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Police babe latina deepthroats on the border
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Jake cursed in his mind again as he tried to move his hand. Damn it! It had moved last night why wouldn't it now? It was terrifying enough that all he could move were the fingers on both hands. Though he wasn't numb he might as well be without the ability to move hell he was a sitting duck like he was. Gen cringed when she heard her master curse again for the hundredth time. She was feeling ashamed that hers and the others magic healing had not only not protected him, it was also the fact that he was hurt as badly as he was.

She'd already made a decision that she was sure that master wouldn't be too pleased with but for him she'd do anything. Walking out of the huge room in the palace they were in, she headed for the throne room. As she walked in Princess Amira saw her and walked over to her. kali roses and her naughty booty dear sister, were you looking for me?" "No princess, I wasn't this time. Please if I may and it is permitted may I see your father the king?" Amira was taken aback her father?

What was going on in the mind of her sister Jinn? "For any of Master Jake's Jinns, I am more than sure father has time to see any of you." Princess Amira said still a little shaken that Gen, Master Jake's first Jinn, was asking to see her father.

"Please wait here Gen. May I tell father what this is about?" Amira asked. "I may have a way to help Master Jake to heal faster. I have to talk to your father the king, to see if it is even possible." Gen said as she trembled a little. Steeling up the courage she stood tall.

She had to do this if she didn't even try she felt that her master would hate her. "Alright please wait here Gen. I'll go find father." Amira said, she'd seen Gen tremble then stand up tall trying to be brave.

What did the young Jinn have up her sleeve? I think I need to talk to her other sisters, Amira thought as she left the room and went out another door heading for Master Jake's rooms.

Amira had talk to all xnxx big black cock 2019 Jake's Jinns, the only one who had even an inkling as to what Gen might be up girl in stockings masturbates with a dildo was Rosalinda. Amira nodded after talking to her then left to find her father.

She just hoped that what she thought was about to happen did. It was perhaps an hour later when King Al-Mazhab walked in with a tight lipped Princess Amira. Gen quickly arose then bowed low to the floor in front of the man.

"King Al-Mazhab I have a request of you if I may?" "For you and your master I would move the very dimensions themselves!" Came the Kings deep voice. "Please leave us daughter" The man said a moment later. Princess started to open her mouth to protest but snapped it shut. She could still say nothing 'til she knew for a fact and her offer was accepted, at present that wasn't possible. So she retreated but not too far.

Gen watched as Princess Amira left, taking a deep breath she stated her plan. "King Al-Mazhab I remember a story my father told me many centuries ago. A story of sacrifice of a Jinn for her master. Please know sir I love master deeply, I have for a time now.

I request that you do a iizalat alssulta." Bowing low again Sweet blonde has sex in the bath did not see the look of shock on the King's face. "No! If I were to do this you would become human! You would die in a short time. You teen associates sister masturbation and extra small dildo the dual cronys daughter a Jinn, without your powers you would fade after a few hours.

A Jinn cannot become human and survive! No! I will not do that to my dear friend Rasmir! My child think of what you ask!" The king said almost begging Gen to reconsider.

"Sir," Gen replied as tears started to fall from her eyes unashamed and unstopped. "It is all I have thought of, please sir if you don't I fear that many will die this time if we are attacked. At least this way Master will be whole again; only he can stop the evil that is coming." "Child, I know that you love your master more than I have seen in a very long time. I also realize that as his first it is within your right to do this.

Again I ask you to reconsider." The king replied. "I have a better idea," came a voice from the door. What if we put you to sleep so you won't think of doing something as foolish as this again? As his first you should also realize that he has loved you longer and therefore would suffer far more if you were to disappear." Lowering her head Gen almost whispered, "It is my right as first Rosalinda, it is the only way." Rosalinda laughed as she advanced upon Gen. "There are times you astound me with your wisdom.

Then there are times like these that you shock me as to just how young and inexperienced you are!" Gen looked up at Rosalinda then her mouth fell open. "There is another way?!" "Yes little one, there is, several as a matter of fact. Now let's leave the King alone he is a busy man." Here Rosalinda bowed low to the king saying, "thank you sire." Gen also bowed as they both left.

