Mint to Inspire is a young and emerging platform that brings people together to connect and inspire each other. Founded by Holly Ho just one year ago, Mint to Inspire’s events and workshops have grown to become very well supported by the local artistic community and by Vancouver’s creative individuals looking to expand their networks.

As Holly and I emailed back and forth a few months ago, I was excited to finally meet her when she invited me to MTI’s first birthday. The open energy was captivating as I stepped into the candle-lit-like space. Local vendors spread out their handmade jewelry, postcard illustrations, framed photography, and vegan cosmetics at their tables; the table was stacked with macaroons, cupcakes, and other little delicacies; the photo booth area was being set up with outrageus sunglasses, bling, and cute signs that say “best party ever” or “please don’t tag me in these photos” – my personal favourite.



This is Ali, who helps make Mint to Inspire events happen!

Unlike the inevitably fragmented conversations formed at usual, larger events, this one – despite being very well attended – had a close-knitted feel that made you want to open up and truly get to know people. I had a number of interesting conversations: does debating the principles of feminism, getting to know a Kits alumni, meeting one of your favourite bloggers in person, and learning about an “Emily” from half way across the globe who apparently could be my twin sound like a good mix?

At one point, a local singer was invited to perform songs from her new debut album. She played her acoustic guitar sing in a quiet, child-like voice that was so powerful at the same time that the chatter and thundering laughters in the room abated to silence. Nothing was forced out; her talent flowed naturally. I get so wrapped up listening/watching live musicians just being in their zone – she fit in perfectly in front of the backdrop of an unobstructed view of the mountains and the sea. I was going to get a CD when I remembered how it always goes: once you bring the CDs home to listen, the music just isn’t as good anymore. For me, music is all about the atmosphere it creates.

Realizing the time and the blogging I needed to catch up on tonight, I said goodbye to Holly – not before snapping some quick pics at the booth. Thanks again Holly for inviting me – had an amazing time.

P.S.: Melissa Wong Photography took a lot more amazing photos, and I’ll be posting those to my Facebook page ( once they are out!



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