cause sale (at which we sell good quality clothes that are unfortunately not interview/employment appropriate; all proceeds go back to DFS) to the alley, then onto the truck. Then, unloaded them to bring to the sale space. I met five Dress for Success volunteers and had some really nice conversations; they have been volunteering here for a few years and know the drill for the seasonly sales. I also met two stylists who have been dressing women here for almost double-digit years! “Shirley, I’d like you to meet…” happens a few times every single day, and it’s such a pleasure to get to know everyone who’ve supported DFS for such a long time. Just amazing how everyone pulls together for the organization to run smoothly.

And it’s Friday! Super excited for HIIT at Kondi fitness in half an hour. It’s just the best and I recommend it to anyone with one hour to spare for an intense but completely satisfying workout. Usually, classes are one hour: 15 minutes on the treadmill with a mix of jogging, sprints, and inclined power walks; around 20 minutes TRX training, targeting upper body and core; another 15 minutes on the treadmill, then some work on the lower body, and then finish with some stretches.

“No matter how slow you go, you are still lapping everyone on the couch”, reads on of the quotes on the wall facing the treadmill. I’m not a huge quotes person, but I really like that one.

I’ll end on that note.

Shirley L

Miss Teen Vancouver 2015


PS I really wish I got more photos of what I was actually working on during the day. But I forget to take photos when I’m doing these things, because, well, I’m doing them. I’ll try to work on that and hopefully bring some more interesting photos!

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