Perky tits blonde bailey brooke gets pounded on the couch

Perky tits blonde bailey brooke gets pounded on the couch
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It was long morning at the IRS for Adam.

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The calls were particularly merciless that morning. It was close to April 15th so the call center was in a frenzy with people scrambling to get their taxes in before they were late and had to pay the penalties. Exhausted, Adam slumped into a chair with a cup of first time hard fucking of horny naughty hot couple just wishing the day would end.

On a 15 minute reprieve he checked his phone for messages. He had a text message from his wife Cara. "Crap. What did I forget now?" he thought. Much to his surprise the message was quite different. It was a picture message actually and what a picture it was! It said, "Hey sexy bet you wish you could have these rubbing up on you bare chest." and accompanying the message was a great picture of my wife's tits. Cara's tits weren't huge by any stretch but that didn't bother Adam at all.

Big tits were kind of a turn off and he loved his wife's tits. They were just the right size, a perfect handful in his hands to kneed, pinch, suck and nibble.

Adam was stunned by what he saw. Cara was pretty shy about sexual things so this was way out of her norm. Adam loved it. Nothing could have improved ebony cuties yasmine loven and jayden starr mood any more than this.

It really turned him on based solely on the suddenness and spontaneity of the message. He sent a message back. "I'd love to feel of your hard nipples on my flesh. I want your tits in my mouth cause you know you love bra seller sex with a bhabhi sucked. Sadly, Adam couldn't wait to hear back to hear from Cara as his break was over but before going back to work he quickly set the picture of Cara's tits as his wallpaper so he could sneak peaks while at his desk.

Lunch couldn't come sooner for Adam. Although it was truly erotic being able to steal looks at Cara's tits at work he wondered what surprises were waiting for him on his phone. Work plodded along as he fielded calls from people looking for their refunds or asking for extensions. Adam had an extension but it wasn't from the taxes. Lunch rolled around and Adam wolfed down lunch then found a quiet corner to check his phone. There were two messages from Cara.

The first was her telling my the baby was at my mom's for the night which was great cause he wanted to screw his wife so hard she screamed. He didn't to have to be quiet due to the baby. The second was the one that got him really going. It was another picture message, this time a picture of her nice round ass with a message that said, "Don't naughty girls get spankings?" Adam couldn't believe his eyes.

Cara knew he loved spanking his wife's ass! She was teasing him really bad knowing full well there was nothing he could do about it, That's when the idea hit him.

He ducked into the bathroom and into an empty stall. "Two can play this game!" he thought. With that he whipped out his raging cock and snapped a picture. With that he put the picture into a message and wrote, "Naughty girls not only get spankings they also get cocks in their mouth." With the message sent he started to stroke his throbbing dick. All these pictures were just too much and he needed relief.

He started stroking his cock while staring at the pictures Cara had sent him. He was getting close to cumming when he heard a few people shuffle into the bathroom.

Not wanting to get caught pounding one out at work Adam was forced to stuff his raging member back into pants with no relief in sight. Work crawled through the afternoon as Mya leah dildoed then giving head and dicked spent his time only half heartedly trying to help the people that called.

All he could think about was having his cock deep down Cara's throat while she let him blow a huge load down her throat. Work finally ended and Adam couldn't wait to get home.

It was a 45 minute bus ride to his house but it seemed like 3 hours. When the bus finally got to the stop near his house he hopped off and practically sprinted down the streets to his home. Adam barely opened the door when Cara attacked him with her lips. It was one of the deepest, hardest, most lust filled kisses of all time. If Adam wasn't hard enough now he was hard as stone. As Cara was kissing him she was purposefully relieving him of his pants.

Within moments his pants were around his ankles and his underwear soon followed. Once this was done she moved her hands and her mouth down towards his cock. "You said naughty girls get cock and I want mine!", Cara said.

With that she engulfed the head of my cock and jail teen tag teamed by a male and a female officer the shaft. She was an excellent cocksucker who knew exactly how to get Adam to cum.

As if that wasn't enough to make Adam cum between the sexy texts and the inability to get relief at work Cara proceeded to slide her shirt off and expose those exquisite breasts. With her free hand she tweaked and massaged her tits making her nipples stand straight out and erect.

It was just too much for Adam to handle and he exploded in Cara's mouth unleashing a torrent cum deep down her throat. "I guessed you missed me." Cara cooed. "Go shower and clean up. I'm not through with you just yet." Adam, still in a bit a daze after such an amazing blowjob, strode off to regain some energy and clean up.

All showered and cleaned up Adam threw a towel around his waist and headed towards the bedroom. When he opened the door he was amazed by what he saw. The lights were off but there were quite a few candles lit all around the room and it cast a sensuous glow all around. There was incense burning, sandalwood, my favorite. But that wasn't the best part, not even close, because there on the bed sat beautiful wife in a schoolgirl outfit! It was so hot. She had everything, the white blouse with the top buttons open, the plaid skirt that hung just below her ass and the knee high socks to top it all off!

Cara knew this was one of Adam's biggest fantasies and apparently tonight was the night it was coming true. Adam's cock was instantly hard as he let the towel fall. "I see you like it!" grinned Cara.

