Busty chicks sucking and riding his cock

Busty chicks sucking and riding his cock
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brought into the girls' plot over Birthday Girl I was in the bar again socializing. "so you have met the Birthday Girl?" these chicks told me. short dresses. "well, Gemma, we are throwing a party for her tonight and we want you to be there." "sure ok, I could visit." "you could sleep over, we want you to." "free drinks. so keep it hush." "yeh and we are going to get her fucked for her birthday, well more like raped.

we are her friends you see." ".to make it memorable for her" "and you too, we are going to have you raped for her entertainment." they burst out laughing.

My stomach got tight and I bent over, astonished by these snobby bitches and their blunt talk. "oh wow, I wouldn't miss this party for the world!" I said. Sounded like it just might be a lot of fun! "we are getting a cab - pay your fair for you!" chief bitch told me. oh my. what had I let myself in for? posh Nice Place.

It figured somehow. Her parents had fled for a weekend away. bitch introduced me to Birthday Girl, "hi ya!" "who are you? friend of Seb? He likes you, Gemma." "She's the entertainment. Later. you'll see." Bitch brought me a drink, cola.

of-course it was part rum but how much so I was not sure.

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"this will loosen you up, Gemma." It went to my head fast enough. There were not many guys there. Only a few. It was the evening event and much more select. There was the music and some left overs. Seb said hi as I passed. I went into the Kitchen to get a cup of tea to help sober me up.

Cock-Sucker's in the Kitchen!

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Another guy came into the kitchen and walked over to me. "so you are Gemma?" he said loudly. "yeh, hi ya" I said with a smile.

He grabbed a hold of my hips and pulled me to him. "you going to suck my cock" he said. "ah yeh" I said breathlessly feeling alive and hot. I was wearing a hitched-up and female cum squirting niley hott 13 (squirting tube porn (in the right light) elastic-banded hippy skirt. Blouse and bra with it, no knickers. He danced with me a bit and then pulled my skirt down! It slid onto the floor exposing my cunt.

He helped me step out of it and kicked it away. a bitch picked it up and went to hide it so I couldn't escape. "hey!" I said to her. The guy put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me down wards. I crouched open legged in front of him as he undid his pants and took out his cock in front of my face. O nice. well why not? That was what I was here for. I parted my painted lips and took his cock into my warm mouth. His dick slid along my tongue as I held onto his legs.

He moaned." ahh baby! yes!" A bitch poped her head round the open door and shouted "cock-sucking in the kitchen, guys!" "hey get birthday girl in her! She needs to see this!" People came in as I gave head to this guy and to watch the party go live.

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He groaned and filled my mouth with warm milky cum. yum yum, it was gorgeous! I swallowed his cum and wanted more. I cleaned up his dick and another guy came over and wanted his turn. I glanced up. It was not Seb, but never mind. I guess Seb was making out with one of the chicks anyway. So this second guy got his cock out and pushed it into my open mouth. More cock for me! I took his dick into my mouth and sucked on him as he happily groaned.

"Great Party!" he called. more hot erect fleshy manhood in my eager mouth was making my cunt run with passion. the bitches began chanting and clapping. He ejaculated his load of cum into my hot mouth and I swallowed his cum and sucked him dry, spurt after spurt. I really was very hot now! We Strip Birthday Girl He helped me to stand up as my legs had gone weak and he admired my bared shiny cunt. Birthday girl was in the Kitchen and glided over to me all smiles.

"well done Gemma!" she beamed. " fantastic show!" we giggled. As we talked the chief bitch yelled " grab her now! what was this? They grabbed hold of birthday girl's arms and held her prisoner in the kitchen. Bitch began undoing Birthday's blouse ignoring the protestations. "Gemma, be a darling and pull her skirt down. And her knickers." "who, me?" "YES !

YOU!" "I'm not wearing any!" Birthday Girl informed us all. So I unzipped her skirt and dragged it down over her hips exposing her bare ass and legs. She stepped cum inside my little teen daughter of it and It was taken away by two assistant bitchs.

Her cunt bush was displayed to the guys in the room! By now her top was open and her bra had been pushed up exposing her twin breasts.

fun fun fun! so now what? she is forced fucked They dragged her forward an bent her over, her cunt exposed to the door. I thought this was somewhat racy! The guy who's dick I had sucked, the first one, went over behind the birthday girl and produced his cock. He pushed it up her wet cunt, right in front of me! "oh fuck!" I said, thinking the police would soon be called. Her wet cunt parted for his cock as he slid it into her fuck hole. I protested weakly.

"relax. We need to test the slut's birth-control." bitch informed me. And the guy began fucking her as the others held her bent over for him. It was hot to watch, my cunt was cumming as I watched them getting her fucked. wow! This was it! we began a clappy chant: "fuck her, fuck japanese brother and sister share bed - I joined in clapping with the other girls. Bitch lost it and was screaming at him to do it in her.

She totally needed a fuck herself by then. chant changed. "sperm her, sperm her" So he did. Although he had earlier cum in my mouth for me to drink him, he fucked her to his orgasm and cum in her pussy.

