Big boobs rough sex and foot fetish mistress one of the very first things you will notice

Big boobs rough sex and foot fetish mistress one of the very first things you will notice
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Touching down after the flight into Lubbock, I realized I had made a bit of a mistake. Five days in this boring ass town? Why did I agree to this?

I suppose mainly it was because I miss my older brother, Alan, who goes to school at Tech. I'm an Aggie myself, which is a bit ironic. The real reason I came was so my brother and I could switch off driving on the way home to South Texas - 8-10 hour drive for those un-initiated.

Which of his friends would I meet?

I had already met one previously - Taylor. At 18, she was the youngest of his group, the rest being in their 20's. She was a complete know it all, always had to be right, always having the last word.

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Like my brother, she is a devout Christian, saving herself for marriage and the whole nine yards. However, as a man with experience, I know a girl who wants/loves cock when I see one - and she definitely fit the bill.

After walking through an airport straight out of 1979 and eventually locating my bag, I met my Alan outside, and hopped into the car.

The typical conversation followed, "Whatsup bro! How's school? How's the girl?" After getting all the basic battery of questions out of the way, he told me we would be meeting his friends for dinner on the way home. "Ah cool." I responded. "Who all is coming?" "Marie, Don, Heather, and Taylor." he informed. "Taylor?" I asked with a bit of an annoyed tone. "Yeah I know, she gets on my nerves too.

All she does is talk about her piece of shit boyfriend these days anyway, she's not as annoying as you remember." He said. "SHE got a boyfriend?" I asked in disbelief. "How the hell does he stand her?" I asked jokingly as I laughed.

"Being hot helps, I guess. I hope Rich knows he isn't getting laid though!" He said, laughing.

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By this time we were rolling up to the restaurant, and I noticed someone on the curb out front, a girl. We got out of the car and walked to the curb, about to pass her to go in, before we noticed it was Taylor - crying. "Taylor?" my brother asked. "What's wrong?" She attempted to give a coherent response, but through all her tear filling babbling, all we got was, "Rich, broke up, wahh wahh wahh!" Ohhhh great.

We attempted consoling her, but eventually we had to call everyone else and abandon the dinner plans due to her hysteria. We got her into the car, and drove her back to her stunning legal age teenager hotty girlfriend homemade. On the way I sat in the back with her, attempting to make her feel better, though normally I would have just let her cry it out.

"Calm yourself down a bit Tay, tell me what happened." I said calmly, rubbing her back lightly as she lay against the back of the front seat crying. "He just broke up with me, ok?" She managed to get out at me in a bitchy tone between her sobs. "Well alright, why? You obviously didn't expect it." I said, ignoring her misplaced anger. She visibly got more angry, then responded, nearly yelling, "He wanted sex! Just what all you disgusting men want!

I told him no, I even offered to give him a hand job!" I nearly laughed at her last comment, but contained myself and said calmly, "We're not all like that Taylor, but I'm sorry you had to go through that.

Obviously he wasn't a good fit for you, given your beliefs." "Given my beliefs!?" She said, now having progressed to yelling. "What do my beliefs have to do with it?! I'm just not a fucking slut!" She then had started annoying me, "What the hell is your problem? I'm trying to help. I'm sorry you got broken up with, but you don't need to get mad at me." She followed my reply with, "What?

You're being such an asshole about this. You men. Just because we women don't want to drain your balls doesn't mean we're disposable." Now we had rolled up to her dorm, so she opened the door. "Fuck you, and all the rest of you men!" She hopped out and stormed off to her room. "What in the actual fuck dude?

What's that twat's problem?" I said to Alan, dumbfounded at Taylor's behavior. "Hell if I know man, that was ridiculous." He replied in agreement. "Fuck it man, lets grub, I'm starved." With that, we got some quick whataburger and headed to his apartment.

I immediately went in and got onto his couch to sleep, but not before thinking about what had happened. Where did that cunt get off treating me that way?

I should have smacked that bitch. Insulting me because her shrimp dicked boyfriend dumped her? What the fuck ever. The next morning I awoke to pounding on the door, and got up to find my brother already gone to the gym.

