Blond wife bianca ferrero fucks a black dude while her hubby looks on

Blond wife bianca ferrero fucks a black dude while her hubby looks on
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Well, as best as I can remember, the next time we met was a couple of weeks after she came to my house and fucked me senseless. I was taking my son to school, when I received a text, it simply read "my house.30 minutes.or I start without you x" So, I dropped my boy off at school, and headed on over there.

She lived about 12 miles from my door. I went the back roads to avoid the morning traffic. On my way I received a SMS was her lips and tongue, then another, it was her nipple, then another, strangely her fingers! This was followed shortly by a text saying, my pussy juice on my fingers.wrapped around your nice big hard cock x" Oddly enough, i getting quite turned on. I was about 10 minutes away and another sms, her foot, then another of her toes, and then another txt "my toes.covered in your spunk", wow was she horny tis morning.

Two minutes natasha nice gets pounded in hardcore fashion the door and another sms a close up of her wet, pink pussy lips and clit. My cock was straining at my zip. Jenny sure did know how to get me worked up. As i walked round the corner from where I had parked up i got a text "look up", so i did, and there she stood in her bedroom window, stark naked, with one foot up on something, splaying her pussy and finger fucking herself.

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I went to her door, and by th time I arrived at her door she was there, with nothing on, and the door wide open. "Christ Jenny.the neighbours will see" She giggled and then stuck her tongue down my throat right there on the door step, whilst at the same time attacking my belt and zip, before I could get inside she had my trousers round my ankles, and my boxers with them, she was on her knees and my cock was in her warm, wet mouth, being lovngly stroked by her tongue, her magical tongue, which one moment felt like sand paper and the next like a velvet glove.

"ugh. fuck.jenny.i gasped. still the wrong side of her door step. I grasped the door jam for support as me knees went weak!

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She looked up at me with a wicked look in her eyes, "c'mon let me get inside.we could be seen." i said half concerned and well on my way to couldn't give a fuck!!! She took me out of her mouth but kept wanking me softly with her hand "the price nikita von james takes a hot shower admission." she she said huskily,with almond shaped eyes ".is a mouthful of your lovely man juice, fresh and salty and hot from you bal sac" she continued whilst squeezing my testicles till I almost yelped.

"But jenny, c'mon we will be seen!" I exclaimed, now really concerned "Then you had better hurry up" she replied as she put her mouth back over my cock, and inserted her index finger up my anus and started massaging my prostate. God, for somebody who had until my garage never given a bloke a blow job she sure was enjoying herself.

so I started thrusting into her mouth seeking out her tongue with my glans in a bid to futher my quest to cum n her mouth and get inside. God the whole thing was so amazing, with the air on my arse and balls and cock as it slid in and out of her lovely moist warm mouth, adding to the thrill of potential discovery.

All of a sudden out of the corner of my eye I caught a movement at an upstairs window in the house in the corner of their cul de sac. Shit it was a girl, watching and cupping her breast through her blouse, squeezing her nipple! "Jenny.theres a girl watching us" I said in a bit of a panic yet still thrusting into her mouth and throat, ad having what must surely be the very best blow job I will ever experience. Jenny stopped long enough to say "I bloddy well hope so" and wih that she renewed her efforts to make me cum.

Just as I was pondering what that was supposed to mean, I suddenly felt my seminal fluid starting it journey."Oh.Oh.God.Jenny.I.i.i.i mmmm.cummmmmiiing!" I just got it out as I started to squirt she took the first couple into her mouth, pulling away from me so only the head was just inside her lips, moaning with desre as she rope of sperm jetted into her mouth and laid across her tongue, then she pulled me out of her mouth and wanked me furiously as another spurt leapt a foot from my cock to her face and breasts, as it landed she moaned utloud "oh yes, baby,thats it.cum on my tits.mmmmm.let me hace it.let me have all your seed" All in all I must have shot several hefty strands, not able to make up my mind whether to close my eyes, look at jenny or at the girl, who was clearly masturbating her pussy below her window sill, whilst watching jenny fellate my rock hard cock and extract thick strings of cum from me.

The whole thing was probably the most hory experience i have ever had. When I had finished cumming, jenny simply kept hold of my cock and pulled me in over the doorstep.

