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Female agent doggy style fucked in office
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The Scotch Bonnet Before you read this, I prefer to build up a little bit about the main character and why they are where they are so it will take a little time for anything to happen. But if you stick with this.

I promise you'll enjoy it! The inspiration came from a sports bar that has a Scottish theme and I will use that but not the name. This wont be a non stop sex fest, id like you to engage with the story and enjoy the sex as it happens. Brad is a fairly normal guy, likes normal things like football, music and women. He's 6'7, 18, average build, mid length brown hair and blue eyes. Its not been the most easy of lives for Brad, his dad left when he was a kid and hasn't seen him since, he has no family other than his mum who works 3 jobs just to barely keep afloat.

Brad's just finished High school and was planning to go university. Its not cheap but he was going to work a part time job to help pay towards it. On his way back from his last day of secondary school, Brad gets a call. Its a nurse from the local hospital.

His mum on the way to one of her jobs to the other had been hit by a car that was being chased by the police. She was in critical condition and the nurse told him he needed to get here as soon as possible. His school was only a fifteen minute walk from his school so he started to sprint. As he arrived and got to his mums ward he saw there was a lot of activity, several nurses and doctors and a crowd had amassed outside one room.

He grabbed a nurse and asked where his mother was. She pointed to the crowd, immediately Brad ran towards the room and pushed people to one side, his heart pounding so hard he thought it would break through his fellow assists with hymen physical and pounding of virgin cutie, tears starting to gather in his eyes he pushed people to one side as he got into the doorway.

As he got there he saw a doctor pulling a sheet over his mothers face, it was bruised swollen and a little bloody.

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Brad just let out a roar so loud people covered their ears, he ran over to the bed, shoving the doctor to one side. He drooped over his mum sobbing. The doctor placed his hand over his shoulder and simply said 'I'm sorry son'. After about five minutes Brad stood up and looked the doctor dead in the eyes, 'where's the driver that did this?'.

The doctor said, he was caught and was in police custody. Brad sat their for hours, what was he to do now? He had no family, no one he could rely on. Brad was a loner he never really got on well with people and being so tall people always felt intimidated. Eventually a nurse came in with two orderlies. She walked over to Brad who was in a hunched position in a chair staring at the floor.

She kneels down in front of him, placing her hand on his knee. 'Im so sorry Sir but I have to ask what you plan to do?' Brad looks up, with Puffy red eyes 'Plan?' Brad replies 'Yes, the police said that they don't need a post mortem as the death was caused by the accident. So the hospital need to know if you plan to bury or cremate?' 'I haven't got money so I cant afford a burial' Brad replied. 'Ill let them know you'll cremate, also im very sorry but you cant stay in this room anymore, juicy pretty hottie performs dick riding hardcore and blowjob hospital will contact you when its time to pick up your mothers remains' she stated and then walked away.

Brad got home, completely lost he was spoken to by a hospital official and they told him that due to the fact his mum had no real assets as she rented their home and only a couple of thousand pounds in the bank, that it would automatically pass to him in a couple of weeks.

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A couple of weeks went by and the land lord got in touch. Brad was told that he was welcome to continue the lease but if he couldnt afford he needed to leave, he said to him he didnt want to be unfair and would give him two months rent free to either get himself into a position where he could afford the place or move out to somewhere else.

Brad delved into the net to see what was available, he applied for anything and everything, from bar work to dog grooming. Everywhere turned him down, he had no experience or anything.

How ever he did have £2500 his mum had saved. He went out handing out CV's he had made to all stores in the area, he ended up at a sports themed Bar called Scotch Bonnet, This was a bar that dressed its servers a little provocatively. It was young beautiful woman wearing a tartan skirt, tartan bra with a white top worn over the top Brittany style leaving some of the bra and breasts exposed. He saw a help wanted sign out the front.

So after he picked his jaw up from the floor he approached the bar.

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As he got there a stunning young Brunette, who was around a foot shorter, athletic build, but C cup breasts. 'Hey Cutie is there something I can help you with?' she said with an entrancing smile. 'Erm. Hi, is there a manager I can speak to?' 'Oh sure no problems sweetie, follow me' She led Playing with my girls tight wet pussy while she talks to her neice on the phone thight shaved towards the back of the bar and knocked on the door labelled office and a woman answered.

It was a woman, middle aged, chubby and fairly tall but no where near brads height The young lady walked off back to the bar after saying her goodbyes. The woman addressed brad, 'How can I help you young man? My names Sal' Brad straightened himself up and said 'Hi my names brad I saw your job advert out front' The woman looked him up and down and said 'Sure come on in my office and we can talk' They both went in and sat down, talking Sal asked all sorts of questions, she explained they needed some muscle, there was too many women and the only guys worked in the back in the kitchen.

Brad opened up 'To be honest with you Sal, im a little desperate, I have no family, no experience and no job. If you just give me a chance I wont let you down' Brad started to look a little awkward and Sal could see that he was emotional.

'Alright you start tomorrow, 12-10pm then we'll sort out when you work from there.' Brad leaped up and walked round to shake her hand and hugged her.

They said their goodbyes and Brad walked back out, As he left the Young Brunette stopped him. 'Hey there, I'm Amber, can I ask why you wanted to talk to Sal?' 'Hey im Brad, yeah it was about the job vacancy I start tomorrow' He replied Amber looked excited and smiled 'Oh wow thats fantastic, we could use a big strapping guy like you' Brad started to turn red. 'ERR thanks haha, yeah I look forward to it, i'll see you tomorrow' The exchanged good byes and Brad left.

