Hot lesbians fill up their huge asses with cream and burst it out threesome and internal

Hot lesbians fill up their huge asses with cream and burst it out threesome and internal
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Andie and I went for a walk on Saturday at the county park. I brought a lunch and she brought a bottle of wine.

We held hands a lot and sat closely while we ate. Andie paused at one point, then said, "You and those guys at the rec center seemed to be fast friends. Did I hear one of you talking about your weekly card game? What happened?" "Somebody betrayed my trust, basically. There were some shenanigans going on. In more ways than one." I think she could tell that we weren't just a bunch of guys who liked to shoot pool and play cards.

She said, "Do you remember when you said something about people not being what they seem?" "I do." She paused again, then said, "There's something you ought to know before we get too involved." "What's on your mind?" "Well, I am not exactly what you may think that I am." I asked, as softly as I could, "How so?" "Well, Andie used to be Andrew." I thought, then said, "You identify more as a woman?

I respect that." She said, "Yes, but I also am very attracted to men. And I'm not exactly a woman totally, yet. I haven't decided how far I'm going to take this "Andie, you've made the right choice. You're feminine in every way that I consider someone feminine.

Looks, mannerism, your caring attitude, your gentleness. And your looks, wow." Hairy grannies who love the feeling of fresh cum right thing to do then was to lean over and kiss her, and that's what I did. And she kissed back.

She went on, "So you guys were open minded about sex then?" "You could say so. You could also say that we were sexually involved." Andie smiled and said, "I think we should get to know each other much better." My cock was getting veryvery hard; I smiled and said that was a great idea.

We finished our lunch and went back to my car the short way. I invited her to my place; she giggled a little and said she'd love that. Then I reached over and put my hand on her leg. She moaned a little, and I gently rubbed up and down huge juggs stepmom and teenie horny trio on the couch inside of her leg.

Then she said, "I like penis a lot. It sounds like you do too." My turn to moan, then I said, yes, I haven't been doing that for long but I really liked it. I reached up into her crotch and found a very hard spot. She returned the gesture and found my lump too. Soon enough, we were back at my place. I showed her in, and as soon as we'd closed the door I took her in my arms.

We began to kiss passionately, and our hands were all over each other. She may have started life as a male, but she sure felt soft and sexy to me. When I reached for her breast, she moaned and said, "I love to be touched there. Don't neglect my titties." They were classics, round and firm.

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"No way will I ignore these beauties. Can I have a better look?" Andie stepped back and pulled her shirt over her head. My, oh my. B cups for sure, sitting oh so nicely on her chest. I did as I promised and began to circle my fingers around them, then took the shoulder straps of her bra down. I freed them from their cups and beheld two beautiful breasts with sweet little nipples.

I leaned down and started to kiss them. Then I kissed some more, while my hand squeezed the other one.

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So warm, soft and firm, I loved touching them. Andie reached around my head and ran her fingers through my hair.

I took my mouth away and stood, just admiring her jugs. Then I reached under them and hefted them, holy shit. These were the finest tits I'd ever played with.

Andie looked me in the eye and approached for more kissing, only this time she reached into my crotch to find my cock lump. Now my dick was laying sideways and making a sizable lump in my pants, and she zeroed right in on it with her hand.

That made her break the kiss to say, "Holy crap, Pete, what a big lump. She said no more, but slid down to her knees in front of me. I helped her unfasten my belt and she took it from there opening my pants and pulling them down, then lowering my underwear. My cock popped out and pointed right at her face.

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She gasped, then reached up and wrapped her fingers around it and stroked it, stopping to squeeze it good. "Such a beautiful cock, so hard and straight.

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And with a nicely shaped head and sexy, sexy balls." In one motion, she hefted my ball sack and put her mouth over my cock head. What a view, this pretty woman with my dick in her mouth, and I could look past that and see her tits. Andie slowly took my shaft into her mouth and began to slide on and off. I caressed the back of her head while she sucked me.

I think that she just might have been the most skilled cock sucker that I'd ever had on me, men and women.

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She paused long enough to take her mouth off my organ and asked me, "Do you think you've got two loads in you tonight?" I'm usually a once-a-night guy, unless I'm really turned on, which I was today for sure. "Oh I'm sure of it." "Good. I want your cum in my mouth." She put her mouth back on my cock and started sucking faster, stopping to suck hard. I felt my climax starting, and it was coming on fast and hard.

"Oh, fuck, oh…" I said. She started going faster and my orgasm was here my body stiffened to match my cock, and I began to throb as I pumped my load into her mouth. After a few seconds, I slowly relaxed and gently rubbed her head, then she finally let my softening cock out of her mouth.