Gorgeous flux makes a big cock disappear

Gorgeous flux makes a big cock disappear
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I spend my days being a regular single woman. Just alone in my apartment, bringing home the occasional partner to remind me why I love my job. She gets fucked inside pussy and enjoys jizz over face spend my nights working. What's my occupation? Well, that depends on what name you want to give to someone who dances her way across bars and up and down poles.

Exotic dancer. Stripper. Something along those lines. And I love it. Call me a whore if you will. But I earn my money doing something I really enjoy: being a tease. You see, I've been doing it my whole life. I bloomed into the flower I am right before highschool. 34C cup. Flat tummy from so many dance classes. Tight ass that looks great in everything- sweats included. My natural color is a dirty brown-blonde, but I rock the bleached blonde like no one else can.

Boys showed me from the first day that I could have and hold any of them. I'd learned all the ropes before my junior year. I drove every guy, and a few girls, completely crazy.

Not that I'm a bitch either. I don't ruin the beauty that is my body with some horrible bitchy inside. I got along with just about everybody. I always have. One of those people that I got along with so well was a boyfriend of mine, Justin Mitchell. His father, before he passed away and left his "family business" to his dear son, was the first to come out and tell me I was dancer material.

It savana ginger big and heavenly tits pornstars and big dick my senior year in highschool; Justin invited me over for dinner. His father was an excellent cook and a flirt for sure. He was older, but not too old. And the age looked good on him. I enjoyed helping him in the kitchen that night with Justin. Mr. Mitchell enjoyed watching me flit all over his cozy kitchen, bending over just perfectly to give a good view of my taut ass and perky tits.

When I passed by him I'd purposefully rub my body against him. Justin didn't seem to mind, I gave him the same treatment as we prepared a fabulous lasagna. At dinner, Mr. Mitchell asked me if I had any experience "dancing." I knew about his business and my answer was just as suggestive as his. "I've got experience doing a lot of things. Why do you ask?" After that, I was guaranteed a position at his club whenever I wanted it.

Justin and I were on and off for the next few years. After taking a couple of college courses and decided post-secondary school wasn't my thing, I looked to Justin to see if the offer his father (passed away by then) had extended me still stood. Obviously, it did. Of course, that isn't the point of this story. Just a little background information that I got a bit carried away writing.

I've been working the pole for almost three years and I'm still not tired of it. I love the looks men, and women too, give me while I dance. Desire.

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Need. Absolutely craving. Sometimes I give them what I want. Others I don't. One night in particular a man named who I later learned was named Ray caught my attention. There was something about the way he watched my hips sway and ass shake that made me hot. When he walked into the club I had just got onto the bar/stage where we girls dance. He watched me for a few minutes before he ordered a drink. When the bartender finished mixing his drink, I took the cup from her and knelt down, legs spread, in front of Ray (who was still just an alluring stranger).

I put his glass between my legs, as close as it would go without touching me, and smiled seductively as I told him to drink his fill. I gave him a wink before continuing my routine.

Ray's treatment wasn't exactly special at that point. All of the dancers are always supposed to include the audience in the act. "Give them drinks and winks" as Justin always said. Of course, the girls like me who enjoyed their work gave everyone a little extra, on and off the stage.

On stage, Ray continued to get my attention. I was trying to be fair and include everyone, but I kept going back to arab girlfriend blows and rides cock in bedroom. I silently hoped that his eyes were undressing me like mine were undressing him. Before my twenty minute stage shift was over I was down to my lace Victoria's Secret v-string and silver nipple dangles to match my glittery silver stilettos.

When I got off stage I changed into sheer red lace boy shorts and a matching bra. I pulled my hair up with a fuzzy red hair tie and applied bright red lipstick.

I brushed some glitter over my eyes and decided that was all I needed. On my way out of the dressing room all of us dancers share I ran into Missy, one of my close friends who mia khalifa double d poolside fuck pornstar and knockers her ground shifts behind the bar. She smiled at my appearance. "You're just about the sexiest devil I've ever seen.

I'd put on horns to complete the look." I followed her advice. Back out on the floor, my devilish eyes searched hungrily for the stranger who was the object of several naughty fantasies. I helped out behind the bar as an excuse to look up and down for him. When I found him I gave him a wink and excused myself. Out on the floor, several people danced and swayed to the beat that Millie, a very pretty Russian girl who landed her job only a few weeks ago, followed as she rubbed her body against the pole.

I heard a few cat calls over the music, and I smiled invitingly at their sources, all men who turned out to be too nervous to approach me. At the sound of each, I prayed it was my stranger. "You're a very talented dancer." The whisper came from behind, right in my ear.

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Cool breath bathed my ear and neck, giving me excellent shivers. I folded my hands together and reached back so as to lock them behind the neck of the stranger. It's what I was paid to do. It's what I loved doing. Strong hands grabbed my waist and we were grinding against each other. "That's not all I'm talented at," I said back as our bodies became one, fused together by the music. I rubbed my backside into his boner for only a few more moments before I had to turn around and see the face of the man with such a large cock.

It was my stranger! If I hadn't been preparing for the moment, I would've been at a complete loss for words. "I could show you a bit of that talent,' if you'd like that is." I gave him the same smile I did on stage.

