When I was 11 years old, my sister Nakita won the Miss Teen Canada 2012 Pageant! I was so excited for my sister’s win, that the Host of the Pageant invited me to come up on stage and celebrate with Nakita and all the other participants! This moment not only changed her life, but mine too!

Never could I have imagined that 6 years later I’d be a title holder as well – Miss Teenage Vancouver 2018! Soon to be off to Toronto next week to participate in the Miss Teenage Canada 2018 Pageant as well!

In fact, if I win at the Nationals in Toronto, Nakita and I will be the first sisters ever to win Major Titles as Miss Teenage, and Miss Teen Canada! This would be an amazing story to share of a very long journey in volunteering, and being Youth Ambassadors together.

Since I was 2, Nakita and I have volunteered as a team. Starting at Seniors Homes, and Sports Events. During Nikki’s first month as MTC 2012, Nik attended 36 events in her first 30 days alone! And I was at her side for every one of these events! We traveled from Edmonton to Fort McLeod, Alberta! We sang anthems for the Edmonton Eskimos


And the Oil Kings.

We gave out medals at the Pan AM Para-Olympic, and International Swim Games!

We volunteered at the Children’s Hospital,

We met with Rock Bands and Political Leaders. We gave out awards, spoke, rode in parades, and Nakita even won the Key to the City of Niagara Falls for all her volunteer work!

It was so exciting being Nakita’s assistant during her 2 years as MTCI 2012, that I decided to enter for the Regional Pageant of Miss Teenage Canada 2018 as well! And I did this with just 3 weeks left before the Pageant in Vancouver, BC!

“What took me so long to decide to enter, given my long history with volunteering with MTCI as a young girl?”

I had been the athletic one in the family. A tom-boy as such. I was on the school field hockey team; and was the only girl on an “all boys” soccer team. I never wore high heels! Instead I wore runners and sweat pants! Even though I could definitely see myself being the Representative for Miss Teenage Canada, I didn’t know if I could walk elegantly enough in those heels!

So, I committed to a crash course and I walked everywhere in high heels for the next 3 weeks! I got blisters and my feet bled – but to my amazement, it didn’t take long to adjust! And soon I could run as well as walk in them! Who knew?!!

So I entered the Pageant and was fortunate enough to win the Crown of Miss Teenage Vancouver 2018! How Exciting!

Today, I’ve continued with the family tradition of volunteering, and participating in city-wide events, only now it’s as MTV 2018!

This has simply been THE best experience I could have ever wished for, and I’m so grateful I followed my intuition and entered the application form, just a few months ago now.

I encourage you… If you think you’d like to give back on a larger scale, or travel the country, or get experience in public speaking – then join the Pageant and really go for it!

If you’re thinking of entering the Pageant, but discount yourself because you think you’re too young, or too thin, big, tom-boyish, etc (Like I did)… I invite you to dismiss your dismissive thoughts, and let go (Like I did).

You just never know how you’ll do and what doors will open for you when you say YES to the opportunity that is knocking! This opportunity called MTC 2019!

If you’re interested, then give it a try!

Apply today at http://www.missteenagecanada.com/become-mtcw/apply-now 

And Good Luck!

Amelia – Miss Teenage Vancouver 2018!



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