Ginger anal fucks pov milf pov and big tits

Ginger anal fucks pov milf pov and big tits
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I'm naked on all fours, whining and humping against the side of the couch while I stare into my webcam perched on the top of my open laptop that is in front of me on the floor. Mistress is typing. The text is entered and I whine. 'Does doggy slut want to cum for Mistress?' She makes me bark for her. My cunt is slick with my wetness. 'Mmmmm, good girl.

Shake those udders hard.' I do. I make my fat tits swing and slap against each other and my big belly. My clit is throbbing, rubbing against the edge of the couch. She tells me to move my camera underneath me so she can see me rubbing myself on the furniture. 'My big fat doggy slut.' I whine and whimper louder, humping like a bitch in heat. At this point that is all I am. Mistress's animal slut rutting against the couch.

My mind is numb to almost everything else. I can barely focus on the screen. She had been teasing me for a while, making me use my humming bird vibrator but not letting me cum over twenty minutes ago.

Finally she had decided my place was on the brother fucks sister black guygystyle on webcam and said she wanted to watch me be her doggy-slut today. 'Mmmm, puppygirl wants to cum for Mistress, doesn't she?' 'Bark, bitch!' I bark and whine for her now.

I am just Mistress's doggy-slut. She tells me to move the camera and press my tits against the carpeted floor while I hump harder. My nipples rub against the floor, and I start to cum hard. I can barely hold myself up when I'm done, but Mistress isn't done with me yet. 'Turn around and lick your cum off the couch.' I do.

'Dirty bitch.' Mistress likes it though, when I do what she says. She likes when I'm a whore for her. 'You liked that, didn't you? Rubbing that fat cunt on the furniture like an animal.' I moan, adjusting my camera as I sit down on my knees before I answer her, "Yes, Mistress. I liked that." She tells me to suck my tits for her and I take the left one in both hands and fold it up to my mouth, sucking at it obscenely, biting at my hard nipple before doing the same with the right.

'Pull those nipples hard. Stretch your cowbags.' I tug on my nipples hard, pulling my breasts downward, heading falling back in ecstasy at the mixture of pleasure and pain. I wince as I stretch my pink nipples, pulling them as hard as possible, gasping with pain and whimpering.

'Tell Mistress how much you like when she makes you hurt your fat udders. Degrade yourself and tell her what a pain slut you are.' I moan loudly. My head is buzzing with pain and pleasure. I am totally submissive and willing to be a depraved whore for her. "This cow loves when Mistress makes her hurt her fat udders!

Cow's milkless tits belong to Mistress." I pull my tits hard and then squeeze my fatbags hard. "These udders are only good for being abused. Cow loves hurting herself for Mistress. This fat submissive slut needs her cunt and tits to be sore every day." 'Get on your knees.

Slap and jiggle that fat belly hard.' I do what she says because I love pleasing Mistress. 'Spread your legs and use the hairbrush to spank that fat cunt hard until it's red and swollen.' I beat my pussy hard, humping the round hairbrush handle uncontrollably every time it strikes.

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'Does my fat cow bitch want ebony babe raven wylde gets intense pussy drilling cum from having her pussy spanked?' "Yessss, Mistress! This pussy-slut needs to cum!" 'Then you beat that wet cunt hard until you cum.

Send a picture when you're done.' She signs off then, knowing I will abuse my cunt like she ordered until I cum. When my pussy explodes, I nearly pass out, and my cunt lips are swollen and red, and my inner thighs are wet with my cum. I make myself roll onto my back and lift my legs and reach down to spread my slick pussy lips open wide as I reach around to take a picture with my camera phone and send it to Mistress's email, saying 'Thank you Mistress, for letting this fat cow cum.' 00 Later that night: It's nearly two in the morning, and my pussy is aching.

I need to be used. I need to be used and degraded. I log into my instant messenger, hoping there was someone who would be available for play time.

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One Mistress was online, and I sent her a message. 'Mmmmmmmmmmmooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.' It takes a minute for her to message back, but we talk briefly before she asks: 'Does fat cow want to cam for mama?' Her telling me to call her 'mama' and 'mommy' is new. Until the last few months, I've always called her 'Mistress' or 'Ma'am'. I sent her two pictures, telling her I had to get my webcam. I keep it in my bedroom because my laptop stays in the living room. I get on camera and she tells me to take my shirt off slowly.

I do, and let my heavy tits fall out of my shirt. She teases me, telling me how fat I am, and that I'm her property. She makes me write her name across my udders followed by the word 'slut'.

Mistress asks if I like the way she degrades me, and I say yes. Then she tells me to write 'ugly slut' on my belly. I put clothes pins on my nipples, and she tells me to slap them, so I do. She continues to degrade me, calling my names and telling me what a fat whore I am. She starts calling me piggy, and tells me I have to make noises for her. 'Make piggy noises', she says. 'Oink for Mommy'. I am hesitant about it. It seems ridiculous, I know. I will bark on command but that took practice, and moo like a cow, but this seemed like it would be too much.

Besides that, I'm pretty sure I haven't done that on purpose since I was four… I ask eu cornudo levei a minha esposa safada em um massagista profissional e olha o que aconteceu parte I can write across my belly for her 'Mommy's piggy bitch'. She likes that, so I do it. Then she tells me to slap my piggy tits while I oink for her. 'Be a good piggy for Mommy.' I oink like a pig.

My cunt is dripping wet. I know I need this. My place in life is to be a submissive fucktoy. She orders me to pull my tits up by the clothespins on my nipples.

I whine because it hurts and my nipples are red and swollen. She tells me that I'm a dirty fuckpig and my useless tits should always be sore. I moan in agreement. "Yes, Mommy!" 'Show Mommy what a fat whore you are.' I get down on my hands and knees turning to show off my profile in front of the camera. My belly hangs down almost as far as my heavy breasts at this point and my ass is fat and round.

'Shake that fat ass. Make all that fat jiggle hard. Show Mommy how much you love it.' I shake my body like she wants, whining and moaning with pleasure and pain. My fatbags are bouncing hard against each other and my belly, the clothespins still clamped tightly and she is laughing because she knows it hurts. My thighs are slick from my dripping cunt juice, and I'm delirious with wanton pleasure. 'Disgusting fat pig.' "Uh-huh." I agree with her mindlessly and slap my fat belly hard.

'Again.' I do it harder and moan. I need to be degraded and she is so good at abusing me, I'm ready to cum.

'Piggy wants to fuck her cunt, doesn't she?' "Yess, Mommy! Please let piggy fuck her cunt for you?" 'Not yet. Mommy wants to watch you feed yourself while you sit on your vibrator.' I can't help but let out a whine of protest. She ignores me. I'm grateful, because that could have ended with a punishment. 'Be a good girl. Tell Mommy you like being a fat pig.' "I like being a fat pig", I respond quietly. 'Again.

Louder.' "I like being a fat pig!" 'Yes, you do. Now go get food for Mommy.' I do what she says.