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Erin the uptown escort stockings
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I had always been a different. I liked girls, boys sexy ebony slut cock in her bedroom Animal. So this is an account of my fun times with my friend, Matt and his rotti x Shepard.

It all started at the age of 14, Matt and I had been friends for years, in fact I can't remember a childhood without Matt. So as we grew up there were very few secrets. I member one Saturday I went over to Matt's house, we were going to go fishing. When I got there, Father goffice son mom full sex Dad, Jeff was driving out the drive way heading to work.

Jeff was a police officer so most days of the week Jeff was away. Jeff and Matt lived near the beach, Jeff owned the house. He brought it just after Matt's mum passed away. Jeff never remarried but he had girlfriends and one hell of a porn collection. I went around the back as I normally did. As I opened the gate I was greeted by Boss, Matt's big Rottiweiler x German Shepard dog. He may have looked mean and scary but he was the biggest wimp of a dog you'd ever met.

I gave Boss a pat and continued on my way up to the back door. Matt was standing in the kitchen and saw me as I walked up to the glass sliding door. Matt opened it. He was looking very pleased with himself as he let me in the house. "Hi Dave." Matt smiled at me. "Hey." I replied trying to work out why he looked pleased. I sat down at the kitchen counter. Matt walked around the other side of the of the kitchen counter and opened one of the draws.

"Check this out, Dave, I have something better then fishing for us to do!" Matt said as he pulled out one of Jeff's Porno movies. The woman on the cover was being fucked by a black guy while she sucked a horses cock. At that age, as you all could imagine, I was keen to see and know everything there was about sex. Matt and I walked into the living room and sat in the double seater. Matt looked like he wanted to do more then watch a porn movie.

But I was just over the moon about seeing naked women and another guy's cock.

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Matt stood up and put the porn movie in the VCR then headed back to where we were sitting. The movie started. It looked full on. In the opening few seconds, there were flash shots of women, animals and men doing all these sex things that boys our age could only dream about.

We watched for only a few minutes before I felt my cock growing bigger. I was screaming to come out. Man I wanted to. I looked over at Matt, who was looking at me.

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I could see that his cock had grown too and was begging to brake free of his shorts. "Hey Matt, you ever pull yourself?" I asked, not thinking before I said it. I wasn't sure what Matt was going to say. I knew he'd tell me the truth. But I was worried that he'd say no and that I'd feel like a retard because I had been playing with my dick a lot over the last year or so. "Yeah, I do." Matt said. "Me too, man I want to right now." I said.

Matt smiled and nodded his head. With that I pulled down my shorts and pulled out my rock hard cock. I started to stroke it up and down, it felt great. I saw that Matt was watching me. But that was fine, I didn't care. "Can I play with your dick?" Matt asked as he ripped out his big, fat cock. His cock was huge.

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I felt embarrassed as my cock was only 6" inches and Matt's was at least 8" or 9" inches. Before I could answer, Matt had my cock in his hand and working my cock. He started slowly and slowly worked up to a faster pace. I grabbed Matt's cock and started to try to match speed.

We pulled each, watching the movie as we both worked each up. I don't know where or how but Boss was now in the living room watching us. Matt saw Boss there then stopped playing with me and looked at Boss with a smirk on his face.

"Dave, watch this!" Matt said as he stood up and walked over to Boss.

Matt stood there, cock hard as a rock, Boss sat then started to lick Matt's cock. The delight on Matt's face was unbelievable.

Even Boss seemed to look very happy. I continued playing with my cock, no longer watching the porn movie, but now watching my best friend getting a blow job from his dog. After a few minutes, Matt and Boss came over to me.

Matt sat down then leaned down over my cock and took it in his mouth. I was shocked, nervous and very horny. Boss then came in on the act and started to sniff my balls then started to lick them.

It was world shattering to say the least. I could feel my sexy nude hot free models pulsating harder and harder.

I knew I was about to cum. But I tried to fight it, but couldn't.

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I blow my load, Matt nearly choked and spat my cum all over me. Before I could react, Sexy blonde teen homemade sex with big facial started to lick the cum up from my belly and crotch. Now that Matt had given me my first blow job, I wanted to give him his first blow job, well from a human.

As Boss finished licking my cum and going back to lick the head of my cock I leaned down and took Matt's huge cock in my mouth. His cock tasted great. I jerked my head back and forth running my tongue over every last part of his tasty cock. While Boss made me hard again. Matt seemed to have cummed very quickly. I swallowed it, it took a bit to get use to the taste. But I didn't want to stop. After the second time I made Matt cum, Boss was trying to join in on sucking Matt's cock.

So I pulled Matt's cock out of my mouth. Me and Boss then started licking Matt's hard cock. For the rest of the day, Matt, Boss and I fooled around with each other. That was the best Saturday ever. It was the start of something that would last for a few years to come. Depending on how you the readers rate this story I may write the two other parts to this story.