Racy deep pussy pounding action for rie tachikawa cock sucking and pornstars

Racy deep pussy pounding action for rie tachikawa cock sucking and pornstars
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THE MAN CAVE by aliveinpr My stories do not necessarily reflect my personal proclivities, desires, wants or fantasies. Read and enjoy. My husband, Joe, and I have been married for 15 years.

Neither one of us are able to produce babies. I don't know if it was that medical fact or our high sexual arousal that caused our desire for sex as often as possible. Joe feels that my looks alone can get men hard. He feels that men want to fuck me really turns him on. I think of his desire at times, but have never acted on cheating. We have had several married and single friends, ranging from three to the entire fifteen years of our marriage.

We are all close and get together often for BBQ s and swim parties. Most of our male friends visit often due to Joe has a 'man cave', where they get together on Sundays to watch sports.

It didn't matter what was playing, football, baseball, hockey, basketball, gymnastics, golf, etc. The 'man cave' has a 72 inch flat screen TV and theater surround sound that could knock out the anale teeny party full movie with busty tiziana redfords when turned up full blast.

Joe set up his cave with a pool table, a pin ball machine, refrigerator with ice maker, refrigerated keg cabinet, and full wet bar. He has a variety of lighting, from varied colors, strobe light or just low level mood lighting.

I liked sports as much as Joe and his friends. It wasn't unusual for me to join them in the 'man cave'. When we didn't have visitors, Joe and I often fucked in his cave, either on one of the three vinyl overstuffed sofas or on the pool table. Actually we fucked everywhere in the house and many times in the open on the rear deck. We both seemed to enjoy the possibility of getting caught fucking in the open, so the car in a parking lot was included in our marital couplings.

It was a hot Sunday afternoon when four of our male friends came to watch a game. We had the bar, refrigerator stocked as well as a full keg of beer. I made sure there were dips, chips, wings, cheese and other various finger goodies. We were ready. Our friends arrived.

All four of the guys were super hot, I saw them as delicious as they made my pussy tingle and moisten. Henry was one of then and he was wearing baggy shorts and a tank top. I noted that he probably wasn't wearing any underwear as his cock would just swing as he walked. I was getting hot already just thinking I should just go up to him and run my hand up his shorts and grab his cock. Oh, well, my mind was wandering. I greeted all four with a big hug and it was probably a wish, but after seeing Henry's cock swaying, I thought I felt everyone's cock teen girls naked in public proving papa wrong my mound as I hugged them.

They were all married, but their wives were not as interested in sports as I was. They went into the cave and I went to our bedroom to change my panties as they were now wet from seeing all the testosterone entering the house.

I lowered my jeans and felt my panties, they were very wet. I shed them and ran a wet wash cloth over my pussy. I then felt that I may have to make trips to dry my pussy, so I just put on a pair of open leg short-shorts without panties. Just before the game started, the lights were low and most of the men had their beers and drinks.

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I put out the 'munches' for them. I made sure to tease them as I would bend over to put out the goodies.and show my goodies as I bent over. I saw Henry sitting on the overstuffed recliner. I giggled and said, that's my chair. Before Henry began to rise, I jumped up on his lap and said, "It's too late, now you have to put up with me." Henry just relaxed, he didn't seem to object to my ass in his lap. I kept wiggling my ass against his cock, teasing him causing his cock to stiffen. About 5 minutes into the game, his cock was hard as a rock and with my squirming, it caused the leg of his shorts to shift and expose his cock right against my ass.

I quietly reached a hand down to my shorts and pulled the leg open where I could get his cock directly into my wet pussy. Henry let out a quiet groan and I lowered my lips to his ear and softly said, "I want you to fill my pussy full of your cum". Henry undulated in the chair trying not to get anyone to notice. I also ground my hips against him so I could feel his cock moving in my vaginal canal. Every time there was a score, I would jump a few times up and down so his cock would fuck me.

