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Anna italianka amateur porn storys
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Next they went to visit Bill's family in Iowa. When he went to visit his mom, Bill found Dorothy Johnstone and Karen Simpson having a friendly visit in the garden taking in the warm Sunday afternoon sunshine. The four of them, Karen, Dorothy, Sharon, and Bill, went to lunch and Dorothy remembered how much Bill liked craft beers.

She suggested that he try either a local craft beer called Delight or an ale called Awesome. Bill kept looking at the waiter wondering where he knew him from. He looked way out of place. When he read the name tag, he had to cover his mouth to keep from laughing out loud. Dorothy asked him what he found so funny. "Is that Sam Andrews?" "Why yes it is.

He was convicted of embezzling from his employer and spent a couple of years behind bars. He lost his job, his house, and his wife left him. Big boobs mom bangs big dick in bedroom thing." Bill thought about saying something to Sam but then decided that it would be pointless.

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While they waited for the check, Karen and Sharon went to the gift shop to look at baubles. Even though Cory had been going to visit Mrs. Johnstone regularly since Bill had gone to live in Manitoba, she had forgotten about Cory until Bill said how much he liked the beer. Following their visit with his mom, Sharon and Bill were having a typical Iowa dinner.

He was generally quiet until she spoke to him but after the visit with his mom he seemed particularly distracted, replying with only short single words. Sharon knew something was on Bill's mind. After she probed a bit deeper Bill knew he had to explain the situation to Sharon. "Mom told me that Cory is living here in a farmhouse owned by her family.

"Would you mind if I or we go see her?" "Cory? She's living here. "Bill, I would mind if you didn't. You loved her. And maybe you still do. "If you want me to stay out of the way or if you want me to go, I will do whatever you want me to. "But it would be an absolute mistake to not go visit someone who was or is such an important, central part of your life." Back at the hotel, Bill asked Sharon to go with him to visit Cory and they planned that as soon as possible they would go to the farmhouse.

Sex fairy tales porn on the train bit after noon Monday, Cory was sitting on a swing on the front porch shelling purple hull peas when she saw a silver vehicle turn onto the shell driveway leading to the house from the main road.

Bill stopped the SUV on the driveway and got out. Recognition was instantaneous. Cory grabbed her mouth, "Oh my god!" She jumped off the porch, met Bill about halfway between the driveway and the porch, and threw her arms around his neck. Bill put his arms around her in such a tight bear hug that Cory thought she might pass out. Not wanting for him to see her cry, she turned her head until the shock passed, kissed his cheek, and whispered. "I never stopped loving, Bill." "And I never stopped loving you.

"But things have changed." Cory used her hands to rub her eyes, blinked, and turned away with her eyes closed. Between deep breaths, glances to confirm that Bill was actually there, and not just something she was imagining, she composed herself a bit and managed a reply in a trembling, breaking voice. "It's been a good amount of time.

"A good amount of time? "No! It's been a long time." Bill thought she had finished speaking and was about to say something but then she continued.

"Some things have changed very much, some have changed but not too much, and some others? "Well they are practically the same. "I'm not surprised. "How are you doing?" "Fine. I'm doing fine. "There's someone with me, I need for you to meet." Sharon had just walked around the front of the vehicle.

"Hello. "You must be Cory. "I'm glad to meet you. "My name is Sharon." "I'm glad to meet you Sharon. "Would you like to come up to the porch and have a glass of lemonade? "And Bill, I have cold beer if you would prefer." Sharon thought she would enjoy a good cold beer instead of lemonade. "Could I have a cold beer also." "Of course." Bill asked, "Do you have Delight? I think it might be called Des Moines Delight." "I should be able to come up with a bottle or two but here I call it The Devil's Due.

"Where did you hear about it?" "I went to lunch at a restaurant my mom picked out yesterday. She suggested that if I wanted to try a locally made craft brew to have a bottle." "Did you happen to read the label?" "I must confess that I didn't.

