Son mom 1984 full sex story

Son mom 1984 full sex story
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I could hear each of his footsteps as he walked away. The slap of his bare feet on the hard basement tough fucking for hot mother i would like to fuck was the only sound. The lights were low but I could still see his huge dick swinging back and forth. The lights glistened on his sweaty body. He was a muscular man about six feet tall. I glanced over at Remington still sitting in the corner his dick in his hand on its way to a flaccid state.

He had a dazed look of satisfaction in his eyes, partly from being post coital and partly because he had finally seen me ravaged. I wondered for a moment if I had the same look on my face. For as violated as I felt it had been a most gratifying physical experience. Remington had chosen a prime specimen of the male gender. Powerful, captivating, and demanding. He had the right amount of aggression and sensuality mixed together. All Remington had left on was a pair of blue running shorts.

They were pulled down slightly so he could rub himself. He didn't have a small penis but compared to Malcolm's you could see the difference in size. Malcolm looked as though he had a can of pop in between his legs only longer. I wondered how we had gotten to this moment and remembered back to the beginning of the evening. My birthday was the week before but this was first opportunity that Remington had to give me my present.

He had ordered me a masseuse which I thought was incredibly thoughtful. He came in and set up the table in the basement. He light some incense, dimed the lights to a relaxing level, and put on some tranquil music.

Remington poured us all a large glass of wine. Both the men left while I undressed. I stripped down to my underwear then laid face down on the folding table.

I pulled the blanket up over me to my hips. Both men returned drinks in hand near finished, I noticed mine was barely touched. I took a large guzzle which nearly finished all of it both men glanced at each other with what I thought was an impressed look on their faces.

Remington placed a chair in the corner and settled into it, Malcolm opened his duffle bag and removed his oils. I buried my face into the pillow and prepared to get some much deserved respite. Unknown to me Malcolm had removed his shirt.

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He started low massaging my calves making his way up my thighs to the crease of my bum. Then he noticed my underwear still on. "These are going to be in the way of a full body massage" I katya rodriguez sweet latina gets fucked on cam my hips and he reached up under the blanket until he found the waist band of my underwear.

As he was removing them I felt the blanket shift slightly. I felt the cooler air on my bum and I knew he got a good look at my pussy. My mild embarrassment quickly subsided as he went straight back to work easing the tension in my muscles. As he worked at my bum my legs relaxed open and I could feel his knuckles brush past my pussy with quite a bit of frequency. Just as I was starting to feel the heat building in my vagina he moved to my lower back then to my shoulders.

He finished my back then had me flip over. He did it with the utmost respect holding the towel in place keeping me covered as I turned over. I was feeling flushed from the relaxation and alcohol. I looked deep into his eyes and wondered what I was doing. One glass of wine had never affected me this way before. Now on my back, the blanket lay across my chest, covering all the way to my upper thighs.

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I also noticed for the first time that Malcolm had taken his shirt off. Each one of his muscles seemed to be separated and defined by a small crease. He started on my shoulders this time. With him being half nude and a source of eye candy and me being completely nude, a small amount of anxiety had found its way back into me.

However with his skilled hands he had no trouble in alleviating it.

He massaged all the muscle in my ribs without tickling. His fore finger and thumb making a natural cup and he rubbed around the base of my breasts. He had returned me to an almost trance like state. As he moved from my upper body to my hips I felt a large bulge graze my arm and hand. This time as he massaged my thighs his incidental contact with my vagina seemed much more deliberate and prolonged. I knew it was wrong but I couldn't lodge a formal protest.

Instead my body responded by opening my legs. He took his queue and focused now entirely on my genitals. "I would say it's having its effect" I heard Remington say from behind me "Yeah she's pretty placid" Malcolm said. He was now rubbing my pussy and dipping his fingers in. My relaxed respiratory rate was increasing as a new excitement found me. Malcolm pulled the towel a little and let it fall to the floor. Everything felt funny as if a fog had settled onto my brain.

"How much did you give her" Malcolm asked "Just one tablet" "Well that seemed to do it" They had drugged me! This should have been a red flag but again no protest was forth coming. "Help me get her onto the chaise" Malcolm asked "I'll have her there" They placed me gently on the couch.

I noticed both of them had undressed Remington only had on a pair of his running shorts and I could see he huge erection pressing against the loose fitting material. Malcolm only had a tight pair of spandex underwear on. Without waiting for Remington to say go, he knelt down in between my legs and started eating my pussy.

Remington knelt down near my head and fed his cock to me. I had an overwhelming passion coursing through my veins. Remington's action would normally have been met with rejection. This time however I grabbed the base of his cock then swallowed it until my mouth reached my fingers. Malcolm didn't have to work for long before I had my first orgasm.

