Who is Amelia – Miss Teenage Vancouver 2018?

From the age of 3, Amelia has consistently practiced the Japanese Proverb “Fall seven times, stand up eight.” As a competitive figure skater, Amelia discovered early that mistakes were part of the learning and growth process, and getting back up was essential to achieving her goal(s).

Mia was diagnosed young with Irlen’s Syndrome, and a hereditary Reading Learning Disability. As you can imagine, traditional learning practices were challenging for her. But in true form, Amelia has never given up! Every time she has struggled, she’s dug her heels in deeper, and pursued her goal.

As a result of her passion to help others, Amelia received a Certificate of Honour from the Alberta Government for the Breakfast Program and Leader In Me Program she was instrumental in starting in grade 5!

Amelia was also invited to travel to the UAE to be a Youth Advocate, where she attended the schools and met with students from Kindergarten to High School. Together they found common interests, and challenges, and favourite songs! Amelia also toured the local hospital and met with patients, doctors, and pharmacy staff. She volunteered and fed 350 – 500 families food for the week in Ajman. Amelia then toured Mosques and had meetings with the Justice Minister of Abu Dhabi, and Environment Minister of Dubai.

As well, for eight years Mia has volunteered with the Kohan Foundation and the Alberta Housing First Approach to End Homelessness… So far they have raised over $420,000.

Amelia comes from a diverse family background, where her Mom is Metis, Dad is Ukrainian, and her Stepmom and 2 brothers are Sikh. She is the quintessential example of Canadian Youth today – embracing, and learning from all faiths, cultures, and beliefs.

Amelia currently lives in both Edmonton AB, and Vancouver BC, splitting her time between both parents and family members. She will be the first in her family to attend full-time University on a Scholarship! Amelia has worked doubly hard for this (especially given her learning disability) And all her efforts have paid off!

To contact Amelia for sponsorship, or to attend your upcoming event, please email her Pageant Travel Manager at missteenagevancouver@gmail.com, and we will contact you shortly.

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