Sex fairy tales black couples porn tape

Sex fairy tales black couples porn tape
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I woke up with the two young ladies still in my arms. I smiled to myself. I stayed there for a few minutes before deciding to get up. I wanted to play with these mertua vs menantu semi ngentot pussies while they slept, but my bladder was screaming to be emptied.

I managed to leave the bed without disturbing either girl and I went into the bathroom, shutting the door behind me. I stood in front of the toilet, grabbed my cock and drained it. My bladder felt instant relief. Right as I finished I heard the door behind me open. I shook seeing no reason to hurry or suddenly become shy, especially since I was butt ass naked. Before I could turn around, a pair of arms wrapped around my waist and a pair of hands grabbed my cock. I smiled and let the hands work their magic, helping my cock along until it was stiff.

I turned around and was shocked to see Renata standing in front of me totally naked. "I thought I'd take advantage of no one being awake to have some fun with you," she said using her best little teenage smile.

"I thought maybe we can start with me sucking off that big cock of yours." I looked from her face to her breasts which were full and gorgeous looking. She had nice, large dark brown areolas with two very hard and erect nipples. From there my eyes wondered lower to settle on her pussy. Her clit had a ring that the night before I wasn't able to see and below it sat the other hanging from one of her pussy lips. Her mound had a patch of hair shaped like an arrow pointing down.

She stood in a slight pose letting me observe her fifteen year old body. When my eye wondered back up to meet hers she smiled. Then she was on her knees and my cock was lodged in her mouth. She stroked my shaft as she sucked. She was ferocious with it like a dog with a bone. My body shuddered as her hot mouth lubricated my cock. There was so much saliva on my cock that it slowly poured down my shaft and onto my balls. I moaned, "Oh that's it. That's going to make me cum." She increased her sucking, moving faster and schoolgirl in uniform with pignose tied to bedframe getting her mouth tube porn. My cock throbbed harder as I redhead lauren phillips got good sex a swelling in my balls.

Before I knew it I was telling her I was cumming. Renata pulled my cock from her mouth and a second later I busted all over her breasts. "Mmm that's what I like," she said. Then using my cock she swirled my cum around, spreading it all over her chest. She stood and grabbed my hand and pulled me over to the sink. She crawled onto the sink and put her hands on my head.

"Let me see what your tongue feels like." Then she pushed me done to her crotch. I stuck out my tongue settling it on her clit ring. As a licked her clit I used my tongue to flip the ring. I moved down lover sliding my tongue into her juice soaked hole. I twirled around the ring on her pussy lip for a moment before returning to the clit ring. This young girl wanted and orgasm and I meant to give her one. I bit down onto the ring and pulled softly. A soft moan spread from her lips so I dove right in.

I clenched down on her clit and rubbed it between my teeth. Her body shivered and her legs trembled. I knew she was close so I let go of her clit and went back to her cunt hole. I teased her by licking her pussy lips, twirling my tongue around her ring.

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Her hips move against my mouth but I resisted going any further until I knew I had taken her almost to her limit then I stabbed my tongue in her hole. It was all she needed to orgasm.

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She arched her back as her pussy gushed freely. Without waiting I stood and jammed my cock straight into her tight virgin hole. With such a volume of juices flowing out there was plenty of lubrication to allow for it to slip right in. She cried out more in surprise than anything. I started pumping her hard and fast. She wrapped her legs around me, erection and precum tube porn me in place.

She grabbed my head to pull me into her breasts. I went straight to the nipple on the right, taking the hard nipple into my mouth. I sucked hard, tasting my cum.

I pumped harder, shaking the counter top. The mirror behind her rattled against to wall and the air was full of her moans. "I'm going to cum!" she screamed. "Make your little bitch cum!" My little bitch.

I liked the sound of that. So did my little friend. As Renata orgasmed so did I. A loud moan escaped my lips to match the girl's. I pulled her in close as her legs tightened pulling me in. Our bodies shuddered together and we held each other for several minutes.

My cock was flaccid long before I pulled out. We kissed and she whispered, "Thank you for being my first. I want to do this again," into my ear. I looked at her grinning. "That can be arranged." —— I left the bathroom, leaving Renata to shower and passed the two sleeping girls.

I thought of going over to play with their little pussies, but decided not to. I was too hungry. So I went straight to the kitchen and started making breakfast. After about a half hour the kitchen was filled with the smells of eggs, bacon and pancakes and it was filling with a group of girls, some wearing only underwear or just a shirt that showed off their little pussies. I got a smile from each of them including the one little princess I hadn't had any fun with, Sandra.

I was a little disappointed about that, so I made a mental note to talk to Amber about that. They ate hungrily and after last night we all needed something in our stomachs. After we had all eaten I elected myself to clean up the mess.

Amber and Renata offered to help. We got it all cleaned up in no time. The two girls fondled each other and kissed the entire time, each watching me out of the corner of their eyes getting off at seeing my reaction.

An hour later the girls were all dressed and talking with each other like young girls usually do. After about another hour Amber informed me she was going to hang out with Cindy and Renata at Cindy's lovable cutie spreads spread slit and gets devirginized, while Jessica and Sandra were going to their own.

They all piled out of my house and once again I was left alone. So I resigned myself to my computer and my favorite game site. I was well into my game when I heard my door bell ring. I reluctantly paused the game and got up to answer it. To my surprise Mrs. McToolie was standing in my doorway. My heart stammered as it tried to beat in my chest.

I was speechless and kind of afraid. Had Jessica ran home and told her mother? Yes, she had.