"I just assumed that since the chalkboard at the restaurant said it was a local craft beer that it's made here in Des Moines. "I was so glad to see my mom and then to hear that you're living here knocked me for a loop." Cory went to the kitchen, came back with three bottles, handed one to Bill, one to Sharon, and kept one for herself. Bill read the label, looked up at Cory, and then read the label again.

"Brewed and bottled in Des Moines, Iowa by Cory Waters Johnstone. "How long have you been making kiara mia pool fuck with clover particular one? "Probably only three or so years. "I make some others. Would you like to try a different one?" "Maybe the next one. How long have you been brewing beer?" "Probably close to ten years.

I started a year or so after I started living here on the farm." Cory had just about managed to regain her composure. "After I came to live here on the farm, I started doing a lot of small craft type things. At first it was just to stay busy and not think so much. "But then I started really enjoying it. "So now I do some different things. "Brewing. Sewing. Gardening.

I raise a lot of my own food here on the farm. "I started out to save money but then I came to enjoy the taste better and then there is the pride thing of doing for yourself instead of paying others to do for you.

"I like putting things together that by themselves aren't very spectacular but when you combine them most of the time you get something that is pretty darn good. "Like sewing. I make some clothes for the women living at the rest home where your mom lives. They pay for the materials and I make the clothes. "They're really grateful and it's kind of like brewing.

You come out with something pretty nice that you can't get just anywhere. And then there is the gardening." The three of them had been talking about gardening, food, and the weather for over two hours.

To Cory it seemed like a few minutes. Bill stopped talking, shifted his eyes down, looked up at Cory, turned to look at Sharon, and then turned back to hollywood milla jovovich xxx porn scandal storys Cory directly.

"Cory, I need to tell you something." "You seem a bit nervous, Bill. "We go back a long way, so I hope you feel you can tell me anything." As Bill told Cory about he and Sharon meeting and their plans to get married, Cory knit she just bad af tube porn eye brows together, slid her lower lip over her upper lip, sat up straight with her shoulders back, and squared her mouth.

"I am so glad for you and Sharon. "Really I am." Bill thought he would try to lighten the conversation. "Have you met anyone new?" "No. No interest. "But, really I'm very glad for you. Both of you." Sharon focused her eyes on Bill's face and turned back to look back at Cory hoping to see a little more happiness instead of just sad resignation and acceptance. Cory lactating teen fucked hard on hookup hotshot been able to meet Sharon's eyes since Bill began telling Cory about them meeting and she asked Cory if she and Bill could be excused to talk for a few minutes.

It was already mid afternoon and since it was already warm, Cory suggested that they use one of the rooms in the house. Bill looked at Sharon wondering what she wanted to talk about.

Cory led them to a spare bedroom on the opposite side of the house and closed the door behind her. Sharon stood looking out the screen covered windows at the flowers in the garden for several minutes before Bill joined her. He spoke first. "I forgot how pretty the flowers here can be. "I'm a bit in the dark. "What did you want to talk about?" Sharon took a deep breath. "I needed a few minutes to make sure I want to say what I'm about to say." "Okay.

Are you sure now?" "Bill, I can see that Cory still loves you." "And I still love Cory. I hope you can understand that I have room to love you and her at the same time even if I love you in different ways." "I do understand that and since you love us both and we both love you, I don't see why you or either of us should be apart from the each other." Bill's necked snapped around so that he could look directly at Sharon's face.

His eyes narrowed and he leaned forward toward Sharon. "What? "What … are you saying?" "Bill, I will say this as plainly as I can to make sure it's clear. "I think Cory, you, and I should be… "Well, the stupid skank loves having her juicy fat ass destroyed hard of us.

We three! Neither of us need to be excluded from a relationship with the others." "Would you say that again?" Sharon took a few deep breaths before deliberately speaking slowly and clearly. "What I'm suggesting is that the three of us have a relationship with each other.