Al-Mazhab was starting to leave when he caught sight of his daughter brunette gets juicy pussy stuffed on the desk the doorway of the next room with tears in her eyes. Sighing he went to hold his daughter.

"You love them don't you? I always thought that the legend was nothing but a tale used to frighten children. That was right before we were all betrayed and the leader of the evil ones destroyed this family." Princess Amira looked up at her father the tears starting to fall faster. "Father what if he doesn't respond to me in kind? Father, I love them all but I have to know before I do anything more." Al-Mazhab sighing again could only hold her tight.

So much depended upon what the two Jinns that just left could do. He just hoped that Rosalinda was as knowledgeable about what was going on with Master Jake as he thought she was. _______________________________________________ Nuha sighed they were finally ready to move, reaching out she searched for the pitiful human and his pets. Nuha's eyes grew wide when she didn't feel him spreading out for tens, then hundreds, finally thousands of miles there was no sign of the man real asian masseuse in naughty hj session his Jinns!

Cursing she looked back at her angry sister Fatin then over at her Abla, they had to attack soon or the talisman would consume Abla. She might be the weakest of the three but she was still their sister. Cursing again she reached for the odd cave like box that the man and his Jinns lived in. Suddenly angry Nuha destroyed buildings around them, that human bastard was nowhere to be seen. Thinking a moment Nuha suddenly smiled evilly and waved a hand. Tankena appeared a moment later surprised that he'd been summoned against his will.

Looking around he saw that the deadly trio was in front of him. Strange he thought they looked entirely different. "Hello Tankena, I asked you here to help us out." Nuha said as she stared at the Jinn male he still stirred up her blood as she was sure he did to his sister. Looking over at Abla she thought well almost all of them. "I was searching for the bastard human I was going to kill him today. Imagine my surprise when I couldn't feel him ANYWHERE!" Nuha reached out and held Tankena in the air.

"Where has that shit gone to?!" Tankena smiled evilly, a point that was not lost on Nuha. "He is in the Jinn Dimension, as are all of them. I tried to go and kill him when the leader stopped me. He said there was no way that I could get to him. The King has been resurrected as have the Twin Princes and the Princess." Here Tankena spit as he continued. The leader said that over 125 of the royal army as well as most of the palace guard is back.

The leader also said that they were going to take the body of the Ever Last Master!" None of this was lost on Nuha as a wicked smile crossed her face.

"You wish to no longer follow the leader?" Nuha said knowing that even with the power all three of them had the leader was far more adept at the use of the dark magic. "You know that the leader was a great yielder of the ancient dark magic don't you?" Nuha asked of Tankena. Tankena put a hand to his throat before he answered, "Yes, I am more than aware of that fact." "Join with us then, as I remember only the leader had greater power than you did." Nuha told Tankena.

"We leave for the Jinn dimension sisters. We have a new member to the family." Nuha said with a lustful laugh. "I am sure that we can use you to your fullest!" Fatin was saying with a lustful look at his pants. Then she also laughed as she threw her head back and laughed evilly. "We need to hurry my dear trio," Tankena said a moment later. " I have it on good word that the human is completely paralyzed.

It was said that he held the dark magic that you had almost hit him with in his body. It took all of his Jinns and the Royals to remove it." Nuha began to curse they had discovered and removed it? By the great Jinn when he recovered he would become immune as would his Jinns to the power of the dark magic! "We go now!" waving her arm they all four vanished. ________________________________________________________ It had been a whole day Jake felt like he was going to panic.

So far he could move his left hand and fingers. the fingers on his right hand. He was starting to move his left foot as well as the right. Jake groaned it was taking everything he had to finally get those parts of him moving. Sighing inside he thought since those had started to move he actually felt stronger but it was taking far too long! <Gen? Where are you?

You are the only one that can hear me right now.> Jake thought out. <I am almost there master I had to talk to the King for a few moments.> Gen's thoughts came to him. <I need to talk to Akeesha and Inger is there any way that you can get them here?> Jake asked. <Yes master, I am telling them right now. Master? Are you moving more?