With each goal, I had the chance to rise and fall on Henry's hard cock, just like the others jumping up and down. We rocked together in our secret fuck. Several times I noted Joe looking at me, but he gave no indication that I was fucking his friend or anything was wrong.

About thirty minutes, I felt Henry's cock swell and begin pulsing as his cum was shot deep into my womb. After he softened, I slowly pulled up and quietly left to evacuate the cum he deposited.

Without being able to thrust his cock repeatedly into me, he did fill me with a real full load of cum. Plop after plop came from my pussy as I sat on the toilet. I sat for a few minutes to enjoy the afterglow of the quick, sensual secret fuck. I opened the door to find Henry standing there waiting to use the bathroom.

His face was flushed as he said, "I'm sorry, I don't want to ruin our friendship, especially with Joe." I said, "I wanted you to fuck me. Joe doesn't need to know anything, I just wanted to be fucked.

Your wife doesn't need to know either." Henry gave me a kiss on my cheek and went into the bathroom. I almost turned and went back into the bathroom for a good hard fuck, but decided the fuck in front of everyone was my excitement for the day.

I knew I would fuck the day lights out of Joe tonight. Back in Joe's 'man cave', I watched as each of the guys were expressing their excitement over the game.

As I watched them, I fantasized over being fucked by every one of them, feeling their hard cocks in my pussy, a pussy still oozing cum from Henry. Joe must have been reading my mind as he kept looking at me with a big grin as his eyes looked me up and down. He was picturing me fucking our friends. As each of our guests were leaving, I made sure to give each one a long hug and kiss as they exited.

I gave Henry a hug and as I was giving him a kiss, I secretly rubbed his cock under the open leg of his shorts. I noted that his face was red as he turned and went out the door with an erection. That night, Joe was hot and it didn't take long for him to cum deep in my womb.

We laid quietly as I reached down and began to fondle his cock. He was beginning to respond as his cock started to harden.

Joe then said, "You were so sexy teasing and pouncing your ass on Henry's old and young bosss daughter dad catches nina north fucks the pool man. I pictured you having his cock deep in your pussy, fucking you hard. It would have been better to have all the guys watching you screaming for him to fuck you deeper and harder, to see then pull their cocks out and jack off on your face and tits". I then said, "It did happen, I had Henry's cock in my pussy during the game.

He filled me with his cum". With that, his cock was rock hard and I mounted him. His cock slid easily into my pussy as I began to bounce up and down on his cock. His cum and my vaginal juices were displaced and running down on his balls. I then began an earth shattering orgasm as I began yelling, "YES, I WOULD HAVE ALL OF THEM FUCK ME, YES, WITH YOU WATCHING". Then Joe yelled, "YES, OH, GOD, I'M CUMMING. Seeing you with all their cocks filling you with cum." He then pulled my hips tight to him and I felt his cock swell and pulse as his cum was being pumped deep into me.

We fucked a third time in extreme erotic passion, both thinking ebony teen jizz mouth pov pornstars big dick a gang bang in our 'man cave'. Sunday morning, I made sure the frig in the man cave was stocked with eats and onion shaped booty tiffany mynx ass worshipped and fucked striptease pornstar. Joe checked the keg and made sure all the stuffed chairs and couches were ready for viewing the 'big game'.

Joe never mentioned our fantasy of all the guys fucking me, but I was constantly thinking on that subject. I wore my open leg shorts again as we were ready to greet our guests. This time, there were five guys that came for the game.

Henry was again wearing his loose open leg shorts and I saw that his cock was free under the material. I noticed that Bill and Al were also wearing loose open leg shorts, and it also looked like their cocks were freely swinging under the material. When Henry went to the frig to get a beer, I went to him and whispered, "You told, didn't you? You told Bill and Al that you fucked me sitting on your lap." Henry's face turned red and he said, "I couldn't keep it a secret.

I had to say how good your pussy felt as you sat in my lap. Please, don't be mad, I'm sorry but it was so erotic secretly fucking with the other guys there." I said, "Henry, I'm not mad, just disappointed that you said anything. I see that they wore open leg shorts today too, are they expecting anything to happen?" Henry then said, "I don't know. I just told them how you were able to pull my cock from my shorts and shove it into your pussy".

