We have some very exciting events coming up, including the donor appreciation night, the volunteer appreciation day, and the Success Luncheon.

There are even more exciting charity events coming up in November in Vancouver – to make sure our luncheon date doesn’t clash with other events, I came in this morning to do some researching on dates.

After writing some more thank-you cards (I realized how often we do this!) addressed to a couple of employees whose donations were generously matched by their company through a “Giving Program”, I ran some errands: there were some more clothes we wheeled to the sale at Harbour Centre. I don’t think I’ve talked about the sale fundraiser yet: basically, DFS Vancouver does seasonal sales of high-quality clothing donated to us that are unfortunately either too casual, or so high-end that they would not be appropriate to wear to an interview or an employment. Everything fundraised goes back into the program! The upcoming one is on July 25th, at the Harbour Centre, Upper Mall area.

Shop for a Cause Flyer

We also separate clothes for the sale and clothes for donation for Big Brothers. It’s quite awesome how these clothes circulate – it is so much more sustainable (and fun) this way.

After lunch, I settled in completing some “Instagram stewardship”, as a part of marketing! I checked out some the organizations we are following and the amazing stuff they are planning/creating. It amazes me again how connected so many Vancouver businesses and organizations with similar beliefs are, and how many opportunities there are to work together.

Staff meeting! With Val virtually present on FaceTime!

Staff meeting! With Val virtually present on FaceTime!

We had a staff meeting afterwards, to hear updates and keep everyone on the same page. With Val, who works from home (and has an adorable son, Elie!), virtually present through Facetime, we learned more details on the various events coming up and potential new future locations for the women’s program.


Pose, Post, and Empower “demonstration”!



I just came back from taking some photos for the Pose, Post, and Empower campaign at Oakridge and shopping for a dress for Nationals this summer! Despite the power of three (besttt “stylists” I could ask for), armfuls of splendid dresses, and a frustrated yet patient employee, we could not accomplish the arduous task of finding me the perfect dress. (This reminds me of Rape of the Lock) But planned shopping never works for me; whenever I’m just racing by a store – and end up walking into the store – I find just the thing I’ve been looking for in a snap and am out of there in ten minutes. Somehow, when time is specifically allocated for shopping, shopping looses its appeal.

I’ve no idea what to name this post, so I’ll just go with the flow!

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Miss Teen Vancouver 2015


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