You feel stronger.> Gen suddenly thought. <I am a little but this is taking far too long.

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Please hurry.> Jake said. Within a few minutes Akeesha, Inger and Gen were alone in the room. Gen looked at Jake then nodded turning toward both of the Jinns. "Master Jake wished me to call both of you here. I am unsure of what he wants but I am sure we will know in a moment." Gen waited sucking a fat cock on cam homemade amateurs Jake gathered his thoughts.

"Master Jake wishes to apologize to you first Akeesha. He has tried the best he could to protect Sheeka, he truly loves her with all his heart. He also wishes to apologize to you Inger for the worry that you must have felt because of what happened." "Most of what has transpired, I have more than forgave him. Yes Master Jake we heard about what you did.

Dark Magic was never meant to be in a human body. You are truly strong to have withstood it as long as you did." Akeesha actually had tears falling from her eyes. "I also know that you did it not just for them but me also. No human, especially a male has ever thought I was worth anything. I hated you, hated you with every fiber of my being but you never complained or retaliated, You are the first and only male I have ever felt respect for." "Master Jake says he thanks you, but he wishes to say something when you are done." Gen told the two stunned Jinns.

"I am ashamed to admit Master Jake that I have doubted you up 'til now, never again." Akeesha was now unable to hold back the tears. "I also wish to thank you and apologize for not trusting you. You could have easily let the dark magic hit one of us and been safe. I am beginning to see why they all love you as they do. Though I cannot say that I love you nor do I ever think I will, but I wish to be your friend.

A true friend for what you have done for all of us." Inger leaned down and kissed Jake on the cheek surprising not only Akeesha and Gen but Jake and mostly Inger herself.

There was a flash as Inger was thrown back as soon as her lips left Jakes cheek. Without even thinking Jake reached up with BOTH arms and ribbed his cheeks.

What the hell? Jake thought he actually felt twice as strong as he had! Akeesha went to Inger who was smiling, holy shit! That was the best damn feeling next to making love to Akeesha! "Inger are you alright?" A worried Akeesha asked. But turned when she heard Gen gasp. "Master Jake?" Gen was saying. "Master?

By the great Jinn you can move your arms!" Jake was still amazed he could swear he could feel energy moving up his arms into his shoulder then it started to slow 'til it stopped when it reached his neck. Jake slowly turned his head as he looked at Inger on the floor being held by an even harder crying Akeesha. Inger leaned over and whispered into Akeesha's ear. Nodding Akeesha got up and turned to Jake. "I.I have to finish this while I still can." Akeesha started.

"As I said I am ashamed that I thought only the worst of you. I only hope that one day that you can forgive me." Akeesha said as she bowed low to Jake. Stunned a moment Jake whispered, "there is nothing to forgive my dear friend. At least I hope we can be friends." Akeesha's head snapped up when she heard Master Jake's voice. What in the hell was going on? A mere kiss had done this?

"Master Jake I would be honored to be your friend." Leaning close Akeesha whispered, "Perhaps one day when you are well and have the time, I would like to bear a child for you." Jake's eyes flew wide, then Akeesha shocked them both and leaned in and lightly kissed Jake's lips.

There was a booming gong sound as Akeesha was also thrown back as sparks flew between both Jake and her. Jake pulled his self to a sitting position causing Gen to gasp further. "Are you alright?" A startled Jake said in a clear strong voice.

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"Yes Master Jake, By the great Jinn what was that?" Akeesha asked the feeling that had gone through her reminded her of making love to Inger! A moment later the council appeared. "We heard the gong Master Jake is all well?" Rasmir asked as he looked around the room at both Inger and Akeesha both on the floor against the walls.

"Yes I believe as you would say another part of this legend was fulfilled." Jake said startling all of the councilors there. "Both of them wished to be my friend and kissed me." Rasmir smiled the man hater had finally found respect for a male as had her female lover. Sighing Rasmir thought that meant that the war, the final battle was close.