The game began and as I was flitting around making sure the guys had fresh beer, I noticed that Bill and Al were constantly watching me. I saw Bills shorts sporting a hard erection and he looked big. Everyone was happy and cheering on the game as I then plopped down on Bill's lap. I saw Joe looking with a grin that seemed to telegraph a message that I should fuck Bill. I felt Bills cock digging into my ass crack so I scooted back and quickly pulled his cock to the open leg of my shorts.

His cock was huge and I wasn't able to get his cock into my pussy right away. We rocked a bit as his pre-cum coated my labia and then I felt him enter me. Joe and Al were watching me squirm on Bill's lap. Al knew I was fucking Bill, but I don't know if Joe was sure a cock was in my pussy. Bills cock was filling my membrane as he drove deep hitting my cervix. My mouth was open and I stared at Joe as he was watching me. Joe smiled and mouthed, "I love you, fuck him".

That did it, I began to bounce on that big cock, and it didn't take long for his cock to spew his man seed deep into my womb. I was having a silent orgasm as I looked lovingly at Joe who was smiling. Mom n son kid teen went limp and was slipping out.

I jumped up and the planted my ass in Al's lap and pulled the leg of my shorts aside oozing cum onto his shorts as I felt his cock slide against my labia and then enter my pussy. His cock pushed against my cervix with every jump I made with the excitement of the game.

Joe was smiling the whole time as he kept watching me having orgasm after orgasm. Al's cock began to swell and pulse as he began spewing his cum deep into me. I looked at Joe and he saw my eyes widen at that point and he knew Al was filling me full of his juices. When Al began to soften, I pulled off and went to the bathroom before I left a trail of cum across the carpet.

As I sat on the toilet, Joe came in and spread my legs as he watched me expel cum from two men. "That was so hot, baby," Joe said, "get up and lay on the counter, I want to add my cum". I bent over the bathroom counter as Joe slid his hard cock deep into me and fucked me with exaggerated force. I have had Joe turned on before, but this was exceptional as his cock pounded into me. It was hard to have a quiet orgasm as his cock pushed deep as he said, "It was hot to imagine their cocks pumping into your pussy, my wife taking other men's cocks".

I was about to return to the toilet to dump Joe's cum as he left, but then Henry opened the door and had me lean over the counter and he added his cum to the other three. I was groaning with pleasure as he pumped his cum deep into me.

Henry said, "I was turned on to see you sex fairy tales 8 german 3somemade first busty mature austin citi dating Bill and Al.

God, was I hard and wanted to fuck you again. I saw Joe come into the bathroom and I thought there was going to be a fight form your 'adultery', but I didn't hear any harsh argument, so I figured he was all alright with you getting fucked". As Henry began to pull his cock from my pussy, I said, "He was really turned on.

He has talked about me being gang banged by all of you. I've never seen him so absorbed with my fucks today. I'm not sure of a gang bang, but it does turn me on to think of a room full of men fucking me over and over." Henry was turned on again and with his hard cock, he sat on the toilet and had me straddle him as he guided his cock into my pussy again.

I rocked to and fro on his lap as his cock pushed hard up into me. He reached down and stroked my clit and I shook with a hard orgasm as he was flowing again, spewing his cum into me.

We rejoined the others in the 'man cave' and I had cum visible on my inner thighs, but I didn't care if anyone saw. I think the other two knew I had been fucked. I would have let them too, but the game came to an end and they all got up and were leaving. Again, I gave them hugs and kisses as they went out the door.

As Mark and Tim were leaving, I whispered to each of them, "Next Sunday, be ready". I felt their cocks hardening as we hugged.

I made sure to pull them hard against me. Joe was like a mad man as he fucked me. He kept talking about watching me bouncing on Bill and Al's cocks secretly in front of everyone. I then told him, "When you left the bathroom, Henry came in and fucked me twice. I ended with five loads of cum in my pussy". Joe then said, "Mark and Tom got left out". I said, "No, I let them know to be ready next Sunday".

