Lexi lovell nina elle in mother daughter arrangement

Lexi lovell nina elle in mother daughter arrangement
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This is a mostly true story and my first story. I welcome all constructive criticism. Some parts have been embellished to make the story more exciting, I'll let you decide which parts they are.

Names have also been changed. This may become the first chapter in a series, depends on if people like it or not. Copyright 2012 PoutyLips81 Cheating and Hot Chocolate I was up before my alarm went off that day.

I was excited, in the way that my pussy was on fire. I was finally going to be alone with him today, this day (and my plan) had been in the works for weeks. I'll give you a bit of background to this, so you aren't in the dark, like my husband. My husband and I had been married for a long time. There was no sex, no passion anymore. I got more excited by a Coach purse, then seeing him naked. Until I met his friend Dylan. Dylan wasn't hot in the conventional sense but, he was good-looking, and knew how to make my knees weak.

It was something I couldn't explain, nor did I want to. He and I had a flirty, easy friendship. Until I decided that I bdsm prostate and ass farting domination excited young tourists felicity feline and jade him. And I was going to do whatever I had to do get it. That morning, Dylan was coming to take me a to a shopping centre, as I didn't drive, and my husband had the car at work.

I got up early, shaved my legs until they were silky smooth, selected my black, lacy thong panties, which I pulled up or over my smooth, round, perky ass. I also straightened my long, naturally red hair, and it was so shiny and smooth. I had been told in the past that I looked like Kate Winslet, circa Titanic. I had to give my breasts some attention too. They were a perky C cup, I was lucky in that way.

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They looked as good as they had when I was 16. I chose to encase my my silky smooth, creamy white globes in a lightly padded lacy red bra, with a front closure. He was going to have no choice but to want to fuck me until I creamed all over his cock.

I did my make-up focusing my attention on my deep brown mysterious eyes,and applying gloss to my pouty, almost red, lips. I always got told my lips, hair and ass were my best features, and I was going to make sure they stood out. A sweater was definitely in order for that day, as it was bit finally the tension to start things off at this a, and I decided my tight black one, with the deep v-neck would do just fine.

Yoga pants were a turn on of Dylan's and I wanted to impress him, and my black ones would go perfectly with this outfit. I checked my reflection in the mirror one last time, and decided that if he didn't want to fuck sweet schoolgirl plays with a big dick, he was gay, or dead.

I got my purse, keys, and phone, and waited in the living room for him. I gave myself a little spray of my signature scent, Tresor by Lancome. It made me feel so sexy, and I could feel my pussy ache knowing what was in store. It wasn't a question of "if" he would fuck me, it was where. Precisely at 10am, he pulled up in the driveway. I had always liked that about him, if he said he was going to be somewhere, he was there. I put on my shoes, and headed out to the car.

He had gotten out of car, to open the door for me. "Morning Dylan, how are you today, hun?", I said as I got in the car. "Just great, now that I have a pretty lady in my car.", he said as he shut the door and ran around the front of the car to get in his side. I got a smile on my face, almost like a Cheshire cat type of smile. I admired his ass in his jeans as he walked around the car, and I could feel my pussy start to drip. The bulge in his pants looked quite large, and I was excited to see it, without the clothes.

He started the car and we pulled out of the driveway. Dylan was a bachelor and had the car to prove it. Fast, sexy, and smooth, just like him. He and I were making small talk, like we always did. It came so easy to us. We were stopped at a stoplight, and he flashed me a great big smile, his eyes always lit up when he smiled. "Hey want to take a little drive before you drop me where I need to go?", Dude is favourable to fuck with ebon said.

"Sure, I'm off today, have no plans. What did you have mind?", he replied "Just a little drive and walk to the lake, I'm always so cooped up at home." "Sure thing, my lady.

Want to stop and get a coffee first?" "Sure, but you know I don't drink coffee." "How could I have forgotten? Hot Chocolate with Whipped Cream." We pulled into the drive through of a local coffee shop, and waited in line to place our orders. Another 10 minutes and we were headed toward the lake. I had put my hot chocolate in the cup holder because it was too hot to hold, and he had done the same. We happened to reach for our drinks at the same time, and our hands touched.

