Perfect blow job and lapdance by czech student

Perfect blow job and lapdance by czech student
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The knock on the door surprised me. The January night in Iowa was cold, cold, cold. I had already slipped out of my clothes for the night and sat in my recliner, writing on my laptop; it was a short story about my childhood.

Since my divorce three years earlier, I spent a lot of my 'alone' time big boob amateur sex in the backroom mostly on the subject I know more about than anything else… me.

I've written hundreds of stories about my old hometown and my family. My nine siblings provided tons of memories that I want to, someday, share with my children and grandchildren. "Hold on a minute!" I called to the brave soul standing on my north porch, "I'll be right there!" Since I had been totally naked, enjoying the warmth of my fireplace, I grabbed my flannel lounge pants and pulled on an oversized t-shirt.

I rarely use that door to my old twp-story home, so I had to move my laptop's power supply and a hand woven rug that blocked the north wind from blowing under it. On the front step was Jo. She and her husband, Jack, had been my friends for years. At one point, I worked with both of them in a small business. Jack had invested in another venture and had become quite wealthy. He finally convinced Jo to quit work and become a lady of leisure.

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It really wasn't her cup of tea to do nothing, so she had buried herself in hobbies while he traveled; which was most of the time. "I was beginning to wonder how long you were going to make me stand out here. You do realize it's only nine degrees and this wind is pretty hard on an old woman." I have to tell you that Jo is hardly an old woman.

She's 52 with slightly graying, blonde hair. Standing 5ft 2in, she weighs in at around 100lbs, give or take 5lbs… depending on her current diet and exercise plan.

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Jack talked her into getting a facelift a few years ago, which still makes her look like she's in her early forties. I unlatched the old screen door started to push it open, "I only let old women come in if they know the password." "Asshole," she smiled, "outta my way, I need that fireplace." I helped her remove her coat, thinking I'd like to just keep disrobing her until she was only wearing her birthday suit.

"Okay, to what do I owe this unexpected visit? You just wanted to see my handsome face?" "Pffft… 'handsome'… Uh, no; that's not why I stopped by." "Stopped by?

Oh; you were in the neighborhood already?" "Don't be a turd, Don. Kaylen and Beth are both out of town and I need someone to talk to." "Oh, I understand now; you need to talk… and talk… and talk, and I need to listen, and listen, and listen." She turned her back to me and faced the fire.

I couldn't help scoping out her ass in those tight ski pants. With the bulky sweater, it was hard to make out her small tits, though. "Yes, I need to talk and you need to listen. You remember the other day when you took me to pick up my car and I tried to pay you? Remember the third time I tried to stick the money in your shirt pocket?" "You mean when I took your petite cutie uses a vibrator on herself fingering mature in both my hands and told you that I don't take money from the friends I love?" "Yes." "Yep, I remember.

Right about then I sure was wanting to pull your face closer and kiss you… I wouldn't have done it, but I damn sure wanted to." Jo turned back to face me, put her little hands behind her back to warm them and said, "There lies the problem, Don. I wanted you to do exactly that. I know you've loved our family for a long time; and I always thought you had special feelings for me.

That day was the same day I found out that Jack was screwing one of his staff. I would have gone straight to bed with you that day… but it would have brona eurotic tv exclusive show out of revenge." I sat down and leaned back, "That stupid ass bastard.

That's all I can think of right now. My God, how in the hell can he even consider somebody else when he has you? Jo, you are the most amazing woman I've ever known." "Pfffft." "No, I'm serious. You can sew your own clothes; cook with the best; crochet the tiniest lace doilies; drive nails and use a power saw as good as I can. You can do it all, and you're beautiful, sweet and considerate of less fortunate.

… best lady I know, without a doubt. And Jack decides to fuck around on you; I may have to kick his stupid ass." "Don… Uh, it's getting warm in here." She pulled jenna ivory hq porn story sweater over her head and I could make out the shape of her tits under her t-shirt; her nipples already hard as my cock was getting.

"So, instead of kicking his ass, which he does need, why don't you just sleep with his wife? I like it all&hellip." My mind was spinning. Yes, I had wanted Jo's little body, in every imaginable way, since the first day we all worked together in the store. But I never intended to lay my hands on her… now she was offering me anything, and everything I wanted.

"Whew! That was unexpected. But let me tell you something first." I stood back up and stepped toward her. I put my arms around her and held her tight, kissing the top of her head, "There's no way in hell I would have made a serious pass at you, Jo.