I bucked my hips as it washed over me, but my mouth remained latched to the dick in my mouth. With that obstruction I only let a few moans escape. Malcolm moved onto the chaise as well. He had removed his underwear and had his dick in his hand. I took Remington's dick out exciting lechery by filthy lesbian gorgeous babes dildo and toy my mouth just as Malcolm was saying "try this one on for size" It was huge.

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I stuffed as much as I could into my mouth, but it wasn't enough for Malcolm as he started thrusting into my mouth. His prick was already huge before I started sucking it, now the longer I kept it in my mouth bigger it got. I started moving back and forth between the two guys sucking one while holding onto the other.

Finally I got Remington close but instead of letting me finish him he went and sat down in his chair. From there he could watch me and stroke his dick. Malcolm now had me all to himself. He helped me onto my knee propping my ass high in the air. He licked my pussy a few times quickly, and then spit a gob of saliva into my hole.

He moved into position and started moving the knob up and down on my crease. When both of our tools were sufficiently wet he initiated the insertion. He was gentle in the beginning; I think he was aware of how big he was and perhaps he had hurt some girls in his past. He started slowly easing his dick into my cunt. My pussy ached as the passage tried to open enough to accommodate him.

It hurt nearly to the point of crying out. The only thing preventing was my burning desire fueled by whatever they had drugged me with. After a minute he had shoe horned his cock into me and his gentle beginning was turning into full blown pussy destruction.

I don't know how long his dick was but he was moving every inch of it in and out of me. All I could do was lie there and moan. He grabbed my hips as he got more aggressive, stuffing his meat into me. I started pushing back as another orgasm built inside me.

I had my hand on my pussy rubbing my clit frantically. My climax caused my vagina to start oozing fluid. Malcolm pulled his dick redhead gets a giant cock in her wet pussy of me and a gush of liquid followed it, splashing on his abdomen.

Malcolm gave me no time to recover he grabbed my hips and spun me over. As I landed on my bum I quickly throw my legs back. Malcolm sunk his dick back inside me. With me still recovering from the last orgasm I started moaning uncontrollably. He leaned down on me pushing my knees into my chest. His long cock now penetrated too deeply with each thrust. I could feel the end of his cock pounding my internal organs. My moans of pleasure had changed to whimpers of pain.

Each thrust was sending jolts of electric pain into my uterus. Finally I was able to muster a complaint. "Please stop your hurting me!" As soon as the words were out of my mouth Remington was at the side of my head.

I turned him with pleading eyes but he wasn't paying attention. He once again drove his dick into my mouth. A tear rolled down my cheek as I knew my request had fallen on deaf ears and the onslaught was going to continue. Despite the pain my vagina saw fit to wash another orgasm over me. The moans that should have identified my pleasure were muffled buy Remington's shaft, only a few gasps and gurgles made their way out.

The only evidence of my orgasm was the immense shaking of my body. Malcolm removed his dick and stroked the length. "She's drying up a little" Remington snickered and tossed a bottle of lube his way. He opened the lube and squeezed a few drops onto my pussy lips. Then he moved to his dick squeezing more onto the shaft.

With his first time girl fuk tight pusy hand he eased the fluid around his spear. Once again I was graced with the size of his dick. It was still bowed, not even fully erect but it felt like it was splitting me into. With the other hand he smeared the lube into pussy folds. Remington had removed his cock from my mouth and was sitting back in his chair.

Malcolm once again took up position between my legs. He looked down at me and sneered "I'm almost done" "ok" was all I was able to muster. He lined his dick up again and eased it in. This time it slipped in much easier. Malcolm went right back to work slamming his dick into me. The slapping of flesh on flesh was deafening.

His intensity was intimidating. He was on his knees and lifting my bum off the couch. I reached down and touched my clit gently a few times and I was cumming again. I felt the fluid leak out of me, run down my bum and drip onto the couch. Malcolm shaft was now making sloshing sounds as his pounding continued. Sweat was pouring from his brow and chest. I thought to myself didn't he say he was close.

Then moments later he dropped my bun to the soft couch. His penis slipped free as I fell. He moved up my body straddling me just below my tits. His long cock and bulbous knob reached all the way to my face. I reached for his cock partly to remove from my face and partly to start stroking it. But just them he growled at me "Don't fucking touch it, and open your mouth" I did as I was told. He rubbed the base of his cock the opening right in my face.

He groaned loudly but only a few drops of seamen dribbled out at first. Then the first jet came streaming out, a full ounce hit me between my eyes and instantly dribbled into my eyes.

The second and third streams were less forceful but he aimed them right for my mouth. I choked a little as it seeped down my throat my eyes were burning because of the seaman flowing into them.

He paused a moment before standing up off me. He reached down a rubbed the love fluid on my chest into my tits.

I felt my breathing returning to normal as well. I rubbed my pussy that was still twitching from its last orgasm. I felt the towel land on me and new it was for my face.

I whipped the cum away just in time to see Malcolm walking nude from the room. Which brings us back to the beginning of the story.