How exciting this past 3 months has been!

I went from being a tom-boy and playing riveting games of chess with my friends, to wearing some of the finest evening gowns from Bells & Bows in Lethbridge, and attending amazing events and galas, as Miss Teenage Vancouver 2018! (Pinch me now!)

Here’s a sneak peak of one of our latest photo shoots with the amazing @CarmellPelly!

   More pics to come!

I mean, really!!! This is incredible! Life has definitely changed! For the better! I feel like I’m really living life now! My schedule is busy! I feel fulfilled now that I’m making a difference in our community through my platform and sponsorships.

How many girls do you know that are our age, who get to stand at a podium and have a credible voice, where people listen? How many wear a sash and crown, speak to groups of people, have sponsors, ride in parades, model in photo shoots, get dresses tailored, meet with dignitaries, volunteer at hospitals, give out prizes and awards, travel around the province, or fly across the country? (to Toronto to meet girls from every province and territory)

I trust that each and everyone of us participating in the Miss Teenage Canada Pageant, will walk forward in life with a whole new sense of self-confidence, and appreciation for all that we’ve experienced and accomplished!

A great big Thank You to Michelle Weswaldi and her team! And to Christi, the unsung hero of all the administrative, and production coordinations! Thank you for bringing these events together so that so many of us can apply, participate, and maybe even be a Representative for our community, and country as a whole!

This has been a gift far greater than I ever imagined!




Written by: Amelia

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