Today is team-building, get-to-know-one-another’s-working-style-better workshop day for the DFS Vancouver staff. These ladies from a workplace relations group came in and led everyone through activities, I believe.

For me, today was a chance to finally get to know and work with Emily, our Marketing intern! I followed up on our #dressoakridge campaign with Oakridge Centre on social media platforms and started writing some things for the DFS blog, while Emily wrote up drafts of invitation letters. Jennifer had lunch catered from the Lazy Gourmet for the workshop which we had and it was really delicious. Also met two other volunteers today, Marilyn and Sheila, who were busy calling to confirm appointments and printing new name tags. This all went by so fast.

In the process of  blogging!

In the process of blogging!

The Lazy Gourmet lunch - yum!

The Lazy Gourmet lunch – yum!

Sheila was the last to leave, and by around 3, it was just me in the office – I blogged about the Pyrrha staff who came in to organize items for the sale for the DFS blog, and answered the occasional phone call. The staff were still in the workshop, and laughters bursted here and there.

So I get a call from this lady – a client of ours who was outfitted for employment. I go and greet her at the door – I recognize her from my second day here! I start explaining that the office is closed today, but she says she’s just here to return some pants and shoes she received from here that unfortunately did not end up fitting. I felt kind of bad that she basically couldn’t wear one of the two outfits we could provide, and explained that I’d have to inquire about policies on exchanges later and get back to her – but she was not agitated or anything at all. She was so full of gratitude for the service DFS has provided her; she says she hopes to donate them back so that another client who is looking for shoes in this size could get them. She also hands me a dainty brooch carefully wrapped in a napkin and says she wants to donate this to DFS too since she doesn’t wear it anymore, and another woman could.

That really made my day. It was really sweet of her to return the items – and quite amazing that she’s still a client of DFS, and she’s paying it forward already! I love how DFS fosters this cycle. She left with a big smile and told me how much she appreciated the services again.

So I left the office in an exuberant mood, partly because of this and partly because I was so stoked to pig out on some gourmet Italian pizzas – and that’s what we did, family style. Had such a great night in Gastown afterwards and will miss my friend so much after she leaves for Cali again!!



Hope everyone had a good Fri-yay!

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