We’re not open on Mondays! Which means that when Tuesday rolls around, you’re wanting to get back into the week again – and that hump days don’t exist! So instead, I tried Tabata yesterday, and felt like an uncoordinated, puffing baby giraffe – but it was so rewarding.

Today, I met Rebelle while working in the back room. Rebelle has been volunteering here for two years, I believe. We talked about family; I told her about the trip my mom and I are taking to the States in August; she told me about her kids who are already graduated and working. I can’t imagine myself graduated and working, and I am still in disbelief that in less than two months, my last year of high school would begin.

After this, I called many online donors to express our appreciation for their support, and to invite them to our upcoming Donor Appreciation Event – an afternoon of treats, wine, and Petit Pufs designed just for our donors – to get to know each other, the staff, and take a tour of the boutique to see in person the cause they are supporting.

After lunch, I met four gals who were vital in making the last Shop for a Cause sale happen and are back to organize for this upcoming one on July 25th. We loaded the clothes onto the Big Brothers truck – which, it was so nice of him to come help out – and unloaded into the sale space. As you can see, there are a heck of a lot of clothes here to sort in sizes and to display – it takes weeks of preparation in advance to put on the sale!

“Before” photo: Boxes and boxes of clothes organized at the sale space!

Happy Tuesday!

Shirley L

Miss Teen Vancouver 2015


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