Bonnie grey and maya bijou wants to suck a huge cock pornstars and hardcore

Bonnie grey and maya bijou wants to suck a huge cock pornstars and hardcore
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Hi my name is Susan, I'm 29 and I'm 5'10 with blonde hair and blue eyes. I have a brother named Jerry and he is 32. Unfortunately we lost our parents when we were teenagers. We were there for each other until I was 24 and he got a major job offer. So he had to move about 5 hours away, that sucked considering he was the only family I had. We talked to each other on the phone numerous times over the years, and he came to visit around the holidays as well.

It was summer and he took his vacation, he of course came over to visit me. I picked him up from the airport late one Friday night and he came back to my place. "It's been too long dude, what do you do out there?" I asked as sat on the couch. "Work, work and work some more pretty much, it sucks for me too you know," Jerry replied.

"I know, but are you at least making good money?" I asked. "Decent money I guess, you know I'm thinking about calling quits bp sitting on your wifes face facesitting girl on girl preview moving back out here," Jerry replied.

I was so happy right then. "Seriously I don't care if you are my brother, I will kick your ass hard if this is a joke," I said. "Well it's not a done deal, I gotta go through some stuff and make sure I'm able to, obviously I gotta find a place to stay here, and find some job out here too," Jerry replied.

"Well you can stay here, so that's covered. For a job, well I can put some feelers out there for you, maybe there's some takers," I said. "OK thanks, I knew mom had you for a reason," Jerry replied. Then I laughed sarcastically. "Fuck you," I said. "Sure, I'll fuck you sis, I don't mind," Jerry replied. "Well I'm right here," I said. Then we laughed again.

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"But you wouldn't be leaving anyone out there though, no pussy out there?" I asked. He had a disgusted look on his face for a minute.

"Sis, I don't need to hear my sister say the word 'pussy', alright?" Jerry asked. "Why not, pussy, pussy, pussy. Guys need pussy, you know I have a pussy, why can't we talk about pussy?" I asked. "I'll just tell you about me dating life if you promise to stop saying 'pussy', my dating life has been way down lately sis, it's hard out there," Jerry replied. "So you haven't been getting any pussy then?" I asked. "No, you pain in my ass," Jerry replied. "But you have been getting some pussy lately though right?" I asked.

"Didn't you promise you'd stop saying 'pussy' sis?" Jerry asked. "No, but you have been getting some right?" I asked. Then he exhaled heavily, and he seemed disappointed as vehement scene with a hawt gorgeous gf hardcore massage leaned back. "Actually no, haven't been so lucky in that department at all sis. I mean not shit, I don't know if it's the job or what the fuck ever, but I have been getting nothing," Jerry said.

"Really, nothing at all, not a hand job even?" I asked. "Not even a hand job sis," Jerry replied. I felt bad for him, every guy needs pussy. "Well that sucks, move your ass over here then, you aren't getting any pussy over there, you aren't getting paid as much as you want, and you got me out here," I said.

"I'll see what my options are first sis, as soon as I can, I promise I'll move out here," Jerry replied. Then we gave each other a hug and I noticed he got a hard on from hugging me. "I'm sorry, but do you have a hard on?" I asked. His face suddenly became really red, I don't think I ever saw so embarrassed before in my life.

"Oh I'm sorry sis, it just has been awhile since I had stuck it to someone," Jerry replied. "Really, how long?" I asked. He exhaled again heavily. Obviously it had been awhile, I thought maybe a few months, but I was no way, shape or form prepared for what I was about to hear. "It's been a year and a half now," Jerry replied. I was beyond stunned, I had a weird look on my face. "What the fuck, it's a year and a half?" I asked.

"Yes," Jerry replied. "Holy fucking shit, come here," I said. I grabbed his hand and we started walking. "Where are we going?" Jerry asked. "To the bedroom," I replied. "Why?" Jerry asked as we got to the door. "We're gonna have sex," I replied. "What?!" Jerry asked. "You haven't had sex in a year and a half now, so you are gonna have sex with your sister right here, right now," I replied.

Then I kissed him once on the lips and he had no problem coming in the room with me. I laid down on the bed and I pulled him on top of me.

We made out passionately for a minute and I began undoing his pants. "This isn't a setup is it?" Jerry asked. "Why would the hell would I setup the one the guy I love most in this world?" I asked.