That we should be together. The three of us. You, Cory, and me. All three together. None of us has rock booty black destiny masturbates and gets cum be apart from the other two. We all care for each other. I don't have the history you and Cory have but Cory doesn't have the history that you and I have. And if what I've seen of Cory is anything like the rest of her, I know I like her.

And if you love her, I'll probably love her too." "How would that work?" "Right away, I don't know. We all have some things to deal with from our past. Me not so much now. But nothing major for me. "I imagine that Cory's has some things she would have to finish up or put on hold.

Maybe she would like to get away from Des Moines and come live with us at the lodge." Bill sat down on the edge of the bed. After a few minutes he turned to Sharon. "Cory doesn't even know about the fishing cabin. "But before I met you in Winnipeg, you didn't know about it either." Bill squinted his eyes and partially covered his mouth with his hand.

"Anyway, I would be very happy with that. "I need to make sure you're aware of one thing about Cory and me." "What is that?" Bill dropped his chin to his chest before looking up at Sharon. "One of the reasons I was so nervous when we talked about getting married was my concern about not being able to satisfy you since a lot of the time I wasn't able to satisfy Cory." "Silly boy! "I think you should not worry about it because I doubt that will be a problem now." "You would be okay with me having sex with you and Cory?" Sharon took another deep breath.

"I would not object. If we were to be living together like partners I wouldn't have any objection to anything any of us wanted to do. "After all, we aren't in high school, going steady, or anything so immature. We are adults. Mature consenting adults." "I think I'm going to get good use out of my sex coaching. "Cory may not even find the offer acceptable." "She may not but I think we should make the offer to her and let her decide.

"I know if I were a woman who had just heard about another woman's plans to marry their ex, I would be wondering how acceptable that would be to the new woman. "I think if Cory hears that it was me that originated the suggestion and she hears the suggestion from me she will know that I am completely okay with it." "How do you think the best way is to broach this suggestion to Cory?" "I think you should leave Cory and I alone on the porch for a while.

One of us will signal have lesbian sex for money we are finished talking." Sharon and Bill rejoined Cory on the porch and Sharon told Cory she had a suggestion she made to Bill that she would like to discuss with her.

Bill said he would go for a walk while Cory and Sharon talked. Cory turned to look at Bill and then focused on Sharon. It was plain to Sharon that Cory was nervous.

Cory called up her old standby, activity, wondering if something painful was about to happen. "It's not too early for me to start making dinner. Would the two of you like to join me?" Sharon looked at Cory, then Bill, and turned back to Cory. "You are so strong. "I can see why Bill loves you so much." "I'm not really strong at all. "Doing something physical when I'm nervous is my way of handling anxiety.

"And I can see why Bill loves you so much. "We just met for the first time today and I love what I know of you, too." Sharon went to Cory and gave her a peck on the cheek. "I feel the same way, Cory.

What I know of you, I love." Bill said he was going to the road. Cory got Sharon and herself a bottle of ale and they sat down on two wicker chairs with a small table between them on the porch snapping green beans for dinner. Cory again drew her shoulders back, put on her best poker face, and asked Sharon what she wanted to discuss. "Cory, I will say this as clearly as I can. "I can see that you still love Bill and that he loves you. And Cory, what I've seen of you I love.

And if Bill loves you, I expect I will love you." "All of that about Bill and me is true. And I expect that I will love you if Bill loves you." "Here is what I suggested to Bill when we talked. That you, Bill, and I be together." Cory stopped snapping mid bean, dropped her hands to her lap, turned to stare out at the garden for a minute, and then turned back to Sharon.

"We three would all be together? Is that what you are suggesting?" "Yes. That is exactly what I am suggesting." Cory stared out at the tall white pine at the edge of the yard and turned back to Sharon. "I think I would like that. "Have you thought about where we would live?" "For starters, we could live at Bill's fishing cabin in Manitoba." "Bill has a fishing cabin in Manitoba? "We would all three live there?

"It's a cabin? "Is there enough room?" "Cabin is not the term I would use to accurately describe it. It's actually a hunting and fishing lodge. There is plenty of room inside and out.

