Spying on my chubby mom in bath

Spying on my chubby mom in bath
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As he led her to the elevator, he turned and said to her "Listen, my little enema lover, you will not call me master while we are out, you lucy gets fucked in all her holes call me Uncle Bob." "Yes, Uncle Bob" she said with a grin.

While in the elevator, Deadeye reached down under her plaid skirt and tapped on the butt plug. She shivered, looked up at him and smiled. He could tell that she was enjoying this as much as he was. When they got to the first floor, Deadeye led her out of the hotel main doors. It was a nice day, so no coats were necessary, and there was just hint of a breeze.

Nothing to blow up the skirt, unfortunately, but Deadeye led her across the street to the mall entrance. It was not a large mall, but large enough to have two floors, several anchor stores, and a myriad of smaller chain and local businesses. It had escalators at both ends and in the middle. This was where Deadeye was going to first expose his little cupcake. The mall was built with the second floor level with the ground on this end, so he led her to the down escalator and down to the first floor.

He looked down at her, her pale skin glowing in the light of the mall, looking so young and innocent. He could tell that she was relaxing during the walk over to the mall, but he knew just a little jerk or tap on the butt plug would put her mind back on her position and her sex.

She was definitely an extremely sexual person. Deadeye led them into a small video store like they were there to look at movies. "What kind of movies do you like?" he asked Sarah. "Just about anything", she said. "Comedies, thrillers, you know, just about anything." "Let's look back here in the horror genre." Deadeye said and he led her to the back of the store.

There was nobody else in that section of the store and Deadeye was hoping it would stay that way for a while. He looked around for cameras, but didn't see any.

Even if there were some, he would give the watchers a thrill. They had just turned the corner of one aisle when Dennis stopped and pretended to be looking at the movies on the lower shelf. "What about one of those?" he asked and he pushed her a little so that she would bend over from the waist and look. She knew exactly what he wanted so she bent over and looked at the movie title.

"This one?" she asked, playing along and pointing with one finger. "Yeah" Deadeye said.

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And then he reached under her skirt with his right hand and ran it over her ass and the butt plug. She moaned. He grabbed the end of the butt plug and turned it slightly in her ass. She moaned again. Then he ran his hand down over her pussy, finding it wet and apparently swollen with desire. She moaned again and had to reach out with her hand to steady herself on the video shelf in front of her. "Master, if you keep that up, I'm going to be cumming in the middle of this store." Deadeye smacked her ass sharply, causing her to jerk upright, and it made a loud slapping sound.

"Don't you mean Uncle Bob?" "Yes, Uncle Bob. If you keep playing with my butt plug and pussy, I'm going to cum all over your hand." Sarah said it like an innocent teenager, eyes wide, turning Deadeye on tremendously and causing his cock to jerk in his jeans. She knew exactly how to turn him on as well, and was good at this game.

"Okay, let's move along" Deadeye said, trying to take his mind off of his desire to bend her over and fuck her right there in the store. He was also hoping that his hard-on would not be too prominent at this point.

God, he loved this, but he needed to calm down, or he wouldn't be able to take much more before he ripped her clothes off to take her. "I just thought of something, my gorgeous little niece" Deadeye said as they exited the video store. "I haven't cum yet, and I'm so worked up, you're going to have to take care of me soon. Let's find the mall restrooms." Sarah smiled and knew that she was as irresistible to him as he was to her.

"Gee, Uncle Bob, I don't know what you mean. I don't have to go to the bathroom right now." she said and looked up at him with as innocent a look as she could muster. It worked, because Deadeye smiled, put his hand on her back, and started propelling her across the mall towards the large map in the middle of the lower level. They found the location of the mall restrooms and went in that direction.

They found them down a narrow hallway off to one side. Deadeye didn't even look to see if anyone was in the men's bathroom, just held Natasha nice my slutty student arm and led her into it and into the handicapped stall. The restroom was completely empty.

As Deadeye hurriedly unbuckled his pants, he realized that he had been really turned on from the time the enema started. He said to Sarah, "I need to cum soon, my little cum slut slave niece.

Uncle Bob wants to cum in your mouth and have you drink his cum. Now get on your knees and show Uncle Bob how you like his cum." By the time he finished saying that, his dick, already approaching full hardon, was out and waving at the young girl.

Sarah smiled and dropped flirty czech sweetie gapes her spread cunt to the peculiar her knees as Deadeye watched enraptured.

She took his dick into her mouth immediately, took it all the way to the bottom, and sucked it all the way back out until she made a large popping sound. "Uncle Bob?" she asked like a little girl while staring up at him, his dick in her hand and laying against her cheek.

"Yes, dear" he said. "Will you stick this big dick in my tight little ass later?" Sarah asked, a sly, almost evil lisa ann 2019 new porn story spreading across her face.

"Yes, dear, Uncle Bob will stick his big dick in your tight little ass later. Right now, however, you need to suck off your Uncle Bob until you swallow all his cum." "Mmmm" was her answer as she took his dick back in her mouth.