Her legs were trembling as he did her and it was obvious she was having orgasms. He cunt convulsed on its own in orgasm, flinging juice around. way to go girl! we clapped at his performance. I wondered about Birthday Girl and waited around a bit after the fucking to see if she was ok.

She was, to my relief. "wow" she told me, "a real party!" "yeh, was!" I said. Show over, sleep over The show over I was given my skirt back to step into. So was Birthday Girl and she redressed herself after the fun. She told me I could sleep on the couch so I went into the main room and sister and brother disi xnxxxc on the couch, listening to the distant moanings of some bitch being fucked in a bedroom.

"ah ah uh ahh!!" the noisy cow was keeping us all up late. We were all glad when she stopped moaning.

"He's cum" someone said. I didn't know he was but good for him. I lay dwon on the couch and they turned down the light and some chicks sat on the floor talking about the night's events. "he didn't have much cum Birthday, he did it in Gemma's mouth first." "that's lucky." "she's not on birth control.

we told the bitch that!" "I have some spermicide if you want it?" "yeh put it up your cunt Birthday Girl." oh my! My head hit the cushion and I drifted off to sleep as the night tamed down. Bitch was moaning again her mantra from the bedroom "uh uh uh yes yes" oh no, not again! Party is not over yet Gemma!

I went to sleep on my side, still fully clothed with no regard for being the first girl asleep at a party. I didn't care anyway. . crazy hot dreams. oh yes I was having a wetty dream. something was moving in my cunt, fucking me. oh wow that was a hot one! I woke up - party, and I was on my back.

I was naked, my legs were open and some guy was on-top of me.

His breath was on my face, then his mouth was on my tits sucking me. And his dick was in my cunt! I was hot and sweating. This dream did not fade as I awoke! oh my, I thought, some guys is fucking me! His cock slide back and forward along my soaking wet and burning hot cunt. "oh yes! yes fuck me" I moaned dreamily. I desperately needed this fucking.

I couldn't look at first to see who it was, but I opened my eyes to see him. It was Seb! Oh good! And the light was on! "she's awake!" clap clap, clap clap "fuck her, fuck her" began the chanting! I looked around dizzy as my new lover fucked me. They were all there sitting around watching me being fucked! I climaxed in front of them a few times, the center of intense attention. I was emotionally overwhelmed and instead watched his wet dick sliding into my cunt over and over.

"sperm her, sperm her!" the chanting changed as Seb speeded up his urgent stepdmom and daughter gets fucked young old hardcore into my wet cunt. He was beginning to cum. He groaned and began flooding my pussy with a stream of cum, jet after jet. In fact he seemed to be never ending in the amount of cum he was pumping into me! A totally womb full from this stud!

"sorry Gemma!" he panted.

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"huh?" I gasped. My tits were hard like mountains rubbing his strong chest with our deep breathing. I side my hands up his muscular strong arms. "They told me.gasp.your are not on birth-control and are super teen creampie mila marx cum in pussy cream pie. I'll pay for the abortion. I just needed to take my chance and fuck you.you hot slut" "what?" I said astonished.

The girls began laughing!! "fooled ya, fooled ya" they began chanting at Seb. He groaned. "hay he did it anyway Gemma. That;s wild!" "Birthday Treat?, Birthday Girl!" "yes thank, that was hot!" she said. Seb and I stayed on the sofa, his dick still inside me as he recovered from ravishing me.

"wow, it was great sex" I told him. " I cum." and I noticed that things had been written on my belly and inner thighs. 'fuck her; was on my belly. '4 cock; was on one leg - the other lipstick message was smeared from our sex. "they wrote Slut on your forehead too" Seb told me as I looked between us. Right! "Want another go?" He called me a dirty fucking slut. Seb had a girlfriend already, I knew that.

"you are just a cheap thrill I wouldn't pass on, Gemma" he told me. fine! I knew that. The fucker! I felt very pleased for him too. And myself - no regrets there. This was not a missed chance. But he passed on the second fuck, he was tired and spent and it was late. very late. So he pulled his wet dick out of my cunt and I turned onto my side drooling him cum out of my cunt, and I saw the girls smiling at me.

and I went back to sleep. Someone turned the light off.again. fixing the damage I awoke again, this time in the morning. I fixed my make-up and complained over my ass-ache to the girls. "ah yes" "anyway where is my bra?" "Its on the floor with your breast forms." " Birthday Girl took it off you as he couldn't undo it. He held you up in his arms, while you were asleep." " We helped him strip you so he could rape you." "just a treat for Birthday Girl, nothing personal Gemma." "you did want to do it." "sure no problem.

Thanks for the great sex," I said. they smiled knowingly. .I had a shower, walked around nude in my shoes, fixed a light breakfast. Birthday was complaining over the sofa cushion I had leaked all over. "and my ass?

did a guy.you know?" I asked again. "oh no! not that." "It was us. Birthday Girl had a turn." "Mop handle with a condom on it. want to see it?" "no" "checking to see if you have a slack ass." "right!" post me the results! It was a great party.