Holly halston in yellow bra tj cummings

Holly halston in yellow bra tj cummings
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Mei was a young trainer who lived in the Unova region in Aspertia city. It had been four years since team Plasma resurfaced then was disband by herself and her best friend Hugh along with the mysterious N. Mei was 16 now and had had ice blue eyes and chestnut brown hair.

She filled out nicely with a curvy body that was covered with a tank top and jean shorts. Her hair style never changed though she still had the ponytail bun's look. "Hey Mei!" Hugh said as he came running up to her. Hugh had grown taller jessica rex katrina jade in end of relationship those four years and his hair was a little longer but not much.

He wore a black tee-shirt and jeans and looked so handsome that her heart always skipped a beat when she saw him. Leaning down Hugh kissed her lightly on the lips.

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"Hey Hugh, how are you today?" Mei ask blushing lightly. They had just started dating within the past year and Mei was still getting used to his kisses.

Picking her up he swung her around laughing happily. She giggled because she loved to be twirled around like this. "I'm doing great!" He said obviously in a wonderful mood. "What's made you so happy today Hugh?" "Mei don't tell me forgotten!

Today is our six month anniversary!" "Oh!

That's right I'm so sorry I forgot" "That's ok sweet heart I have something really special planned for us today!" Mei smiled at him and shyly leaned in for a kiss and whisper "Can't wait". Hugh lead her far from the city and to a beautiful grassy area where there was a a picnic already set up. She gasped and turned to him who looked down at her lovingly.

He scoped her up and laid down sexed while girl is sleeping the blanket with her. They cuddles and Hugh's hand slipped up her shirt to rest on her belly.

Mei looked up at him blushing, their eyes were locked in emotion as his hand slowly slid up her torso. A moan escaped from her and his hand found her bra that covered her breast.

Flinching she looked away too embarrassed to look him in the eyes. Hugh grabbed her chin and made her look back at him. "Mei please don't look away from me" He kissed her passionately causing that ball of lust to sink around in her body.

"I love you Mei please don't shy away and let me please you". "O-ok" she said crazy hot dominatrix starts a hardcore sampampampm threesome felt something hard pressing against her leg and found it was Hugh's erection already fully hard. Lifting her shirt he found her pale flesh and a cute light pink bra. Lowering his head Hugh kissed at each of her breasts until Mei was moaning softly.

Sliding a finger down the side of her bra he watched her blushing face. Hugh slid his hand into her bra and felt her soft firm breasts. She cried out as he slid his finger across her nipple. Mei was now arching against his hand and slowly sliding her hand down his body.

He moaned feeling her hand rub at his pants where his hard cock was. Paying with her breasts Hugh smiled and leaned down to kiss her and felt her gasp against his mouth as he pinched her nipples. Mei unbuckled his pants and slid her hand in rubbing against the hard flesh.

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Feeling it twitch she pulled his member out of his pants and started to stroke him. "Oh god Mei! This feels really good" Hugh slid one of his hands down her smooth skin and rub at tender slit inside her shorts.

Crying out Mei started trembling against his hand from the intense pleasure. Never in her life had she felt like this. Noticing that she had stopped stroking his dick Hugh took his other hand and warping it around hers started to get her to stroke him again. "Hugh! I. I feel so good!" Mei said as she came pleasure racking her body. Smiling Hugh un-buttoned her shorts then slid them off her slender legs, then took off his own pants.

Fishing in one of the pockets he took out a condom opened the packet then covered his cock. He placed the tip of his hard member at the slick entrance to Mei's pussy.

"Are you ready for this?" He asked rubbing the tip against her sensitive lips. "Y.Yes I am" She said moaning and spread her legs wide. sex body cumshot compilation first time left behind at a mansion soiree in a bad it might hurt at first" "It's ok It I can handle it" She said giving a nervous smile.

Leaning down Hugh kissed her and slid deep into her tight squeezing hole and forced passed her hymen. Mei gave a cry of pain and whimpered as she felt his slowly thrust in and out of her. He touched her cheek and wiped away a tear as she started to moan in pleasure. Soon she was writhing against him making his cock go deeper into her.

Hugh grunted and started to thrust his dick in faster into her tight, slick pussy and grabbed at her breasts. She was now loudly moaning out her pleasure and dug her nails into his shoulder. Arching up Mei screamed as an orgasm flooded through her body and her nail drew blood from Hugh's back. "I'm so close Mei, Oh god I'm going to cum" Hugh said picking up his pace and pounding into her tight hole.

Between her sexy mewls and squeezing tight pussy Hugh felt himself cum, he came much more then when he masturbated.

He filled the rubber tube that contained his seed from spilling into Mei and impregnating her. When they had finished he pulled from her and slipped off the used condom. They cleaned up and dressed then laid down and took a nap. Several hours later when the pair awoke they smiled at each other and kissed deeply. Their tongs met in an intimate dance. "I love you" Hugh whispered against her lips.

"I love you to" Mei said and wrapped her arms around him and kissed him passionately.