"Just asking," Jerry replied. "Jerry I love you and I wanna do this for you," I said. Then I had his pants undone, so I pushed them off him.

His cock was insanely hard as I grabbed onto it. "Wow Jerry, those ladies are missing out big time," I said.

"Thanks sis, well let's see you what you have," Jerry replied as he climbed down. He unbuttoned my pants and pulled them down exposing my panties.

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He looked at my panties and I thought he was gonna shoot his load right then. "Do you like what you see bro?" I asked. "Yes," Jerry replied. "Then you'll love this," I said as I took off my panties.

I took off my shirt and bra as well, and as I was completely naked laying there on the bed, he eyeballed me. "So does that mean you want to now Jerry?

No one ever has to know Jerry, it's just sex," I said. Then he got on top of me and we made out for a couple more minutes. As he was about to stick his cock inside me, I stopped him. "Wait, you'll be needing this," I said holding a condom. "I thought you'd let me do it without one and let me get you pregnant, then I'd have to move out here," Jerry replied. "Well in that case, maybe we don't need this," I said. Then he gave me a weird look. "I'm kidding Jerry," I said.

"OK sis," Jerry replied. Then he took it and put it on. He also took off his shirt and then got back on top of me. Then he actually inserted his cock into me. "Oh, even better than I remember it," Jerry said. "I'm glad you like it," I replied. He began thrusting his cock in and out of my pussy very slowly, I guess he really wanted to test the waters first before he got rough with me. He had his eyes closed as he was thrusting his cock, I guess either he was imagining someone else or he thought he was violating me and felt bad.

Either way I gave him a kiss on the lips. "Come on Jerry, shove your cock inside me as deep as you can, I want eery single inch of it inside me, so show your sister how close you are to her," I said.

Then he kissed me once and we both wrapped our arms around each other rather tightly. He was still thrusting slowly, but after a few minutes he got more comfortable with me, so he began getting a little rough with me. "Oh yes Jerry, get it in there, I need to have sex too," I said. Then we switched positions to doggie style. "Oh yeah sis, well you have something coming to you now," Jerry replied. Then he began thrusting his cock in and out of me really quickly.

I moaned really loudly then, he had his entire cock inside me and he wasn't about to show any mercy. He had his hands on webcam redhead girl masturbation clip toys and babe butt and kept them there the whole time. He kept thrusting his cock in and out of me quickly for about 5 minutes straight and didn't take a break.

He was like a machine, he couldn't stop if he tried. I guess now that he was comfortable he was ready and willing to have amazing sex. "Yes, yes, yes!" I blonde babe threesome sex with nasty man for some money. Of course both of us were getting very sweaty and worked up a bit, we were having incestuous sex together and this was beyond amazing.

Then he began spanking me as well, which I thought was weird yet kinky. "Hey, you still gotta be nice to me or I'll tell on you," I said. Then we both laughed and he pulled me up with him. We both turned our heads and began making out passionately for a couple minutes. He put his hands on my boobs as well, he really loved boobs. He shook them a bit as well when he still kept thrusting his cock. "Oh I love you Susan, you are some kind of special lady," Jerry said.

"Only to you, everyone else thinks I'm a bitch," I replied. "Not you," Jerry said. Then I turned around and gave him a kiss as a I wrapped my arms around him. We made out for a couple more minutes. "You gotta move back here, everyone else here is bitchy, I want you to stay here with me," I said. "We can have sex every now and then right?" Jerry asked. "Well you are gonna let me suck on your cock right?" I asked.

"You want to sis?" Jerry asked. "Yes, I want the whole thing in my mouth," I replied. "I'm not stopping you sis," Jerry said. Then I got on my stomach right in front of his cock, ripped off the condom and took it into my mouth. I sucked on it passionately even though this was the very first time I ever sucked on his cock.

He immediately put his hands onto my head and let out a few moans. I was making him feel all too good, it was like he was spoiled by me, I would actually have sex with him, even though he was my brother. I got his cock insanely wet right away and I started going faster and faster back and forth. I knew he always had a soft spot for blow jobs, and I really wanted to blow him so it was win win really. I was slowly breathing through my nose trying to make sure I didn't lose my cool and have to take a break.

"Oh yes sis, suck on my cock as if it's the last thing you do, I wanna cum a river and I want you to see it, Jerry said. I didn't answer him, I just wanted to see that really badly. As I was on my stomach be couln;t see that my pussy summer smith rick and morty getting even wetter.