So I got up and checked the peep hole - and saw Taylor, looking as hot, and as cunty, as ever. "I SEE YOU LOOKING THROUGH THE PEEP HOLE, OPEN UP!" she hollered. Good lord, the mouth on this little bitch. Standing at barely 5 feet tall, with a petite frame, she wasn't exactly intimidating. "God hardcore nightclub orgy starring luscious horny fillies, hold the hell on!" I said, putting some boxers on quickly.

I swung the door open, "What, Taylor? It's early as fuck. I sleep til 10." She started looking at me, taking a quick glance up and down. I noticed her eyes linger down low, checking out my bulge. She seemingly forgot how to speak, because she remained quiet. "Taylor? What?" I repeated. She silently reached in her pocket, and pulled out a fucking knife. "Piece of shit man!" She yelled as she lunged at me. Catching me somewhat off guard, I immediately deflected her hand by smacking her forearm, then using her momentum to connect a hard punch to the face with my other hand, sending her tumbling like a sack of potatoes.

"What in the fuck? Fucking cunt!" I said out loud. Trying to stab me? Over some bullshit?

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The little cunt was about to learn a lesson in manners. I drug her unconscious into the apartment, throwing her onto the couch. Then I grabbed a knife and began cutting off her shirt, and bra, then yanking her shorts off, followed by her very racey thong - sure you're not a slut, bitch. I had to admire her body, though - Long, blond hair, paired with a great set of C cup tits, a perfect, round ass, and a flat, toned stomach.

After a nice, long look, I moved her to the futon, laying her on her back, then duct taping her hands and feet to the corners. I examined her further, taking her looks in deep. A perfect, shaved pussy was the center piece.

"Now, what would a good little christian girl like you need to shave your twat for?" I asked her, but she was still out like a light. Taking advantage of that, I put some tape over her mouth too, and then sat to wait for the cunt to wake up. Half an hour later she awoke, and she was PISSED. She started squealing, shaking, making all sorts of noise. I stood up and walked over, before hauling back and then slapping her hard across the face.

"Shut the fuck up cunt!" I yelled in anger. My tone made her aware of my seriousness, because she didn't make another peep. "Now. You tried to stab me? What the fuck were you thinking? You're going to learn a lesson in being a good girl today, instead of being the little cunt you are now. Understand?" She stared at me, not giving me a reply. I slapped one of her tits hard, making a cry of pain come from her.

"UNDERSTAND?" I asked again. This time she nodded. "What does a little goody two shoes bitch like you need a shaved pussy and lacy thong for anyway?" I asked. "I know you love cock, I saw you checking out my bulge earlier. Why don't you just admit it? You're a little slut who loves cock." She got mad, yelling something at me through the tape.

I moved closer, putting my hand on her pussy. I began rubbing, much to her disdain. "Don't act like you don't like it Tay, I feel your little pussy getting wet!" I exclaimed, running my fingers through her slit to the source, feeling the fluid start to leak out of her twat. She got even more angry then, shouting through the tape. "Shut up cunt!" I said loudly, slapping her face again with my free hand, then pushing my two middle fingers inside her roughly.

She grunted, and arched her back - I knew the twat loved it. "See slut? I knew you liked having a man inside you." I started rubbing her clit with my thumb while rocking my other fingers back and forth inside her, feeling her pussy respond by getting even more wet and tightening around my fingers. She began moaning lightly, still trying to resist.

I leaned over her and took a nipple in my mouth, sucking hard. That combined with my fingers being knuckle deep in her dripping, tight, virgin hole, made her lose it, letting out a long, hot moan. "Can you be a good bitch if I take the tape off your mouth?" I asked, followed by her nodding quickly. I pulled my cock out and then ripped the tape off. Immediately I grabbed her hair at the back of her head, and pulled her head up to my cock. "What the fuck am I gunna do with that?" She hardcore backstage fuck for crazy wild milf. Bad choice.