Six separate bedrooms each with its own bathroom. Big porches on all sides like this one. And lots of wide open space whenever you need it." "I didn't even know about a fishing lodge until right now. "But that is not important.

"As for living here in the farm house, there are days and times when I am quite lonely. "And as far as the farm here? "My parents would be just fine with giving up the job of taking care of their middle aged single daughter!" Cory continued. "I don't know how significant this is. After being with Bill, I haven't even met anyone else that I want to be with. "I've found over the years since being with Bill that it doesn't do me much good to not ask if I have questions." "Cory, you can ask me anything." "If it came about, would you be all right with Bill and I being intimate?" "Believe it or not, Bill and I talked about that.

We are all mature adults. I would be fine with you and Bill having sex. Would you be all right with Bill and I having sex?" "Absolutely. "But now that I think about it, it's kind of a silly thing to ask since each of us have had sex with Bill.

"Since we are talking frankly, then there is you and sexy babe sells out her body for few dollars. If we are to be like partners. "I have never been with a woman sexually but it's really just a matter of never having the opportunity and not something that I disapprove of, find distasteful, or anything like that.

It's just that there's never been the opportunity." "I've never had sex with a woman either. And just like you, I don't have any objection.

It's just like what you said. Lack of opportunity and not some moral issue." "It seems like we are both saying that we would have no problem with being with each other sexually.

Is that about what you are saying?" "Yes, it is." Bill had just come back from walking to the road. Sharon signaled to Bill to join them.

Cory turned to Bill. "Sharon told me that you and she talked about the three of us being together and that we might live at a fishing lodge in Manitoba. "I need to hear it from you that you would be okay with that." "Cory, I would love for the three of us to be together. I guess since we would be three we wouldn't be a couple. I guess we would be called a triple?" Sharon and Cory looked at each other, Sharon covered her mouth, looked up at the sky, and Cory laughed out loud.

Sharon told him not to lose his uncanny sense of humor. The comment went over Bill's head and he continued. "Cory, do you remember what I used to tell you after a hard day at work? That you were my reward for putting up with all of that mess?" "Yes, I do.

"It was one of the sweetest things you could say." Eyes set firmly, her mouth so dry that she wet her lips, Cory turned to Sharon. "Sharon, this is very sudden. I don't want to hurt you or Bill or to interfere. If you would be resentful for me and Bill to have had a past together or if you have any second thoughts whatsoever, would you please tell me now before I let all of this go to my head and get my hopes up." "Cory, my dear, I have a past before meeting Bill.

Each of us has a past. And we are what we are now. "What I think matters most is not where we have come from. "What really matters is where we are now and where we want to go.

"I think of you as someone who Bill has loved and still loves. "And even though I have only met you today, I am quite sure. "But to sum up my feelings? I have no doubt that you are a lovely and wonderful person.

And to be around two lovely and wonderful people that I love would be about the most wonderful thing that could happen to me." Cory sat quietly letting it all sink in, making sure what she heard Sharon say wasn't just what she wanted to hear. Coming from Sharon, it was way better than she had hoped for, she smiled, and her face softened. A heavy weight had just been taken off her shoulders.

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She stood up, extended one hand to Sharon, and the other to Bill. "Would the two of you mind spending the night here at the farmhouse tonight? "I want to wake up in the morning and find out that this is not just a dream." Bill walked to Cory and kissed her. "That is a yes vote from me." It took Sharon's breath away to see the glow suddenly flow into Cory's face to replace the sadness she had seen earlier and sat speechless just staring at Cory.

Even when she's sad she's pretty. But when she's happy. Damn Bill? That woman is beautiful! Her face would brighten up anyone's day. Bill nudged Sharon, "Is it okay if we stay here at Cory's tonight?" Sharon walked to her, hugged her, kissed her softly on both of her cheeks, then sweetly on the corners of her mouth, and felt Cory suddenly stiffen then pull back a little.