Brad for the rest of the day looked for somewhere to move to, he found a studio room in a house share with a few other young people only a twenty minute walk from his new work.

It was within his budget and he signed the tenant agreement then and there.

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When he got back to his mums house he phoned the land lord and told him that he would be out by the end of the week. He arranged for someone to pick up all the stuff he didn't want and for a moving service to come and take the stuff he did to his knew flat. The next day came and he arrived at work at 11am, he was greeted by a surprised Sal and she asked why he arrived early. He told her he wanted to get started and settled in before they opened.

She smiled and welcomed him in, only the kitchen staff had arrived already, they were readying everything that they would need that evening. Sal gave him his uniform and told him to get changed.

He went to get changed and laughed at his uniform, it was a long black kilt that stopped at his knees and a tight black shirt that said Scotch Bonnet. When he came out a all of the girls where now here and where whistling at him. Brad froze on the spot. Amber skipped over and gave him a hug, there was five girls all as stunning as the next.

Brad considered himself a fairly good looking guy but felt so out of place. There was gorgeous red head named Amy, tiny little Blonde named Sam, a black jet haired beauty, another brunette called tammy and of course Amber. Amber worked the Bar, along with Tammie but the other girls were all servers. Sal told me that id now work the Bar with Amber and Tammie would be a server and bar maid when needed.

The first week went fast, Brad was now moved into his little room. Everything was going well at work, all the girls were friendly, a little flirty, But more than anything he felt at home, Sal was great, she was always working, helping and made you feel at home here.

But I saw immediately why they needed someone like me. The girls looked ridiculously sexy in their uniforms and obviously got attention and there was looks, the occasional comment, but the girls told me that already they felt safer as it was just the presence of me that helped. Unfortunately it didn't last long. One night Sal was out sick so we had to fend for ourselves, which wasn't a big deal, we all knew our jobs. One of the kitchen guys Matt was in charge of dealing with the cash at the end of the day and we all got on with it.

But it was later in the night and there was a group of guys getting a little rowdy. Tammie was serving them and I could see they were being a little mouthy, all the stunning anal presley hart rachael madori kate england bella bellz here are pretty thick skinned and have learned to deal with it but, Brad hadn't. Tammie came over looking angry, she said one of the guys made a comment about her helping him with some stress relief and had pulled her onto his lap for a second.

As soon as Tammie told me, both her and Amber could see what Brad was going to do. He started to take off his apron, but as he started to walk away from the bar, the girls tried to stop him. Brad wasnt going to be stopped and he brushed them off. Brad approached the table and stood right behind the guy who had done it. All of his friends stopped for a second, clearly taken back by how tall Brad was.

He tapped the guy on the shoulder and said its time for you to leave. The guy was like 'look pal, sod off' As he stood and turned he realised that Brad was bigger than him.

'Look, these girls don't come to work to be talked to and treated the way you just treated them' Brad told him.

The guy started to laugh and then looked serious 'Look shrek, I'll do what ever the fuck I like and you cant stop me' Brad before the guy could blink Punched him in the face, the guy immediately flopped and two of his friends sprang to his aid, one got punch in, which made Brad go back a few steps, one guy launched at him, brad grabbed him and threw him to one side and before the other friend could react punched him as well.

All three guys stood up and looked defensive. The main guy who'd been rude to Tammie spoke 'Look man that chicks not worth it, we'll just leave' Brad made sure they all left and all the customers stood up and applauded. Brad apologised and asked everyone to continue with their meals. Brad walked off to the men's room to check his face. When he was looking at the mirror he saw he had swelling on his right cheek.

He rinsed his face and sat down on the chair that was in the corner. Brad was shaking a little and still felt angry. There was a knock at the door, Tammie came in and walked straight over to Brad. Brad couldnt look at her and simply said sorry. Tammie knelt down in front of him and placed her hands on either side of his face. 'Hunny that was the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me' she stated. Brad still looking at the floor still shaking a little, Tammie pushed his legs apart and shuffled between them still on her knees she hugged him.

The size difference was very apparent, Brad was massive and she was tiny. He eventually wrapped his arms round her and held her tight. Tammie pulled back a little and lifted his face so extreme huge fisting your pleasure is my world were looking right at eachother.

'Your an amazing guy Brad, you have nothing to feel sorry about' she said softly For the first time Brad was looking right at her their faces inches apart, he could feel her warm breath on his lips and his on hers. Tammie lent in and gave him a tentative quick kiss on the lips, when their lips parted they froze for a moment. Brads hands gripped her a little firmer and pulled her in for a strong, passionate kiss.

It went on for a few moments, Tammie rose off her knees and slowly pushed Brad back in his seat and without breaking the kiss she straddled his lap. The kiss got more intense now using tongue, she rested her fore arms on his chest and her hands held his face, his hands were plastered to her hips but had pulled her closer to him.

Tammie went to reach down towards his crotch when there was a knock at the door. It was Amber she spoke through the door 'Guys im sorry to interrupt but we need you out here'. Tammie chuckled stepped off of Brad's lap. As he stood up she kissed him one more time, hugged him and as she pulled away she told him 'Im not finished with you yet'.

She winked at big tits maid mandy dee pounded real hard on the bed pornstars and hardcore and them skipped out of the toilets. Brad just smiled and thought, this is just the beginning. I hope you enjoyed this and as I said more will happen and I hope you give me some feedback :)