I name this blog post “bananas in pyjamas” in honour of a hilarious conversation today with Hannah, the Dressing Services Coordinator, about some kids’ show with that name. I’ve never heard of the show myself, but somehow, I kept on getting this image of Curious George when she was talking about it – and imagine my disappointment when Google images reveals that these bananas (which look much more like corn on the cob) hang out with bears and pigs instead…

In the morning, on the way to downtown..

In the morning, on the way to downtown..

Let’s start from the top. I went to Barre Fitness in Yaletown this morning and it was amazing! I can’t believe how many people attend this 6:30am class – the studio was completely packed! What I really like about this studio is that they put huge emphasis on the stretching during and after the workout. Without that release, my muscles tend to feel stuffed and even tighter in the morning.

Today, I looked into some corporations that might have an interest in supporting our organization through their charity programs. Next, I went into the back room for some tasks and started steaming some new donations that we can put out onto the floor directly, since we haven’t put out new summer work clothes for a long time.

While I stemmed, I chatted with Katherine, who selected the music of the day – classical – and was working on the sorting table. Katherine has been volunteering here for 5 years, I believe, and she told me about her adventures in Switzerland, while staying at a DFS volunteer’s home (who volunteers overseas, online). When a full-length, pleated navy skirt popped up with the brand name “Aleane”, she told me about how it was a huge deal to wear clothes manufactured by Aleane “back then”; Aleane was made in Vancouver and it closed in the 70s. The quality of the piece was amazing, but the exactly style could be easily found at Topshop today.

When I got back from lunch, I continued to work away at steaming – there were a couple dozen of the same loose, silky button-ups that some store probably donated. The Banana Republic girls came in to volunteer again (bananas!)! They are from the Park Royal store, and I really enjoyed talking with one of the girls last week and was happy to see a familiar face coming in to volunteer again, as I’m meeting new volunteers everyday! The girls sorted clothing and shoes, etc.

Hannah shows the Banana Republic girls how to sort

A picture with ladies from Bank of Montreal who brought a load of clothing donations – excuse my close eyes, this was the only photo haha!

I am so stoked for tomorrow night – the five of us are going to this elaborate Italian restaurant and Gastown after, one is leaving for a Toronto visit soon, and another is going back to California after her short visit here.

Happy Thursday!

Shirley L

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