You know what sounds really awesome after an exciting but long day at the zoo?

Burritos and Tacos!

Very friendly service!

Very friendly service!

We gathered our crowns and sashes with ecstatic enthusiasm in our tour bus to get ready for this delicious meal. We felt like an attraction as the 80-90 of us filed into the mall – people looked and pointed, smiled and clapped, and urged us to do the “pageant wave”. Cameras flashed as we get to the Richtree Taco Bus in Eaton Centre Mall, making our grand entrance.

The first thing we noticed was the amazingly decorated bus, and the cheerful manager. He welcomed us to pick anything off the menu, plus a drink – which was so nice of him!

Before the food is even made, it was obvious that the service was five-star quality. There were cooks, who take the order and make the tacos/burritos, and a manager person who monitored the outflow of burritos and kept the making on track. As they were making food for so many girls, the wait for mine was a bit longer, but I didn’t mind it at all.

A photo with the cute Bus!

A photo with the cute Bus!

The selection of food was not huge, but I love that. I like it when restaurants/buses know what they are best at making, and just specialize in those. It also makes choosing a lot easier!

I am pedestrian, and so there was the fish taco or the Heart of Palm veggie burrito to choose from. Curious, I picked the Heart of Palm – and it was amazing!! The ingredients are listed on the menu board, which was very helpful. I cannot remember exactly what they were, but the taste was a mix of sour and hints of spice – I have never had anything like it before. Made with authentic, local, and in-season ingredients, I felt good about the food going down to my stomach too.

Group table shot - sorry it's blurry; selfies are hard!

Group table shot – sorry it’s blurry; selfies are hard!

Thank you again to Richtree Market Taco Bus – we had a wonderful time eating and enjoying ourselves there!

Check out Richtree! Website:

Facebook: /RichtreeMarket

Twitter: @RichtreeMarket

Richtree Instagram: RichtreeMarket

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P.S. Preliminary competition is coming up in several hours – crazy! My parents are in the hotel already, which is awesome. Waiting for hair and makeup time now. This will be my final blog post before we go off – I am so excited!!

Looking forward to the fun night, and hoping that everyone back home is having a FANTASTIC day!

Shirley L

Miss Teenage Vancouver

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