I could almost feel the electricity as our hands brushed against each other. He stopped, and looked into my eyes, and I stared into his. I got all flustered, lover assists with hymen examination and nailing of virgin cutie my face went red, I could feel the hot flush creeping up my cheeks, and spreading through my chest.

I quickly looked away, and grabbed my drink. He opened his door, and came around the car to open mine. "Kind of deserted today, isn't it? I mean the lake.", he said. "That's why I wanted to come here, it's so peaceful, and no one else is around." I said. "Sometimes, it's nice to just go for a walk with an old friend." We started up the trail, me being a local, I knew exactly where it led.

To the clearing, with the log bench, and a canopy of trees for cover. I had been there before, most times by myself. I used to bring my laptop, and just write. After about ten minutes, we came to the clearing, it was quiet, you could hear the birds chirping, and I headed for the bench. Dylan came up behind me and put his hand (his strong, warm, hand), in the small of my back. He kind of guided me towards the bench, and we both sat down. "OK, we're here, now what?", said Dylan with a laugh.

"I have no idea, just thought we could.um.count the trees? I have no idea, what do YOU want to do?", I replied. "Let's just sit, and enjoy the quiet.", he said. We sat in a comfortable silence, the silence that two lovers would enjoy. Just sipping our respective beverages, and enjoying the nature all around us. I went to put my hot chocolate back on the bench, and he did the same.

Our hands brushed again, and I felt the same passion I had felt before. It stirred a fire in me, the fire that had been missing for so many years. "We seem gal is riding on a thick pecker keep doing that.", I almost whispered. "I know.", was all he said. Our eyes locked again, and I knew it would be different this time. This time, he would kiss me, and I was about to cross that line.

His eyes were a steel grey, that just almost hypnotize you if you look at them too long. He leaned forward, and so did I. My mind was saying no, my body was saying yes.

I was so conflicted but, I knew what I was going to do. Our lips touched, and I felt like I was going to float away. His lips were soft, inviting. His hands wrapped around my waist, we continued to kiss. The years of built up sexual tension culminating in this one kiss. Dylan's hands reached up to my breasts, started kneading them through my sweater and my bra, my body was on fire.

I wanted him, no I needed him, inside my hot,wet, pussy. We must have kissed for almost five minutes.

I was so turned on, so was he. I had wanted this for so long, I almost couldn't even process it in my mind. I finally broke the kiss, I was gasping for air, not because I was out of oxygen but, I needed to catch my breath, and consider the next step in this, whatever it was.

We just stared at each other, and neither of us wanted to speak, lest we ruin this perfect moment. He reached out to touch my cheek, stroked it with his fingers. I couldn't stop staring at him, my mind was racing with what I had just set in motion. Was I willing to risk it all, to have this passion, this fire, that I had been missing for so long? "I guess we should go back to the car, I need to get going.", he said.

"I suppose we should, I have to get going too.", I replied. We started back up the trail, back up to the parking lot, the area was as deserted as it was when we got there. He stopped at the hood of the car, and turned to look at me. He had caught me staring at him, I didn't know what to do.

A thousand thoughts were racing through my head. "What was that back there?", he asked, waving his arm in the direction of the trail. "Dylan.let me explain.I don't know what it was but I do know that I'm attracted to you, always have been.

That's our thing, we flirt, and.I'm sorry I let it go so far today, I don't know what I was thinking. I just want you.", I tried to explain, rather poorly, I might add. He crossed the distance between us, and smoothed my hair back from my face, it had gotten a bit mussed from the earlier kissing. I stared into those hypnotic eyes again, and I knew that I was going to lose control, and I didn't care. He firmly pushed me up against his car, and started kissing me again.

I could feel his hard cock pressing into my stomach. We continued to kiss and I was undoing his pants, and freed his cock from it's denim prison. It was warm, smooth, and much larger than my husband's. A perfect 8 incher. I got down on my knees, and started to do what I did best.

I took his cock into my mouth, and started licking the head all around, and relaxing my throat muscles so I could deep throat him.

Sucking cock was (and is), something I like to. I could do it all day long. I could already feel the pre-cum oozing from the tip, and I greedily slopped it up. I licked my lips, and stared up at him through my thick, dark lashes.

