Paki panjabi lun phude story

Paki panjabi lun phude story
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I was a freshman in college, new to campus, not quite sure what to expect. I got a dog for myself because the landlord of my apartment allowed a dogs in the building. I was 19, and wanted to be a photographer. I brought my dog back from the shelter (I adopted her because I couldn't afford a mutt on my megre salary), and she immediately loved my apartment.

She was a golden retriever mix. When I got her, she was 2 1/2 years old. I didn't have her spayed because I wanted her to have puppies down the road, someday when I was out of school. One night before exams, I was studying economics, which was one of my hardest subjects. Ginger, not wanting to be left out of the fun I was having, came up and snuggled up to my feet.

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It was about one in the morning,and there was noting to be heard but the TV on low volume. Being bored as hell, I took a break from studying and went to watch some of the news.

I walked over to my bed, and Ginger hopped up next to me. I went on watching the television for a few minutes, when I noticed Ginger wanted a belly rub. I started scratching her stomach and she rolled all the way over.

That's when I noticed she was in heat. Her cunt was bigger than a grape! I was unusually excited at this, and I stared for a full minute or two at the wet slit. Being bored oout of my mind from studying all day, I decided to have a little fun. I undressed quickly and ran around the apartment making sure the doors were locked and blinds closed.

When I got back, Ginger was still there on my bed, upside-down. I pulled off my boxers and my dick sprang to attention. I walked over to her mouth and showed her my dick.

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She licked the precum off the tip and madE a low grunting noise. Not wanting to miss this, I got off the bed and positioned her so her hind legs were at the edge of the bed.

She just stayed there, so I went in and touched her wet slit. I rubbed my finger up and down the opening, then gently put one inside. I could feel her clitorice and I carefully twirled it around.

She responded with a loud whining noise and opened her legs wider. I came back with two fingers in her cunt, I put them in upto my knuckles and brought them back out. I repeated this several times, until my fingers were envelloped iside her fuck hole. I pulled them out after fingering her for a few minutes, and presented them to her. She greedily licked all her juices off my fingertips and sat back, wanting more. Not wanting to deprive her or anything, I went in with my tounge.

I slid my tounge up and down her slit, then rolled it and shuck it in. I tounge-fucked her until I couldn't take any more. I pulled my tounge out and grabbed my dick. Placing my dick at the entrance to her slit, I eased the head in ever so gently.

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She whined loudly in pleasure and moved her legs back. I grabbed trhem and slowly entered her all the way. I couldn't believe it, I was in a dog. I picked up the pace and steadily fucked her hot cunt until she came, her hot jouces dripped down my balls. When I was at the verge of orgasm, I pulled out and continued to lick her firey hole.

When I recovered, I stuck it in her for a few strokes to get it slick, and switched to her anal canal. She squealed, but I kept going in.

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I coould feel her rectum contorting around my shaft. I fucked her ass until I came hard. My little soldiers dripped out of her ass. Spent, she hopped off my bed and cleaned herself up. About an hour later, I went at it again, on the floor. She was ready to go, so I went straight in to her cunt, and there we were again.

She pushed back against me, trying to get more in her. Remembering what dog's dicks do when they come, I shoved as hard as I could and came in her, holding it there for several minutes. Ginger and I continued ths throuought college, and we got a few companioons on the way.but that's another story.