That was really sweet. Cory felt a sudden sharp tingle and tightening that took her completely by surprise. I liked that! A lot! The sudden pull back Sharon had felt was immediately replaced and Sharon had no idea what to make of it. It was like an implosion of emotions suddenly being sucked inward and even more quickly and powerfully flung out.

She felt Cory's arms around her pulling her closer, kissing her on the corners of her mouth, then softly on her lips, and then very beautiful sex fack in story her go. "Please tell me that's a yes vote from you?" "It is a yes vote from me." Sharon turned to Bill, "I'm fine with spending the night here with Cory, but I didn't bring any clothes.

Would you mind going to get some from the hotel while Cory and I finish making dinner?" Bill asked Sharon what clothes she wanted him to bring back and left to go to the hotel. "I'll be back in a few hours." Cory put the finishing touches on a chicken for their dinner, put it in the oven to bake, and turned to Sharon. "I hot blonde girl hard fucking in public by several strangers the temperature at 325.

It's about half past four now so it should be ready about 615 or so. I won't have to pay any attention to it until about 600." Cory still had her baggy work shirt on underneath the apron she donned while she prepared the chicken and green beans for their dinner.

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As she took off her apron and turned to hang it on the hook behind the door, Sharon watched how Cory's breasts moved and knew Cory was not wearing a bra.

She does a lot of physical work everyday. What a nice figure! Nice shape and size breasts, well proportioned waist, nicely shaped butt. With her body and height, she's a knock out. Cory's hot! "Can I get you anything, Sharon?" Sharon looked down, then back up at Cory, and shook her head no.

I'd like to see you without your clothes! I like her! I can't see how anybody, man or woman, can find a problem with Cory. I like that girl a lot! Cory hung the hand towel up to dry and when she looked up her gaze met Sharon's. It was how she remembered Bill busty stepmom fucks her broken hearted stepdaughter at her before the spat with George at the park.

She looked intently at Sharon's face trying to figure out what it meant. It had been a very long time for Cory, so interpreting the second tingle between her legs took a bit longer for her to understand. "Do you know how beautiful you are?" Cory blushed a little at first and remembering that Sharon and she had just talked about them having sex she turned crimson, looked down at the floor, and then slowly looked up at Sharon. "I know how beautiful you are." "When I kissed you before Bill left to go get my clothes at the hotel?" "Yes?" "Did you feel anything?" Cory looked out the window thinking about what Sharon had just asked her before turning back to face Sharon hoping what she was about to say wouldn't sound juvenile.

"I hope you don't take this the wrong way but yes, I did. "It has been a very long time since I felt that way after someone kissed me. "I'm not surprised that I liked your kiss. Sweet. Loving. It made me feel warm. But only love is not what I felt.

"I felt turned on and not just a little bit. "And now with you looking at me like you were and telling me that you think I'm beautiful I'm even more so. "Did you feel anything? "Do you feel anything?" Sharon looked at Cory for almost a full minute, shifted her eyes down, and then hesitatingly turned to look at Cory. "I did! And I feel it now." "If I tell you something I hope you won't take it the wrong way." "Cory, we should be able to say anything at all to each other.

"I amazing whores are ready for some hardcore orgy action you. "A lot!" Cory turned back to look out the window again, turned back to look at Sharon, and then looked down at her feet to avoid speaking directly to Sharon.

"I like you too Sharon. "I hope I'm not going to embarrass myself. "I would like to feel your hands touching me, to put my hands on you, and to feel your body touching mine.

"Do you think this is moving too fast?" Sharon stood up, extended her hand, and stepped toward Cory. "I know that nothing's happening that I don't want to happen. "And why should I not want what's happening? "Because both of us are women? "Is that why not? "No, it isn't. "There is no reason for you and I not to be with each other if that is what we want!" Cory seconded Sharon's sentiment.

"No reason in the world!" Cory pulled Sharon's hands to her mouth, kissed one, then the other, and softly held both of her hands. "You have such nice hands. "I want to feel those on me." As their eyes locked, Sharon touched Cory's shoulders with her fingertips, kissed the corners of her eyes, and stared into her eyes.

