Miss Teen Vancouver Evangeline Lou and The Voice of China

Throughout April and May and quickly after Miss Teenage Canada BC competition, I was busy competing in and preparing for The Voice of China. (I had to miss prom for the finalesorry to all my friends)

Starting from the initial auditions with thousands and thousands of people from different places auditioning, to many preliminaries, and then finally to the huge finale night on May 29th, all I can say is I feel so BLESSED, LUCKY and GRATEFUL.

The only regret I had was during the final, I got sick with a high fever and a sore throat. I learned that Singing competitions are not always about one’s ability to sing. Sometimes, it’s more about one’s ability to face obstacles and pressure, and I am so happy that I MADE IT!!!

Through the whole competition, I made a lot of wonderful and talented friends from different places. I also had the honour to meet and make friends with长宇, who is a top winner from last year’s Voice of China and currently a great singer in China. You guys should check him outhis voice is amazing!

Unfortunately, I will not be going to China for the TV recording.

I had already made plans with Miss Teenage Canada before entering the competition.

Thank you for each person who supported me and encouraged me! All my achievements could not have accomplished without you guys ❤️!

Live honestly, valuably, and passionately!

Lots of love,
Evangeline Lou

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Here are some photos I would like to share with you.13606526_1563257500636490_5713387623914754049_n15356760_685572504945692_1525981492968638622_n-1    13599969_1563257717303135_4291289065632708739_n13626497_1563257723969801_4207723542426451269_n

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