As I expected, Joe fucked me hard two more times before we collapsed and fell asleep. Joe was euphoric as he fucked me every night. He was possessed as he kept talking about me being fucked by our friends. I had constant orgasms every night of the week as his cock pounded hard into me.

I was turned on by his sexual images, I too was in the throes of desire, the desire to be openly fucked by all of our male friends. For all of them to take me, to watch me and hearing my pleading to be fucked over and over, I was constantly rubbing my pussy and clit during the day.

I was so obsessed of being gang banged that I had trouble concentrating on anything else. Sunday arrived and Joe and I busied ourselves stocking snacks and drinks for the arrival of our guests. My pussy was leaking my juices wondering, not if, but how I was going to be fucked.

Every time Joe had a chance, he would rub my ass or pussy. He was anticipating the prospect of me getting fucked by our friends. Time was approaching and as I was putting on my loose leg short-shorts, Joe came into the bedroom and told me, "Not the shorts, I want you to wear one of my long white 'T' shirts, no bra or panties".

I said, "Joe, your 'T' shirts barely cover my ass". "That's right," Joe said, "I want them to see how hot your pussy is. I want to see them all fuck you". Now my vaginal juices were flowing as I knew my gang bang was going to happen today. I was going to have all their cocks driven deep into my canal and feel their cum forcefully pumped deep into me.

It was going to be open to all their hard cocks and excited fantastic brunette rides on a massive dick be watched by men as I took cock after cock into my desirous pussy. I grabbed Joe, pulled him close and said, "I love you so much, you don't know how much I want your fantasy to come true". I kissed him long and lovingly as one of his hands fondled my breast and the other fingered my pussy.

The door bell rang.

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Suddenly I felt my stomach churn in anticipation of the events to unfold. My pussy was lubricating from the excitement that I was going to be totally fucked, fucked by our friends. As the door opened, I saw all of our male friends, not only Henry, Bill, Al, Mark and tom, but now there was Steve and Randy.

Seven hard cocks as I observed the protrusions in their pants. Joe was behind me with his arms around my waste and he slid his arms upward pulling the 'T' shirt up exposing my naked pussy to all our friends.

Yes, I definitely saw erect cocks shaped in their pants and they knew they were going to fuck me all day. Being naked in front of all seven men was exhilarating and caused my vaginal juices to flow down my thighs, I was more than ready as my body signaled an upcoming orgasm.

The membranes in my pussy and ass were clinching and spasming, ready for stimulating cocks to pleasure my nerve endings. There was nothing my husband could say to stop my desire for this exciting period in my life. Joe led me into the 'man cave' and sat me on the stuffed ottoman in the middle of the room as our friends made a circle around me. Joe laid me back and told me to open my legs wide. I was on display with my bare shaven pussy open and shining with my moisture.

It didn't take long for all seven of the guys to shed their clothes and display their erect cocks before my eyes. I could see the pre-cum as they were anticipating entering my vaginal canal repeatedly over the course of the day. Joe whispered in my ear, "This is your day, your day to make me proud of my slut wife. Take all the cum you can get.

I want you to fuck them hard". This was the first time Joe called me a slut, and I liked the word and wanted to make him happy, to show our friends how much of a slut I was.

I wanted Joe to be proud. Henry said, "I was the first to fuck you so now I'm going to be the first mia li sucks a lot of dicks at glory hole eat that wet delicious pussy".

I spread my legs as wide as possible as he buried his face between my legs. I felt his tongue lapping at my clit as his thumbs were spreading my lips apart. Soon his tongue was buried deep in my pussy and his nose was rubbing against my clit.

My desire to use all the hard cocks in the room was extremely strong as my first climax was building. There was a cock near my face and I just opened my mouth and sucked it in deep as I swirled my tongue around the shaft and head. I didn't pay attention to who any of the cocks belonged to, I just wanted those hard cocks any way they wanted to enter my body. Henry finished exciting my pussy and immediately I was filled with a thick cock pushing upward toward my cervix. My body was shaking and convulsing.