I can't really say that I'm IN love with you, but I do love you and I've wanted you for a long, long time. I want to be the guy that enjoys holding your hand as much as rubbing your ass… and I luuuuv your ass. I want to look at you in the morning, watch the sunrise and stare at your face, even without your make-up. I know you don't really want to wake up next to my beer belly, but I sure would like to wake up next to your freckles.

Sure, I'll be the happiest man in Iowa if you have sex with me, whatever you like to do best. But… there's just one problem." "Huh? What?" "I always take my shower just before I go to bed and I haven't had one today.

Would you mind washing my back?" I had adjusted the water spray just right when I felt a tap on my back, "Well, here it is. Not quite what you expected, is it?" I looked her up and down, "Well, it looks like you must have the tits of a fifty year old, not a teenager. No, I wasn't expecting the fresh firmness of a teenager, either.

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I'm surprised you have a bush down here," I rubbed her pussy mound, "I kinda figured Jack as wanting a smoothie; but I like it like this. You big booty blonde amateur ashton anderson makes a sex tape more freckles than I expected, but I plan on kissing every, damn one of them tonight… twice." Our lips meshed and our tongues sought out the sweetness of the other's.

No, we didn't wait. I turned off the water and we sprawled our wanting bodies on my bed. Her beautiful neck was my first objective and I covered it with kisses. Just above and behind each of her tiny ears was a small knot; left there by the surgeon who did her facelift. It took at least ten minutes to work my way down to her, very slightly sagging, tits, where my tongue dwelled while my hand was massaging her clit.

Her first orgasm erupted as I was about to leave her left orb and move on toward her belly button. Temporarily, I skipped past her pussy (trust me, it was a monumental effort).

She came a second time as I worked over the insides of her thighs with my lips and tongue. After the trip to her toes and back, I rose and smiled, "Supper time." It was the sweetest cunt I ever tasted.

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I lapped and fingered her through two more huge orgasms, then sank ol' Fat Boy inside her hot tunnel. Her fifth cum hit her like a set of brass knuckles. She was screaming, "No, No." then, "Yes, Yes," all the while she jerked on my hair, scratched my back, dug her nails into my thighs and bucked like a PBR bull.

I shot my load deep inside her and nearly passed out doing so. Surprisingly, I stayed hard for the first time since I was in my thirties. We slowed and I pulled out long enough to roll her to her hands and knees. BAM! Fat Boy sank home again.

I rode her doggy style for another ten minutes before my nuts boiled another batch and blew it against her womb. We both had lost count, but Jo said she thought she had cum eight times. We lay in each other's arms and rubbed hands over skin, over hair, over butts, tits, dick, labia and assholes. We slept… Somewhere during the night, the ringing of her phone woke us, both, "Why are you calling me in the middle of the night, Jack?" "No, I was asleep. What else do I do at 2:30am?" "I brunette records herself masturbating for her husband give a shit if it's only 10:30 there, it's two, fucking, thirty here and you woke me up from a deep sleep." "Fine, then I'll see you Thursday.

Good night, Jack." "HEY, WAIT! Are you still there?" "Good, I want you to do something for me tonight." "Shit, no, I don't want you to think about me while you're jacking off. What I want you to do is… are you ready for this?. I want you to think about finding a new home while you're fucking your Goddamn Linda." She snickered as she turned off her phone and snuggled up to me, "Maybe I will let you kick his stupid ass.

He's probably tearing up AT&T trying to get them to tuen on my phone.

Let the son of a bitch worry." She laughed a little harder, "I'll bet the bastard's dick won't even get hard for her tonight… but let's not let this one go to waste." She pulled my dick a few times until it began to grow. In the dark, I felt her lips encircle ol' Fat Boy's head and begin her tender ministrations. A few minutes later, I raised her head and pulled her face to mine. Kissing her cheeks, I told her that I had fallen totally in love with her and wanted her to live the rest of her life with me.

"Don, all I really wanted to do tonight was get laid. I figured it wouldn't take much convincing. Little did I know that my ol' buddy would show me more love in one night that my own husband son small mom old sex done in the last fifteen years. When my divorce is done, you and I can live together forever, as far as we have this kind of love. No… fuck that bastard. I'll move in with you tomorrow" She kissed me long and hard as she fondled my stiff cock, "Hmmm, make that day after tomorrow… I'm not getting' out of this bed 'til then."