I pulled my hand of her twat and smacked her across the face, covering her in her own pussy juice. Then I grabbed her jaw and pulled it open, before shoving my cock in her mouth, her eyes widening as her mouth was forced open with my girth. I threw my leg over her, and moved my other hand to the back of her head, and began slamming my cock into the back of her throat. She gagged, and flopped around - eliciting another slap from me, this time on her pussy. She cried out in pain, muffled by my 10" member deep in her throat at this point.

"Suck, cunt." I ordered. Finally, she began cooperating. She started sucking my cock for all it was worth - the little cunt was good too. Taking it all, moving her head around side to side, licking under the tip.

After letting her work for it, I put my hand on her face, pinching her nose, and started her face even more roughly. She started struggling, obviously needing air. I watched her eyes, seeing the desperation - that made my cock get even harder. The struggling eventually subsided, and she passed out. I immediately let go of her nose, and pulled out of her mouth, I had raped her throat enough. Now I wanted the real prize. I climbed down lower on the futon, and pulled her legs free, then re-taping her mouth.

Pinning them behind her head, I positioned my cock at her opening, and gave her a few smacks on the face. "Taylor! Wake up cunt!" I yelled. She came to, hot slut pornstar (stevie shae riding monster cock in sex act vid-28 tube porn and gagging.

Finally she became aware, realizing her position. "No, please!" she yelled through the tape. "Should have thought about that before you tried to fucking stab me, cunt." With that, I looked her straight in the eye and slammed into her tiny pussy as hard as I could, ripping her hymen and smashing into her cervix as my thick member invaded her most private area. Boy was she tight.

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She cried out in pain, but I didn't give a fuck. I kept pounding her as hard as I could, making sure she felt as much pain as possible. She started with the screaming, earned her a few more smacks to the face and tits. After slapping her tits, I left my hands on them, starting to roughly squeeze them.

She seemed to like this, as she grew quiet, obviously trying to moan. I pinched her nipples, and that was all it took - she let out a long, hot moan. "That's right cunt," I said between thrusts.

"You love my cock in your virgin pussy don't you? You love me stretching you pussy out huh?" "MMMMMMmmmmmmm" was all she could reply. Looking down, I watched myself plow her. My long cock would go all the way in, smashing into her cervix again and again, and then her tight pussy lips gripping my cock as I came out.

Truly, it was a sight to behold. I ripped the tape off her face again, this time greeted by a different tone, "Oh fuck! Fuck me! Ohhh yessssss!" She cooed. I took that to heart, and fucked her as hard as I could, her head and the futon smashing against the wall with my every thrust. "Yeah you like that cunt? You like being raped don't you?" I asked. "Yes baby, fuck your cock is so good!

Pound my pussy, ohhh fucckkkkk!" She groaned, her eyes rolling into the back of her head. "Look what you've become, you little whore. You're a cock craving slut like all the rest." I said oiled up dp bbc anal whore kelly divine her, smashing into her cervix extra hard for good measure. Her pussy felt so hot, so wet - I was really enjoying this bitch.

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I started to feel the tingle in my balls, so I told her, "I'm gunna cum soon slut, get ready to be filled." Her demeanor immediately changed, "No, you can't do that, I'm not on birth control!" She said. "I don't give a fuck bitch, shut up." I replied, putting my hand around her throat, squeezing hard, then continuing my assault of her pussy. This must of turned her on more, the dirty little slut, because her pussy clamped down on my cock like a pair of vise grips. Another minute was all it took, so I slammed my cock in to my balls and growled, allowing myself to release.

My cock pulsed extremely hard, violently spraying a huge, sticky load of my cum deep into her womb. I flopped down onto her, letting the both of us catch our breath for a minute. I hot rainia gets free hot sex in the car picked myself up and pulled out of her, watching my huge load gush out of her ruined pussy.

Her next comment caught me off guard. ".That was hot as fuck. When are you gunna fuck me again, daddy?" she pouted. Taken slightly aback, I replied. "Nice to know you know your place, little slut." Maybe this trip wouldn't be all that bad.