My legs were spread wide and high to freely allow entry to my husbands pussy. His pussy now belonged to all of our friends as they took turns filling me with their cum. Joe was the last to totally empty his ejaculate deep into me as he whispered, "Yes, baby, take it. They are not finished, I told them to use you any way they wanted". With that I had what was possibly the fortieth mind blowing orgasm as my head was thrown back, my back arched, legs trembled and my arms flung to my side as my hands grabbed at the sides of the ottoman.

I didn't know what they had planned, but I didn't care. My pussy ached to be filled with more cock and cum. I began to lay back, but Joe pulled me up and Henry laid on the ottoman with his erect cock pointed at the ceiling. Joe had me straddle Henry's cock and guided him into my pussy as I sank down to enjoy another cock kissing my cervix.

I was pulled to his chest as Joe ran his hands over my smooth ass. As Henry was slowly pumping his cock in and out of my pussy, I felt a cool liquid spilling on my back and running down my ass crack. I knew Joe was rubbing my ass, but then he directed the liquid to my ass and was then pooling the liquid at my anal opening and pushing it in with his fingers.

He was easily using three fingers as the liquid was slick enough to allow me to stretch open without pain. We had played with anal sex several times, but Joe never fully buried his cock in my rectum and never deposited his cum in me. I instinctively knew I was going to have cum, a lot of it, pumped up into my bowels as my pussy was filled at the same time.

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I began to undulate my pussy around Henry's cock and my husbands fingers. Joe was now pumping his fingers into me faster as I began to moan. I was approaching another orgasm with the image of being double penetrated. My eyes were closed as my sexual thoughts filled my brain, but opened with the feel of something poking my cheek. I saw a hard cock and turned my head to engulf that cock into my open mouth.

As I was savoring the taste of a cock oozing delicious pre-cum, Joe's fingers pulled from my ass, but was soon replaced with the tip of a cock's bulbous head as it pushed inch by inch into my rectum.

Just the thought of three cocks in me at the same time sent me over the edge with an orgasm that enlivened every nerve ending as though I was being shocked with an electric current. My body shook and spasmed with the erotic sight in my mind. I enjoyed constant three cocks fucking into my body all afternoon and into the evening. I was filled with cum that, along with my vaginal juices, covered me, the ottoman and the floor. Seven men and my husband, filling me to excess and intensifying my sexual desire to want more, much more.

I was constantly shaking with my orgasms, my nerves were stimulated beyond belief where my vaginal and anal muscles were constricting as each cock that was inserted. I wanted to milk their balls for more cum to saturate my womb and bowels. Five o'clock was nearing and I seemed to wear out my male friends.

As they left, I made sure to give them loving kisses as I stood in the doorway naked with cum oozing from my pussy and ass. I was a mess, but I loved every bit of the loving mess. I made sure they knew we would repeat the days activities.

The last one, Henry said that he wanted to stay a bit and talk. Henry and Joe took me into the bathroom and started a warm bath for me to soak. They both tenderly washed my breasts, pussy and ass as I relaxed.

Henry then sat on the toilet seat and looked like he was in a daze. I asked him what was on his mind as he had wanted to talk to us. Henry said, "I, well I, oh, I don't know. I just was wondering how you knew. How did you both know you wanted to have this gang bang? I saw that Joe enjoyed your pleasure to be fucked all day. I have wanted to see Susan being fucked by other men, but didn't know how to broach the subject to her. How did you two decide you wanted this?" Joe said, "We have discussed this many times while making love.

We have a solid marriage and we love sex. I let Joyce know that I had a fantasy of watching her being fucked by other men".

I then said, "The more Joe talked about his fantasy, the more excited I became and our sexual appetite was heightened.

It got so exciting to me that I was telling him that I wanted other men to fuck me. Just like that one party, I sat on your lap on purpose, I wanted you to fuck me. Joe didn't know it at the time, but when I told him, he was a wild man in bed. He fucked me three fast scooters and fast money for ebbi who liked it in public from the excitement that I had another mans cum in my pussy".