She took it all the way into her throat, then slowly sucked back up to the head, swirling her tongue all around it as she came up. Deadeye leaned his head back and moaned. Damn, she was a good cock-sucker. He let her take over his dick, and she did, sucking and slurping and trying to get him off quick.

She pulled his dick out of her mouth and ran her tongue across his balls slowly, dragging it and making them tighten up in anticipation of releasing their cum. She then just took his dick and started fucking her mouth with it. She laid it on her tongue and just started going back and forth, back and forth. Deadeye grabbed her head and assisted in fucking her mouth. He was now in one mode… reach orgasm as fast as possible. She could feel the buildup beginning and suddenly rammed Deadeye's dick into her mouth all the way and started sucking and swallowing.

That drove Deadeye over the edge. He held her head still for a second as it hit, and then his jerk reflex kicked in.

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He spasmed and shot his load deep into her throat once, twice, three times before relaxing a little and releasing the last few squirts. She swallowed it all and kept lightly sucking until she was sure she got it all. "Thanks, Uncle Bob," she said as she stood up.

"I love the taste of your hot awesome girls shave big jock hardcore blowjob cum. But I have a problem." Sarah said as she stood up.

Deadeye looked at her questioningly. "What?" "I'm dripping all down my leg." Sarah said. She turned sideways and showed Deadeye the inside of her right leg. There was a long trail of pussy juice running down it. Deadeye raised the front of her skirt, looked at her pussy, and put his hand up to it. It was absolutely soaking. "You really are a sexy minx, aren't you?" He said with a smile. She grinned back. "Aren't I supposed to be, Master, Uncle Bob?" "Yes, you are, but you are going to have to wait a little longer, because I am going to tease you until you beg to be fucked in the middle of the mall." Deadeye grinned.

But Sarah looked up at him and said "Uncle Bob, my fuck master, will you please, please, please fuck me in the middle of mall? Please, please, pretty please with my cunt juice on top?" Deadeye laughed. "I'm shocked, my cute-assed little niece." He reached down behind her and pushed on the butt plug. "I can't believe you are such a hot, nubile, little fucking whore.

Now let's get out of here." They left the restroom and walked back into the mall at just the perfect moment. Deadeye spotted several young teenage boys playing grab-ass in the middle of the main mall corridor. They had to be only 12 or 13 years old. He led Sarah over to the escalator that was in the middle of the mall and waited at the bottom, watching the young boys. He noticed that Sarah seemed to eye them hungrily.

The boys were playing around near the escalator, but not close enough for Deadeye. He decided to take matters into his own hand, so to speak. He got a dollar out of his pocket and "accidentally" dropped it on the floor. He turned Sarah to face him and said "Bend over and pick that up, from the waist." Sarah gave him an evil grin and bent over to pick it up like he asked. The skirt was just short enough that they should be able to get a hint of her ass and maybe more under the edge of it.

Deadeye watched them closely and one boy definitely took a long look. Sarah stood back up and handed him the dollar. He took the next step. He led her toward the escalator and watched slyly as the one boy passed along his information about the possible bare ass and pussy of the young schoolgirl.

They all gathered and headed for the escalator right behind them. When they got to the escalator, Deadeye turned to eye the young boys. They tried to not look like they were trying to look.

But Deadeye made sure they looked. He looked right at them and slowly lifted Sarah's skirt until they could see that she was naked. The bottom of the butt plug was also visible and Deadeye ran his hand over it briefly, felt Sarah jerk slightly, and then released her skirt back into place. They were all staring, mouths agape. Deadeye and Sarah were at the top by now and stepped off and started heading back toward the front of the mall.

Deadeye had another idea. He asked Sarah to stroll on ahead and look into a clothing store. He hung back and waited for the young boys to try to pass nonchalantly. There were 4 of them. As they started to pass, they tried not to look at him, as if they were denise everheart a the first porn experience embarrassed to have witnessed it.

But Deadeye spoke up and said, "Did you like seeing my niece's ass?" They stopped, a little shocked and confused for a moment. Then, one of them was brave enough to say something. "Is she really naked under that skirt?" The others just stood and looked at me and then up at Sarah a couple of stores ahead and then back at me.

"Yes, of course." Deadeye said calmly. "I wouldn't let her wear underwear today. It's her punishment for being a bad girl earlier this week." He lied.

"Would you like to see more?" The one talking to Deadeye seemed to be the bold one, but even he hesitated, either because he was shocked by the question, or concerned that this adult had some clever scheme to embarrass him.

The other boys seemed to bow to this one's wishes. "Yeah, I think so." He finally said. "Whadda you mean?" Deadeye asked sharply. "Either you do or you don't, what's it going to be?

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You want to see my young niece's bare ass and pussy or not?" He looked up and said "Yes", but it was still a little sheepish. Deadeye grinned. "Wait here", he said, and he walked over to Sarah. "Okay, my sexy little slave girl, here is the deal. You need to act like you are my niece, who is in trouble, and is being shown off to these young boys, got it?" Sarah's eyes widened a little, then she got a devilish grin and said, "Yes, sir, Uncle Bob, my master." Deadeye led her back past the boys and they stared as she went past.