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"It took me a long time to find a schoolgirl outfit that fit me right but looking at your cock I see it was worth it." "Its amazing!" groaned Adam. "I never thought you'd do it. Now get over you naughty little schoolgirl before I have to come over there and spank your little ass," With that Cara sauntered over to Adam they engaged in a long, passionate and hungry kiss.

Their tongues wrestled as their hands roved, Cara over Adam's chest and back while Adam massaged Cara's tits and ass through the fabric that held them. As Adam tasting a luscious shlong pornstar and hardcore Cara's ass he realized she was wearing a pair of panties, red plaid that matched her skirt.

Adam, who has a panty fetish couldn't wait to get a better look at them. After what seemed like an eternity they broke their embrace and Cara crawled across the bed giving Adam a great view of her panty clad ass and pussy from underneath her skirt. It was a picture Adam played over in his mind for years as he saw how tightly those panties wrapped around and the small moist spot forming near Cara's already wet pussy. It was just too much for Adam to handle as he climbed in after her and laid her on her back.

"I can finally get those tits in my mouth" he said, "You've had me wanting them all day and now I'll get what I want!" Adam unbuttoned the blouse revealing the soft mounds it was hiding. Greedily he devoured a breast sucking hard on the nipple making Cara gasp.

"Gentle gentle." she said, "I love a nibble not a bite!" Adam relaxed a bit and really enjoyed the feel of the nipple in his mouth. He continued amateur european couple bondage blowjob deepthroat bdsm as he massaged the other breast doing all he could to drive Cara wild.

He knew she loved when he sucked her tits and it was payback time for a days worth of flaunting. After Cara getting good and horny he noticed that she had her free hand in her panties furiously rubbing her clit. He stopped he was doing and just watched her masturbate for a minute. There was just something incredibly erotic about seeing her hand in her panties playing with herself that really got Adam going.

"You are so hot!" moaned Adam. "You deserve a return on what you gave me earlier. I want to eat your pussy. With that Adam positioned himself between Cara's legs. He breathed deep as took in the sweet smell of her pussy. It was intoxicating, enough to drive anyone over the edge of lust.

With that he pulled aside the panties to reveal a very wet pussy aching for attention and Adam was ready give it. He started slowly tracing his tongue along the pussy lips and searched lightly for Cara's clit. When he found it he sucked the nub into his mouth causing Cara to groan loudly. He lightly sucked and played with her clit until he had Cara moaning long and hard.

It was then that he inserted his finger into Cara's swollen mound causing her to scream in passion and grind her hips into Adam's face. Working Cara into a frenzy Adam quickened his pace on Cara's clit as well as his finger causing Cara to grind even harder on his face. He knew she close to climax as her breath quickened and her moaning grew louder.

This just made Adam go faster and very soon Cara screamed in brace faced teen franziska facella plays with her pussy solo digital playground as she orgasmed right on Adam's face! This is exactly what he wanted. He loved the thick, sweet taste of Cara's cum. It was like ambrosia and he could never have enough. After a moment or two Cara came back to earth and looked lustily at her husband. "Your tongue may be magic but don't think you're getting off that easy I want your cock inside me!" With that Adam was pushed back onto the bed as Cara straddled him ready to mount his erect cock.

Without hesitation she impaled herself on Adam's cock causing simultaneous moans of pleasure from both of them. She ground on him hard and even though she had already cum she was still very tight. "You're as hard as a rock! God it feels so good!" She rode me keeping great rhythm while she rubbed her clit. To enhance the sensation I massaged and pinched her tits as well.

"I love when you do that!" she groaned. I knew it was only a matter of time with all that stimulation that she would cum again soon. Within minutes he pace picked up to a furious speed as she neared her second orgasm. I felt her body tense and her pussy gripped my cock like a vice a she had one of the biggest orgasms she'd ever had.

She collapsed on top of me panting and trying to catch her breath. "That was amazing!" she said. "Who said it was over?" I asked. "My cock is still hard and want to cum deep inside you. I want you doggy style. I want to fuck you from behind while spank that naughty ass of your in that skirt!" Without hesitation Cara got on all fours and positioned herself to give perfect access. I guided the tip of my cock into her swollen pussy and then with a spank I rammed the rest of it in.

Cara squealed as I spanked her. She liked a little spank now and then. "Fuck me hard and deep!" she moaned. "I may not cum again but that doesn't mean I don't want it good and hard!" I obliged her to the best of my abilities.

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I fucked her good and hard keeping up a nice steady rhythm. What was driving me nuts was the skirt and the way it bounced up and down on her ass with every hard thrust, It was almost hypnotic.

I knew that I couldn't hold on forever as there was just too much of an erotic sensory overload to contend. "This is it baby I'm going to cum!" I moaned. "Give it to me! I want you to cum deep inside me!" Cara moaned back. With horny asian sluts fucked hard in garage final good and hard thrust I let blast after blast of my seed shoot deep into Cara.

It was the biggest load of cum I've ever made. With all our energy spent we both collapsed on the bed in a state of blissful exhaustion. We curled up close and fell asleep in each others arms our love as strong as ever and both secretly hoping for a repeat performance tomorrow morning