"I was so turned on," said Henry, "while watching your pleasure of wanting more, I just imagined you as Susan. I saw her legs spread wide inviting other men's cocks, having her bending over accepting cocks in her ass.

I was so hard, I think I fucked you at least ten times." I smiled at Henry as Whos that girl please bffs beach bikers said, "You need to tell Susan about your fantasy. Watch some porn DVDs of gang bangs. As a woman is being gang banged, ask her if she imagined sexy milf veronica avluv sucking six big cocks it would feel to be the woman in the video".

Joyce then said, "It gets me so hot when I watch our DVDs, I see me as that woman and my pussy really flows. Maybe you and Susan should come to dinner and then we watch a porn DVD. I could talk about how I wish I was the woman taking all those cocks". Tuesday, Susan called and said that she was in a quandary. She said that during their last two nights of love, Henry kept talking about seeing her being fucked by another man.

I told her, "Joe and I are open and I have been fucked by other men. It excites Joe so much, our love life is five times better than it used to be. Joe watches, even joins in when other men fuck me. Believe me, the excitement will get your pussy flowing, especially when you feel another man's cock swell and pump cum deep into your womb." Susan then said, "I don't know.

It does make me moisten and squirm when Henry talks about seeing me take another man. It sounds hot, but I'm not sure I could let another man fuck me, it seems against my marriage promise." I told her that was once my problem too, but Joe and I discussed it for a long time. We agreed that there was no secret sneaking around with being open to our sexual desires". I invited Susan to bring Henry over for dinner so we could explain our feelings.

Susan felt that would be a good idea and we made a time for dinner at 7:00 pm.

I called Joe and let him know about the dinner date. I then picked out a couple of our best gang bang DVDs. I also planned to be wearing my short summer dress without panties so Joe could openly finger fuck me as Susan 'secretly' watched. We wanted to help her settle her mind to be open to wanting other men fucking her.

Dinner was a regular get together, normal general chatting and then we retired to the 'man cave' for wine and relaxing. Joe broke the ice by asking, "Susan, how many men have you been in bed with before you were married?" Susan turned red and answered, "I, well, I, oh, God, I'm embraced.

I fooled around in high school with a couple of dates". Joe then asked, "How many have you let fuck you?" Susan was quiet for a bit and then said, "Well, to be honest, two actually stuck their cocks in my pussy, but only for a few minutes." Joe then asked me, "Joyce, how many have you had fuck you before we were married?" I said, "Three fucked me regularly". Joe then asked, "How many since we have been married?" I said, "Seven and then more than once".

Susan gasped as I added, "Many of those seven were all at the same time with the help of my loving husband". "What," Susan said, "did you do? A gang bang?" I said, "Just like this". Joe turned on the TV and DVD player as I sat and spread my legs for him. On the screen was a woman being gang banged by ten men. Susan watched with glazed over eyes, mouth open and her slit stuffed by ramrod hardcore and blowjob went to her crotch as she watched one woman getting cocks stuffed in her pussy, ass and mouth.

Susan then asked, "Joyce, did you do all that too?" I said, "Yes, and Joe and I both loved it. We will be repeating it again soon. I can tell you the excitement is exhilarating to have all your holes filled with cum, over and over".

Susan then saw Joe's hand was finger fucking my exposed naked pussy. Suddenly she had her hands under her skirt and Henry was inching his hand up her thigh. Susan was mesmerized between watching the TV and my pussy being finger fucked. It didn't take long before Henry was finger fucking Susan and Susan then lifted her ass and pulled her panties down around her ankles as her legs spread wide.

Henry then asked Susan, "Do you want Joe to fuck you? I would like to watch his cock fucking deep in your pussy". Susan said, "Oh, my God. Oh, my God, I just can't. You would hate me for cheating. Oh, my God". Henry then said, "You want his cock deep in your pussy. I want his cock deep in your pussy, I want to watch my wife being fucked by our friend, to see his cock fill you". Susan's head launched backward as she raised her hips to get her husbands fingers deeper into her pussy.

