Kinky lesbians fill up their oversized asses with milk and ejaculate it out threesome creampies

Kinky lesbians fill up their oversized asses with milk and ejaculate it out threesome creampies
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(Based on the inbox messages for a part 4 I will continue with this story. Hope you guys enjoy.) Part Four For a minute she thought she had dreamed the whole thing, however his body next to hers as her legs lie draped over his frame told her it had been real.

He was sleeping, his breathing even with an arm over his eyes, she was playing with fire and she knew it. She would softly trace the contour of his jaw where a stubble was beginning to form, he sure was something to look at. A fine specimen of a male and a worthy first partner. It made her proud for some reason to know this virile man had been her first, all women's first time should be with a man like this. She would feel a strange feeling stir in the pit of her stomach and would blush as she realized she wanted him again.

Allowing her hand to travel towards the V of his hips she would wrap her fingers around his shaft and slowly caress it so she wouldn't wake him just yet.

He would shift and her hand would still, "Please don't wake up just yet." she would say with a silent prayer. He would still once more and his breathing returned to normal however his shaft was beginning to harden under her gentle caresses against his knowing.

She could feel a dampness forming between her legs, she was turned on by this more than she cared to admit. She would continue to caress him bringing him to a full hardness, she knew she had to do this carefully or he'd wake before she had a chance to put her plan into motion. Once fully hard she carefully straddled him attempting to stay as calm and careful as possible, she was afraid any moment he'd wake up and she wasn't ready for that, not until he was deep within her body.

Holding his shaft in her hand she'd guide herself to it, stifling a moan as she felt the tip push past the folds of her slicked sex. Biting her bottom lip she would gently slide down taking him deep within her body. A crease formed at his eyebrows and he would mumble as she moved up and down slowly and again tried to quiet the moan that threatened to spill from her.

Much to her surprise she found herself moving faster upon him and soon he would stir. "What the hell?" Extreme pleasure was spreading through him and jolting him awake, it would take him a moment of focusing to realize Sage was riding him.

Her breasts were bouncing and sweat coated her skin from exertion. He would groan coming fully awake and grab her hips upon instinct, how long had the wench been atop him? He normally hated being woken up but damn this was probably the best wake up call ever.

A low growl would erupt as he thrust up into her going deeper and causing her to cry out sharply, he had to give it to her most people couldn't sneak up on him but than again he hadn't ever taken wake up sex as something to guard against.

It was such a fucking turn on to see her take control like this as she rode him determined to pleasure him however it was turn to make her feel as good as she made him. He would lift up and flip them, the sudden jarring made her gasp as she was pinned beneath him and he was plunging deeply inside her. As hot babe misha mayfair gets a rough sex session with pascal dick slipped past the delta between her legs she would moan and her back would arch off the bed drawing him inside as she squeezed him, he too let out a groan and would increase his thrusts as more moans came from her and her nails would rake his back.

Who would have guessed quiet little Sage was a hell cat underneath the sheets and behind closed doors, sure as hell not him. He had known making love to her would be fun but this went beyond fun, she was made to love him and he her, he would prop himself up on his knees and grab her hips lifting them to meet each of his thrusts.

God it felt good buried deep inside her body, her moans were increasing as she neared her end and he could feel the tremors of her orgasm starting to close around his cock.

he would grit his teeth as he fought to not cum. A very hard feat as her own orgasm almost ruined his attempt, as she came he would place a thumb on her clit and massage it continuing to rock inside her body. He wanted her to come again before huge boobed babe gets fucked pornstar and hardcore emptied himself inside, she would call his name as she almost seemed to be begging him to stop or continue he couldn't tell which one.

He wasn't going to stop, if anything her reaction made him thrust deeper and faster. Shit he wasn't going to last either, as soon as he felt her walls close around him he would shoot his load deep inside her moaning loudly as he held her hips pinned against him. After a few minutes he'd drop her hips and allow her to take his weight as he rested against her sweat slicked body and caressed her hair that was fanned out on his pillow. Her hands ran up and down his back as they lie there still connected, he hated to break it up but he knew her superiors would be looking for her soon.

Pulling from her body he rolled to his back and said, "So what now Sage?" he would sigh, "What happens now?" He had a point, what did happen now?

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"I don't know.but I know what I'd like to happen." she would face him as lie there next to her, "I'd like to continue this relationship or whatever it is." "Do you know what you're asking?" he would shift using his hand to prop his head up. "Not really but I don't want to end it." it was true she had been in love with him than and she was now, that much was true.

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She could be executed for treason if she was found out, it had happened before and the committee had suggested the man was bewitched by the vampire and had been nothing but a willing blood bag. She wasn't so sure now, if she could be in love with Leon than why could a normal human not love a vampire and vice versa? He would smirk as he twirled doggystyle pussy penetration hardcore and big butt strand of her hair around his finger and held it to his face, "To be honest baby I don't want to end this either." he would release the hair and add, "However you know Hawes will be looking for you." "Can we not talk about Hawes right now?" he shrugged and rolled to his back again raising a knee, "Listen it's up to you, I am game if you are.

It's no secret I want you, I have since the first time I met you." "Are you saying." she would stop afraid to ask. "Yeah I'm saying." he hadn't said the words but she knew what he had meant, the thought was pleasing to hear, "Yeah I'm saying too." it seemed neither of the two could bring themselves to say it but it was obvious what they meant.

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He gave a laugh as he said, "What a pair we make, a vampire and a hunter." with another laugh he'd add, "Or should I call you a succubus?" "Do those actually exist?" he would laugh loudly pulling her against him, "Hell I don't know but if they do I think I found one." she joined in his laughter and said, "If that were the case I'd suck the life from you right?" "Honey you've already sucked the life from me." she blushed which earned her a slap on her rear end, "God Sage, you can be so damn cute when you want to be." "I'm glad I amuse you." she stated with a roll of her eyes.

The smirk never left his face as he nodded, "Mhm, so am I." As much a wanted to lie in bed with her all day his stomach was protesting for food, if he were hungry he knew she must be famished. "How's eggs and bacon sound?" she would stretch out on the bed lying on her stomach, "Like heaven." he was half tempted to take her again but in truth hunger was calling out more. He would watch her for a moment before reaching down and pulling his sweatpants on, "Alright give me some time and I'll have us breakfast." she mumbled a bit staying on her stomach as she closed her eyes.

Moving into the kitchen he'd remove the eggs and bacon and get started on their breakfast, it all seemed natural. Morning sex, pillow talk, and now breakfast but it wasn't normal not for them. He wanted it to last but he knew the possibility of white picket fence ending just might not be in the cards for them, flipping the bacon he'd look over at his shoulder as she slept on. He wanted that brother fucks sister black guygystyle on webcam with her, he wanted it so bad it scared him, unless he could become human again there was no chance at that life.

Could vampires even procreate, he hadn't heard of it and if they could those who had were keeping it a secret. He knew Sage would want that life, a home, kids, kiddie soccer league and growing old together. He knew for a fact vampires didn't age, she would.

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That thought made his heart hurt, she would eventually grow old and die and he'd be here left alone again. He had to figure out something, time wasn't a problem for him but it would be if he wanted a future with her. (Okay so this one was a bit shorter, if you want me to keep going just leave a comment and let me know.)