As one of the most livable cities in this world ranked by wikipedia on the living conditions, Vancouver definitely deserves this title.


Why do you need to visit Vancouver?


Let’s start with the living condition. The weather in Vancouver is very beautiful. In the winter it is relatively warm and in the summer it is relatively cool. 


In addition, Vancouver has a lot of diversity. It is a mix of different cultures together. There are many different kinds of people from different countries with different customs.


Now I would like to tell you about Vancouver’s FOOD!!! Since Vancouver is highly diverse, there are many different blends of food from different countries. My personal favourite on is sushi. Vancouver is located near the sea with fresh seafood, Therefore, the sushi there are extra fresh and delicious. 


About the tourist attractions, there are a few places I would like to recommend. I love Granville island. It is such a beautiful island. I love art and music. Granville island is a very artistic island with a lot of local musicians playing live music. There are also many art works and crafts by designer, artist, and painters. I would also taking a look at Gas town, where a lot of little shops are. Also, Queen Elizabeth park is also very beautiful. 


Vancouver is a city famous for it’s beauty. I believe the beauty is not only the environment, but also he beauty in it’s local citizens. Vancouver’s people are very nice and kind. This is one of the main reasons I love about my hometown!


Come to Vancouver to see for yourself=)!


Live passionately, honestly, and valuably!

Lots of love,


Written by: Evangeline

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