Girls ream bfs anal with monster strapons and burst jizz

Girls ream bfs anal with monster strapons and burst jizz
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TRUCKDRIVER'S LUST This is my true story. It explains how I ended up seven months pregnant with my daughter. Peanut had no sex bp xxx story com what the night would bring when he parked at the 301 truck crazy lesbian college teens enjoy her first bang van orgy first timers gangbang in Tampa FL.

It was a rundown establishment that he frequented since he began driving trucks back in 2000. The air was cool due to it being later Nov 2006. Peanut was standing around talking with some other drivers when she appeared, his "future baby girl." She was with another driver who was causing her great distress about her having a fianc?who lived in Ft.

Pierce FL. The other driver wanted her for himself and scorned her for wanting to stay with her fianc? She was tired and a major mess. But he saw something in her and offered her help. She only wanted to get to Fayetteville NC and Peanut had agreed to help her. The rest of the night they laughed and got to know each other. He sexed her so well the first night she looked forward to their next encounter. This was all strange to her, as she knew nothing of trucking or sex so good.

Peanut went about his routine enjoying the company of baby girl. The plan was for her to depart to Fayetteville that weekend. The two of them ended up having so much she couldn't bear to leave, nor did he want her to leave. So she made the decision to stay.

The next few months they both bonded greatly. Eventually he came to take her to retrieve her things and she left her fianc? She went home for Christmas and later got back up with him and they continued their fun. Things began to get extreme. One night she denied him sex and this enraged him. He lashed out grasping her throat tight in his palm. As her breath began to be choked from her she freaked and began fighting. He threatened her and she lay perfectly still.

Peanut then parted her legs and rammed his engorged erection deep in her pussy. Baby girl later discovered that many of his past lovers had endured this treatment from him. But she was the youngest yet. Peanut slammed his full length deep into her until she attempted to cry in pain. With his dick tearing at her insides, baby girl had no choice but to lay helpless under his strength.

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He kept her throat gripped tight for help with her submission. She was terrified; she had never had such a violation take place.

Secretly she enjoyed this intrusion physically, emotionally she was torn. By the way it felt he had never ravaged her body so roughly. Baby girl could tell he was enjoying the power of forcing her to submit to his desires. Peanut eventually reached the climax he longed for, which had caused him to rape his new love.

He lay atop her wondering what she would do when released. To his surprise she silently retrieved her robe and walked into the bathroom. In the shower the warm water soothed her aches and pains. She quietly cried to herself at how she felt.

The man she came to care for and trust, took her body in force and it made her gain fear for him. Though her body had loved his lust, she began to wonder what else might make him lash out at her young couple makes porn video in the bathroom this way.

Times went on as normal. Peanut took her several more times in the same manner but she eventually learned the less fight, the less pain.

Baby girl visited her mother and found out she was pregnant. She ended up having an abortion and moving to Fayetteville. They crossed paths some months later for a brief fuck session. Even though baby girl had found her another fuck, peanut's merciless touch was what her body craved.

When his prick entered her, her body respond in instant moisture and she began fucking him back.

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Deeper and deeper he rammed into her juicy cunt. He leaned down and suckled her clit gracefully making her cum down his throat. When he arose she knew what she need now to do. Baby girl grasped peanuts dick. She took him down her throat almost gagging. When he was near climax, he withdrew and thrust deep back into baby girl.

As he squirted in her tight pussy he groaned loudly and got prepared to depart her company. Peanut had found another girl he began lusting after. Eventually she ended up leaving because baby girl made her point and came back to peanuts side. But there was a major difference in him. The fear grew as baby girl realized he had developed a lust enghlish xxx sex fir vidios force and control.

The torment of when he took her for his own pleasure was doubled. He became more demanding and aggressive. Months pasted again but baby girl had begun a new career.

Peanut was forcing her to prostitute with other drivers. Using her to fulfill the lust of other men.

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he would make great profits off her young body. Many men approached him nightly wondering what it would take to be alone with the beauty. After a couple of minutes the men would approach her and she would be forced to please them.

Baby girl knew if she turned down any chances at a man wanting her, Peanut would scorn her, and she would have to face his wrath. What they wanted from her didnt matter to Peanut. He simply made it clear to her, to please the men to the fullest so she could recieve the most money in return.

Night after night subjected herself to this torture in fear of the man she thought the world of, Or at least use to.