The Prostate Centre provides support for men with prostate cancer or health issues. It also promotes early awareness through educating the public.

So, on Father’s Day, I volunteered for the Prostate Centre’s Annual Walk/Run with 111 Pegasus Squadron’s fellow Level 4s. It’s basically a tradition for our squadron’s Level 4s to support the run yearly: the officer who introduced this initiative has been volunteering at this event for 12 years now, as his mother told me when we were setting up the food station. 

Our team’s fingers became grubby from tying a hundred helium balloons. We accidentally let a few fly up to sky because we were jamming to the live country music at the same time. We cut donuts and apples, halved bananas and muffins, and put out juices, water, and granola bars, while we chatted in the booth and wondering why anyone would enjoy donuts, with all their glaze, sugar, and jams right after a 5k run in the blazing sun.

Ok, fine. Probably this overly detailed account is a bore, but what we actually did wasn’t that glamorous or exciting. But you know what was exciting? The most memorable part of the day was when a Survivor came up to the group of us and thanked us for volunteering. For him to walk up to us and say that, meant so much. Even though we were only volunteering to pump balloons, set up, and hand out food, his simple indication of appreciation made me feel that our small contribution made an impact to raise awareness and to make the overall running of the event smoother. It made me want to do more to support the Prostate Centre, to support people like him who have been touched by prostate cancer.

It touches the lives of many around us. Get involved to support the Prostate Centre: Give a hand at next year’s Father’s Day Walk/Run:

With love and happiness,

Shirley L

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