"Mmmm, baby, that feels so good. You seem like you like it, a lot.", he moaned. "Mmm-hmm.", was all I could say, since my mouth was full of cock. |I resumed licking his cock, and he started to fuck my mouth, he was so turned on. I could tell he was getting close and he went to pull out. "Nnn-nn.", I said. Shaking my head side to side. He looked down at me, "You want me to cum in your mouth?" "Mmm-hmm." He kept fucking my face, going faster and faster, he started to slow down a little, his movements became a little jerky, I knew he was just about there.

"OHHHHHH, OH YEAH, THAT'S IT.YEA BABYYYY!!!!" I could feel his load land in my mouth, and it tasted kind of sweet, almost like sugar water. I swallowed it all down hungrily. Dylan looked down at me with a smile on his face. "Do you always swallow?" "Only nice girls spit.", was all I said as I started to get up. He started to kiss me again, pawing at my breasts. Kissing all up and down my neck. I put my head back, and just let him work me over.

His hand went to work my pussy, and I just about died with pleasure. It felt so good, I actually felt something, for the first time in a long time. We stopped kissing, just long enough to move to the front of the car. He turned me around, and pulled my pants down, I heard him gasp when he saw my sexy panties.

It turned me on to know that I was turning him on. He moved his hands all over my ass cheeks, it felt like an electric shock, every single place he touched me. It was like we had been lovers in another time, another place, maybe in a past life. We knew how to touch each other, how to turn each other on. He had me bent over the hood of his car, my ass sticking out, I could feel the cold air on my pussy lips, and it felt amazing.

He pulled my black, lacy thong, over my soft, succulent ass cheeks, and I could feel his fingers just brush my pussy lips, I was so wet, so ready for him. His fingers manoeuvred their way around my lips, brushing my swollen clit, and I jumped in pleasure. He was teasing me madame trixie fat bbw bouncing on fat cock he knew it.

Finally, after what seemed like hours of delicious, glorious torture, his fingers found their way to my pussy hole. I kept looking around to make sure no one was there, witnessing the debacle that this was. "Ahhh.that feels.so.unh.amaz-ING!", was all I managed to say. It was so hard to keep quiet, I zoey laine step daughter pov bows fucks big cock to scream my pleasure from the rooftops.

I heard the zipper of Dylan's pants open, and I knew that finally, I would get what I had wanted for years. I shivered with anticipation. "You want this, eh?", he said, as he began to rub his dickhead against my pussy lips.

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It slid right up and down, I was so ready, so wet, so on fire for him. "I do, Dylan, give it to me.please, now.I.NEED it.", I whimpered. With a smooth, fluid motion, his big cock entered my tight, hot, wet pussy. I could feel every inch as it stretched me to an amazing fullness. He started pumping, slowly at first, then faster and faster. I couldn't stop cumming. I could feel my hot pussy squirt all over his balls, the way I was bent over against the hood of the car meant he kept hitting my g-spot.

I thought I was going to die from ecstasy. My legs were shaking, I could hear him grunting behind me. "Oh baby.I'm gonna cum soon! Where?", he said breathlessly. "In.side me.Dylan.inside." He kept thrusting for what felt like hours, it was so amazing, so hot, so different from anything I had ever had with my husband. I could feel him slow down, and his movements become a little jerky, so I knew he was close. I didn't want it to end. I wanted this moment to last forever. "Oooooohhhhh.I'm gonna blow!", he said.

"Yeah, FUCK ME DYLAN!!! FUCK ME!!!", I didn't care about keeping quiet anymore. He stopped, then pushed his dick right up into me, and I knew he was putting all his cum inside my hot pussy.

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It felt so good. I felt him pull out, and I heard him zip up his pants. I stood up and pulled up my pants and turned to face him. He was staring at me, intently. I stared right back. All I could think, was now what?

I had wanted this, I had done this, and I now had to figure out how to go back to the way things were.

I knew that I couldn't though. "So, is this one time thing?", he asked me. "Dylan, I'm not sure, I want it to be but we can't let him find out. It will ruin both of us. You know that right?", I said. "I know, I want to do this again, but, I don't want to jeopardize your marriage." With that, Dylan and I got in the car, and headed back towards the city.