Sarah kept her eyes down, acting like a chastised little school girl. Deadeye said to them, "Follow a little ways behind us to the men's room downstairs." Deadeye and Sarah entered the men's room and it was empty again. He led Sarah over to the sinks. "Put both hands on the sink and bend over slightly." She did.

"A little more" Deadeye said, making sure that her skirt was just at the edge of her ass. The door opened and slowly, tentatively, the four boys came in. They still seemed unsure about what they were going to see and if they were going to end up in trouble for doing this. "Stand over here" Deadeye directed, pointing to a spot on the floor about three feet behind Sarah.

They immediately obeyed, now seemingly entranced by the young ass almost peeking out at them. Deadeye walked over and yanked her skirt up over her ass, putting it lewdly on display for them. They all stared. One licked his lips and another instinctively reached for his growing dick.

Deadeye smacked her lightly on the ass. "Pretty nice ass, eh boys?" he asked. "Uh-huh" was all he got back from a couple of them. "You know what this is?" Deadeye asked them, putting his finger on the butt plug.

They just shook their heads and one boy was squirming, trying to reposition his hardening dick. "This is a butt plug.

Women who like to be fucked in the ass use them, and some, when being punished, are forced to wear it. Right, Sarah?!" he demanded.

"Yes, sir, Uncle Bob" she answered. Deadeye then reached down and slowly slid the butt plug out of her ass. Her ass closed slowly and one boy suddenly jerked and came in his pants. He got so embarrassed he left the room. That only left three, all of them sporting boners, busty milf officers maggie green and joslyn in great interracial threesome like Deadeye.

He then slowly replaced the butt plug, and Sarah moaned and said "Thank you, Uncle Bob, for disciplining me". Deadeye loved the way she played along.

Deadeye then reached down and ran his hand over her ass and said "Her ass is so soft and smooth. It's just beautiful to touch and fuck. I bet you boys have never touched a girl's bare ass before, have you?" The remaining three just shook their heads.

"Well, then come over here and feel these gorgeous globes. You guys need to know about this stuff." I looked at Sarah in the mirror and she loved it. She had a big grin on her face and her eyes were flashing like she was in heaven. "Oh no, Uncle Bob" she meekly protested, "Don't let those boys touch my bottom". At first they stood rooted to the floor. Then one of them moved over and put his hand on her ass. He was rubbing this dick through his pants and he, too, came in his pants.

He stood for a moment and then, probably thinking it was protocol based on the first guy, also fled the room. The other two both came forward, one reaching out and touching her left cheek and one touching her right cheek.

They both moaned and reached for their dicks. "If you take your dicks out" Deadeye offered, "this little slut niece of mine will jack you off." They stared at Deadeye, but didn't stop feeling her ass. One of them even started feeling the butt plug. Finally, one undid his jeans and fished out his dick. It was small, but hard. The second guy decided it must be alright, and did the same. Sarah, however, did not move.

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anal sex with my real flexi doll Deadeye commanded sternly, "Turn around and take care of these two young dicks.

I want you to make them cum right now!" Sarah straightened up and they dropped their butt-feeling hands, but neither took their other hand off their dick. When she turned around, she looked at the two little dicks and said, "Here, boys, let me take care of that". She put her hands out on the two young boys' dicks. They relinquished control of them and both moaned and jerked at the feeling of a young girl's hands on their dick, probably for the first time ever.

One of the boys came within two strokes and started shooting his cum all over the place. It was pointed at the other boy as they were partially facing each other and he reacted like it was acid and jumped back, saying "John, watch out man!" However, John was not paying attention. He was jerking and jerking, his eyes closed as he came so hard he almost collapsed on the floor. Sarah just smiled.

When he was done cumming, he very quickly girls fuck bfs anus with big strap dildos and ejaculate semen his pants up to rush out the door. The last boy was doing pretty well at lasting a while. The final straw was when, after the exit of his friend John, Sarah turned back toward the young boy, smiled, lifted her cum-covered hand she had used on John, and licked it.

That set this young fellow off like a roman candle. He came hard and had quite a lot of spunk for a youngster. It was blasting all over the floor as Sarah held it pointing away from her so as not to soil her shirt and skirt. As soon as he finished he exited as fast as the rest of them. Sarah looked over at Deadeye, smiled and said "That was just yummy.

I just love showing off for very young boys and jacking off their little dicks." Deadeye smiled, knowing that she loved talking dirty to him to excite him and get him turned on.

"Lift your skirt" Deadeye commanded. Sarah obeyed. Deadeye stepped forward and ran his hand through her slit. She was soaking and dripping.

"Are you ready to cum now?" he asked her. "Oh, my god, yes, Master… I mean Uncle Bob. I need to cum soon." "That's fine, my young cum lover, but you'll have to wait for a little longer" and Deadeye grabbed her arm, leading her out the door to take her back to the hotel.