"wow.that was fucking great" I said "I thought you might like it" she said as she finished undressing me. "The girls name is Wendy, she is 19, and i want to share you with her.not today, but she is going to come round now and watch you fucking me".

I was amazed at what she was saying, my mind was running amuck all I could think of to say was "ok".

With that she took me upstairs and we got on her bed and started (for the first time ever) some gentle, kissing and caressing, and love-making. I was upto the route of my tongue in her pussy when there was a timid knock at the bedroom door and a smal voice "hi jenny, its wendy, is it alright to come in?" Jenny replied through heaving breath and gritted teeth "oh god.oh yes.yes.come in Wendy.mmmm" Wendy came in, she was about 5' 10", a size 8/10, with perky pert tits, a size A, I thought as I continued giving jenny's clit a good tongue slapping.

She was wearing a short top and hipster jeans, with an obvious dark patch in the groin. I stopped momentarily " Hi, I am Mark" I siad, "pleased to meet you" said Wendy! I returned to what I was doing. Jenny started to cum, moaning out loud "Oh God yes, mark.yes, oh, i am cumming.oh wendy he is so good" All of a sudden I felt two sensations.

My tongue was being coated in warm sweet, musty liquid, jennys cum juice, and my cock was being wrapped in cool elegant fingers. Oh wow, as I was stiffening, wendy started to tricia oaks pussy humping storys me through my legs, like she was milking a cow.

"mmmmm" i muffled into jenny's pussy, then jenny said, "put your cock in me now mark, please" So I obliged, I moved up her body and still with wendy's cool little fingers around my cock, she guided me into Jenny. as I slid in up to the ball sac, could feel wendy's fingers alternating betwee my scrotum and my cock shaft.

Then, she slid a finger into my anus, oooh it was so cool aginst my hot flesh. she probe for a bit and found what she was looking for, my prostate. Oh my god, this was turning ot to be the best fuck of my life to date. I looked into Jenny's eyes, they were smiling, she whispered in my ear"Fuck me stud.i want you for mine.

c'mon put tha sperm in to my pussy, its thirsty for your hot salty cream" I looked down to see these fingeres son fuck mother big ass talent ho my cock as I thrust in and out of jennys pussy. ooooo, I can still feel it like it was yesterday, bloody great it was.Then I felt the need, to speed up, and so I started fucking jenny like thee was no tomorrow, she was yelping and moaning, "mmm.oooohhh.fuck me hrder mar.fuck your little cum whore harder" Naturally I obliged, then all of a sudden I felt it rising, i sad, "I'm cumming" Jenny replied "don't stop, so am i.fill me full of your spunk, let me feel your heat bathe my womb.fil me.fill me deep and fill me full" well her words did it, they pushed me over the edge, I started spunking, wendy must have felt the contractions right from my prostate through to my shaft, 'cos she didn't stop milking my prostate and wanking my balls the hole time.

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My body was convulsing, I had no control, all my nerve endings seemed to be exposed. m body felt as though someone were rubbing it with stinging nettles such was the intensity of the feeling. Finally when I was spent, and jenny had finshed thrashing round and wendy took her finger out of my arse, i tookmy cock out of jenny.

Wendy put her oher fingers into jenny's cunt, and scooped out my man juice and jennys pussy cum, and sucked it off her fingers, she scooped again and this time let Jenny taste the mixture.god it was so erotic.

I swear,if i had been capable I would have fucked Wendy then and there, but instead I satisfied myself and her by giving her pussy a good tongue fucking. Wen she came, she squealed and squirted pussy cum like lemonade out of a botle that had been shaken! I lay cuddling Jenny and stroking wendy's head. mmmm Jenny said "Wendy, this is Mark, mark this is wendy and she wants to fuck and suck you" "Hello" I said "the feeling is mutual".

"hi"she said "you have got great tackle" said wendy. "Thank you" I replied. wendy gave jenny and me a big tongues kiss and left after giving me her mobile number. Meanwhile Jenny and I went and had a nice warm bath together. lovely gals for one shlong interracial and hardcore. I could hardly wait to do wendy, but my girl was jenny and there was no doubt in my mind about who my affections belonged to.

Jenny I am happy to say knows this fact too. I will tell you more in the next episode which will be called Jenny, Wendy and me. Keep a look out for it.

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