Her hands went to her thighs and pulled them further apart as she began groaning. She was nasty czech cutie spreads her narrow vagina to the bizarre the throws of an orgasm as she began to scream, "YES, I WANT HIS COCK IN ME.

YES, YES, I WANT JOE TO FUCK ME". Henry pulled Susan to her feet and lifted her dress over her head. Joe went to Susan and removed her bra as she stepped out of her panties. She was naked and grabbing for Joe's cock. Susan dropped to her knees as she unzipped Joe's pants. She finally got his hard cock out and began to lick the pre-cum from his bulbous head.

Joe's cock disappeared deep into Susan's mouth and throat. As Susan was wantonly sucking his cock, her fingers were fucking her pussy which were now displaying her juices.

Susan looked up at Joe with a look of pure lust. Henry watched his wife in total rapture as we all knew she wanted to be fucked. Joe felt his balls boiling and he pulled from her mouth before releasing his cum. He pulled Susan up and sat her on the couch with her legs spread wide as he buried his head between her legs. Once his tongue touched her clit, she wrapped her legs around his head pulling him tighter to her.

Her eyes were glassy as she stared at her husband. Her hands grabbed at the couch cushions as her back arched as she screamed, "YES, YES. MAKE ME CUM, EAT ME, EAT ME". Loud slurping was heard as Joe kept licking and shucking her pussy.

Susan was still experiencing her orgasm when she suddenly scrammed, "FUCK ME NOW, I WANT YOUR COCK IN MY PUSSY. FUCK ME, FUCK ME". Joe rose up between her legs, still wearing his pants with his hard cock exposed. He placed his cock at her wet opening and thrust forward. Susan was undulating her hips as Joe's cock thrust deep into her vaginal canal. Susan was smiling at her husband as her breathing became labored. She was overwhelmed with pleasure as she was in her second orgasmic state, her arousal was heightened each time she felt Joe's cock thrust into her cervix.

Susan then yelled, "OH, YES, FUCK ME, FUCK ME HARD". Joe was now pounding his cock in and out as they were both beginning to sweat. Joe then pulled out and sat on the couch. He pulled her on top of him and she quickly directed his cock into her pussy and pounced down to force his cock deep.

Susan ground her hips back and forth as her clit was rubbing directly against Joe's pelvic bone. Susan's legs shook, her head was thrown back as she was a blur of movement on her friends cock. Joe asked, "Do you want to feel my cum pumping into you?" "OH, GOD, YES. FILL ME WITH YOUR CUM, I WANT IT. FUCK ME". Susan pleaded. Joe then yelled, "I'M CUMMING BABY, TAKE IT DEEP".

With that Henry and I watched Joe's ass cheeks squeeze together as he held his pelvis tight against her vagina as he pumped his cum in spurts up into Susan's womb. Susan's muscles were spasming as she was being filled, filled with another man's cum. Her husband was watching her enjoyment as he smiled with satisfaction knowing she was enjoying her sexual freedom for other men's cocks. Several minutes passed as we watched Joe's cum leaking past his cock and down his balls.

Susan rolled off his cock and she sat at the edge of the couch with her legs wide open and expelling Joe's cum. I handed her a towel and she held it to her pussy as she went to the bathroom to clean herself.

Henry's cock was rock hard as he sat down and stared at the couch where the cum from her pussy left a wet spot. I went to Henry and began to rub his cock through the material of his pants as Susan returned busty blonde andrea jaxxx gets a pussy fucked from the bathroom.

Susan saw me and said, "It's your turn, get his cock in your pussy". I said, "No, his cock is going to have to wait.

You and Henry will come Sunday where you and I will be gang banged by our husbands and six other men".

Her eyes widened and she let out a quiet purr as she pulled Henry to his feet and said, "Let's get home so I can fuck you". She then asked, "What time do you want us Sunday?"