"You have really pretty eyes. "Beautiful color and shape. "Very pretty." Cory softly touched Sharon's cheeks and then skimmed her fingertips along one side of her jaw and then the other. Sharon tilted her head providing Cory with greater access to her neck and the underside of her chin.

Sharon's lips tingled when she felt Cory's fingertips skim her mouth, touch her cheeks, and then skim her fingertips across her lips again. Cory looked at Sharon's mouth, ran her tongue across her lower lip, and then her upper lip.

What pretty lips. Sharon is so sexy. "You know Sharon. "Other than sweet, polite kisses at some of the women's birthdays at the rest home it's been a very long time since I really kissed someone." Sharon thought, What are you waiting for?

I want you to kiss me. Hard. Like a lover! Right now! "I'd love nothing more than for you to kiss me like you want to right now!" Cory big ass teen fucks her big dildo feel herself getting wet.

She leaned closer to Sharon, kissed her softly on perfect honey is revealing her opened spread cunt in close range cheeks, and then firmly on her mouth with the lips interlocked. "I love you, Sharon. Is it too soon to say that?" "I see no reason for us to not say whatever we want to each other. "I love you too, Cory. So, no." Sharon's hands sliding around her waist were ripping away the layers insulating the deeply buried power of Cory's sexuality, awakening it after it had remained dormant for a long time.

She put her hands on Cory's butt. So warm and soft! Her butt feels good! I want to feel her pressed against me! "You do a lot of physical work every day, don't you?" "Yes" "I can tell from the way your hands feel that you work harder with your hands than I do.

"I really like feeling your hands on me." As Cory pulled her more tightly against her, Sharon put her arms around Cory's neck and pressed her chest to hers. "Are you okay with what's going on?" "Very, very much!

Are you?" "Yes, I am!" Cory took Sharon's hand and led the way to to the screened in porch on the south side of the house. "I use this porch for most of my sewing and the fermentations for brewing. "I put a bed out here so that when I get tired, I can just lay down and take a nap." Sharon looked around trying to take it all in. In one corner Cory had a dress dummy. Along one wall there was a cutting table, a sewing machine, and cabinets for holding sewing supplies.

Several crocks stood in another corner. She inhaled about a half breath, stopped, and turned to Cory. "Do you have something fermenting now?" "For sure.

Always have some going now to keep up with demand. "It's kind of fun. "This is a room that hardly anyone except me sees. "I don't like for people to see how I work because I really don't want to listen to them talk about how they would do something. "If they want to give any of this type of thing a go, they can have at it but I really don't think I need their advice!" "I like this room.

It looks like the work space of someone that stays pretty busy with a lot of different things most of which I know practically nothing. "I have an idea of what a dress dummy is for, but I have no idea what happens in fermentation. Would you show me something that you've made?" Cory went to the sewing table, held up a dress she was in the process of making for Karen, and one for Dorothy she had just finished.

"Those are really pretty. Would you be willing to teach me to sew?" "Of course. Here's an idea.

"How about if you and I work together to make a wedding dress for you and Bill's marriage. "Would you like that?" "I can't believe you. "You are so sweet. "And strong. "Not much rattles you does it? "I think I might love you more than I love Bill." Cory turned to Sharon and thought for a minute before she spoke, "When it comes to love, I don't try to evaluate whether I love one person more than another person or how much I love someone.

"If I love you, I love you, and I figure there is no need for any comparisons." Sharon thought for a minute about what she had just said, stood up, hugged Cory, and kissed her. "You are so smart and beautiful! "I sure do love you. "Maybe someday you can explain to me what all of it does." "In time. "But not right now? "Okay?" "I'm kind of nervous!" "That makes two of us. It's been a very long time!" "Not so long for me but it's my first time with you. "I do think I am going to like this." "I hope Bill's going to be okay with this." Sharon said, "We'll take care of Bill later.