I suppose when I got up he'd see that, but he;d have to shoot his load to see it on the bed. To help things along, I also put my hand on his cock as I sucked on it.

He just seemed to like that more, as I touched his cock the first time he was like in love with my hands, to him anyway they were very soft, especially on his cock. Then he was breathing very heavily, a sure sign the inevitable cum was coming soon, he was reaching his limit of pleasure he could take. "Holy shit Susan you are evil, you are gonna make me burst out everywhere," Jerry said. Then I took his cock out and I got on my knees with him to stroke his cock a little more. Then he shot his load all over my stomach.

Then after a minute of trying to catch our breaths, we both laid down together to cuddle. "Well you take the cake sis, I mean damn," Jerry said. "I'm assuming that's a good thing?" I asked. "No, it's a horrible thing dummy," Jerry replied. "Be nice to your sister dip shit, or there will be bad consequences, do you got that?" I asked. Then he started tickling me in he armpits. "You are a lot bossier now sis, what's with that? I don't like it one bit," Jerry said.

Then I just laughing nonstop, he knew how ticklish I was, so he used that against me. "Are you gonna stop being bossy now sis?" Jerry asked. "Never," I replied. "Suit yourself," Jerry said. So he kept ticking me like mad. I couldn't stop laughing to save my life.

Of course the more he tickled me the less I could fight it. He knew it wasn't a fair fight, but he kept going. "Oh stop Jerry, I can't take it anymore," I said. "Are you gonna stop being so bossy now?" Jerry asked.

"OK fine, fine, just stop tickling me," I replied. Then he stopped and gave me a kiss. I kept him on top of me and we continued to make out as if we were in love with each other. "Well I may take the cake, but you take the whole bakery you know," I said. "The whole entire bakery, that's like what 300 some cakes at one time, wow," Jerry replied. "Well you take it and even a few cakes after that," I said.

Then we kissed again and I grabbed onto his cock. I stroked it a bit and he let out some more moans as well. "So on a scale from 1 to 10,000,000, how good was that?" I asked. "9,999,999 I think," Jerry replied. Then I gave him a weird look. "So you are saying it was just amazing, but there was still just one extremely small thing that could have been better?" I asked. "How the hell did you get that from that?" Jerry asked. "You are such a smart ass," I replied.

"But you love me," Jerry said. "You always gotta remind me of that don't you?" I asked. "Well let's see, I tell you that I haven't had sex in a year and a half and without really thinking you offer to have sex with me just because of that gap, so you tell me you pain in the ass," Jerry replied.

"So are you gonna move out here now?" I asked. "Yes sis, I promise I'll get working teen sex vk foot worship it as soon as I can," Jerry replied.

"Good, I will kick your ass if you are lying," I said.

"I don't doubt you," Jerry replied. Then I hugged him again. "So until now, how long has it been since you last had sex?" Jerry asked. Then I looked away, I was embarrassed as well. "Well?" Jerry asked. "I guess about a year now," I replied. Then he had a very stunned look on his face. "Really? A year?" Jerry asked. "Yes, why should a brother and sister that needs to have sex not be able to just because they are brother and sister?" I asked.

"I couldn't tell you that sis," Jerry replied. Then we kissed once again and just stayed in silence for a few more minutes. "Well when I live with you, I at least get to sleep with you right?" Jerry asked. "Well you gotta date me first then I put virgin beautiful gal likes fellatio and ride I replied. "But we just had sex," Jerry said. "Yeah, so?" I asked. "So I gotta take out to dinner first?" Jerry asked.

"Maybe a couple dinners, I usually don't have sex until the third date, but I'll give you just until the second date," I replied. "But what if I just wanna sleep with you though, and not have sex?" Jerry asked.

"I'll cut you a break and give that for free," I replied. "Cool thanks for that," Jerry said. "What do you think sisters are for?" I asked.

"I don't know, being annoying?" Jerry asked. "You are on thin ice buster, you better watch your step," I replied. "You gotta be nice too though," Jerry said. "Fine, but you gotta have sex with me one more time before we go to sleep though," I replied. "Deal," Jerry said as he got on top of me.

He put on another condom and we had sex again. A few weeks later he moved in with me and as I made him do, he took me out to dinner twice so we could have sex.

I wondered where he had been for so long, and how I actually lived without him for so long, but ow I got him and he has me under the same roof.