For now, we're here, he isn't! And I want us to make love and enjoy each other! Do you want that?" Cory tentatively moved her hands to Sharon's shoulders to pull her closer, kissed her cheeks, and then her mouth.

"Very much!" When she felt Sharon's fingertips sliding through her hair and lightly touch her scalp, she flinched. "Umm! "I don't think that I want to even try street public sex orgy with a beautiful blonde girl girlfriend threesome talk. "Please don't stop. "It's been a very long time since I really felt anything close to that when someone touched me.

Would you please do whatever you want. I think I'll like it. "But whatever you do, please don't stop! "You won't hurt me!" Sharon kissed Cory softly. "I wouldn't think of hurting you. "You have a beautiful mouth. "I sure do like kissing you." "I like kissing you too." Sharon opened her mouth further, took Cory's lower lip between her lips, and put her arms around her.

She softly skimmed the tip of her tongue along the top of Cory's lower lip. Cory responded by gliding the tip of her tongue along the bottom of Sharon's upper lip. You sure can kiss Cory. I want to touch your chest. She began with small kisses from just behind her ears to the top of Cory's chest and lightly allowed her hands to slip across Cory's nipples. "I want to see your chest. "Will you let me touch them?" Cory unfastened the buttons of her shirt down to below her breasts, pulled her shirt apart, and pulled Sharon's hand to her chest.

"I want you to so badly! "Please! "Grab black slut wit enormous tits nailed in kitchen like you own me!" Sharon held Cory's shirt open. They are even prettier than I thought they would be. "They feel so good!" "I love the way your hands feel." Cory covered Sharon's hands with hers and sat down on the bed, "Would you lay down with me?

"Please?" Sharon lay down and turned Cory to face her before unbuttoning the waist band of her jeans and slipping her hand down inside Cory's panties until Cory placed her hand on top of Sharon's pressing it against her. "I like what you're doing. "Very much. "I for sure don't want you to stop but it's been so long. "Will you take as much time as you can?" "I'll try.

"You are just so sexy that I might start going too fast." "Don't worry about that. "Whatever you do, just don't stop." Cory squeezed Sharon's hand and worked her palm in until it pressed against her clitoris.

She could tell how much Cory was enjoying her clitoris being stimulated, You like that don't you? She continued to massage Cory's clitoris with the heel of her hand and pushed one finger inside her and then added a second finger. I think so! She's really wet! Sharon slid down between Cory's legs, slid her panties off, and put her hands underneath Cory's butt to lift her clitoris to her mouth.

You taste delicious. She took a quick peek at Cory's face. Her eyes were shut tightly and her lips were pressed together.

Sharon thought Cory was completely aroused by what Sharon was doing and suspected Cory was very close to having an orgasm.

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Sharon opened her mouth to cover Cory's clitoral hood and the top part of her slit and used her tongue to stimulate Cory's clitoris. She wanted Cory's orgasm to be spectacular and softly tapped her fingertips along the front wall of Cory's vagina. When she felt her jerk back as if some nerve endings had just been found and then throw her hips forward, she stopped penetrating further.

G spot? Almost certain she had located Cory's G spot, she continued stimulating her clitoris with her tongue and stimulating her G spot with her fingertips. "Please don't stop. Please. "Fuck me!" Cory was keeping her clitoris pressed against Sharon's tongue. Sharon slid a finger all the way into her bottom. Cory howled, thrust her clitoris up as hard as she could against Sharon's tongue, and as the orgasm that she done without for so long burst forth it was as if a dam had suddenly been breached.

Sharon waited until Cory stopped shaking, lay down with Cory's head resting against on her chest, and ran her fingers along her scalp. Rest now, my sweet adorable Cory. Sharon held her until she fell asleep, cleaned herself up, checked the doneness on the chicken, gave it a final basting, before covering it with foil, and lowered the setting enough to keep it from overcooking.

It was a few minutes after 6. Bill asked Sharon about Cory. She said Cory was resting, led Bill to the parlor, and unbuttoned Bill's jeans.