"I'd like that," he said. I took his hand and led him to an unoccupied loveseat. They were scattered along the walls so that we shaved petite blonde and horny mom anal sascha rectal romped by fitness instructor could give lap dances and, if a customer was willing to pay enough, a little head.

As far as I was concerned, this man could have all of me for free. Instead, I spend the rest of my ground shift on his lap, grinding into his boner and loving the feeling of his hands on my hips. We amateur teen couple hot fucking on webcam pretty much having dry sex when Millie got off stage, my cue to get back on within five minutes. Before I got too far away, my stranger was grasping my shoulder and leaning into me again.

His stiff cock poking my hip. His delicious breathe washed my cheek. "My name is Ray. I'd like to see you. A little more … privately." "Stay for the show," I told him. "After this I have a bit of a break." I gave him another wink before getting up to the pole. He was front and center. I was horny from his cock, which had two or three layers of fabric away from entering my tight pussy.

I did my best to give everyone at the bar/stage equal attention. Ray got the best of it though. With five minutes left before my break I was topless and hornier than ever. I got a little crazy. When someone ordered a drink, I crouched down and poured it for them from between my legs, rubbing my almost-naked pussy against it. When Ray ordered another drink, I crouched in front of him, no bottle in hand, and took his face gently in my hands. "Drink this," I said, bringing my cunt close to his face.

He closed the space with his tongue and I moaned. When my stage shift was over I got off it by sliding down into Ray's lap. The next dancer wasn't due on stage for a few minutes and Justin didn't really care if a little bit of a floor show happened in between shifts. Until Missy was on stage, I was riding Ray's lap for the enjoyment of the crowd.

Once she was on stage, we moved back to the couch and I was riding his lap for my own enjoyment. Eventually I was too turned on to handle it anymore. I leaned into him, pressing my hard nipples against him and keeping my hips moving in slow circles. Never before had I been so desperate. Usually I was the lucky guy fucking the stepmom and daughter at the same time teasing until they begged for it.

"I want to fuck you, Ray. I need your cock. Inside me. Now." He shook his head. "Not yet." I was going mad with desire. "You've still got some dancing to do for me." If we had been alone I would have begged more. I would have taken off the rest of the insignificant amount of clothing I had on and opened myself up to him. Instead, I gave him a devilish smile and said "Definitely later," before heading back to the dressing room.

It was two o'clock when the club was closing. A few girls and their lust interests were all that was left. Missy and Ray were talking, she was running her fingers up and down his chest and neck, clearly testing the water to see if he'd bite or swim.

Too bad he was already on my hook. I walked over, black stilettos clicking. My black and silver sequined miniskirt hugging me ass cheeks and perky tits bouncing a little with every step. I slid in between Ray and Missy, pressing my hot and bothered body against Ray, giving Missy the signal to go find a different straggler to fuck tonight.

She left with a wave, clearly a little jealous at my sexy catch. When she was out of earshot, I asked Ray where he wanted to take me. He led me out to his car, lucky for me I got to work by bus or taxi so I wasn't leaving a vehicle of my own behind. He turned the key in the ignition and I let my hand slide up his leg as he pressed down on the gas. I massaged his cock through his pants while he drove away from the club.

After a few minutes we arrived at a hotel. He checked in at the front desk. The secretary, a woman with pretty brown hair and matching eyes, gave me a look tainted with sexual hunger. Then she gave Ray one of friendly jealous. "Enjoy the rest of your night, sir," she said.

We took the elevator up to the third floor. By the time we made it in the door, we were already kissing. My skimpy top and skirt was off before we even reached the bed. He picked me up and laid me on it gently.

He spread my legs and his lips kissed from my knee up my thigh to the lips of my pussy, then back again. He repeated the action on my other leg. My juices were flowing and I was moaning so loudly that I was sure the people down the hall could hear us. I didn't really care. His lips were driving me mad.

"Ray, please fuck me!" "Not yet," he said, just like he did at the club. He kissed the lips of my pussy while unzipping his pants. His magnificent cock sprang out from the slit in the front of his boxers.

He stopped kissing be between the legs and got on the bed over me. I could decide which to look at: his hard dick or his piercing eyes. I lifted my ass off the bed and wrapped my legs around him. "Ray, please fuck me," I said, trying to unleash the full force of my doe eyes on him. "I just want your hard cock inside me. Please fuck me." He answered me with a kiss.

Our tongues twirled and I squirmed, trying to position his cock over my tight slot. He wouldn't cooperate. His dick hung, precum oozing from the tip, over me. Taunting me with the promise of pleasure if only he would let our bodies come together. "Why won't you fuck me?" I said in between kisses. I was going wild, I couldn't keep my lips away from his and I wanted nothing more than for our bodies to become one. "You're a stripper," he whispered in my ear. "Give me a private show and I'll pay you for it." I smiled at him and winked, unwrapping myself from him and sliding under him off the bed.

When my head was just under his cock I let my lips engulf it for a moment and swirled my tongue around it. Then I got off the bed and asked for a little music. He pulled out a little set of speakers from a bag I hadn't even noticed on the floor. While he was plugging in his system I waited patiently, admiring the swing of his cock as he moved between his bag and the outlet on the wall. When he was finished he hit play and sat down.

An instrumental with the perfect dance beat began to play and he sat on the edge of the bed to enjoy my performance. His cock stood up at full attention while I shook my ass and showed off the most suggestive moves I had. At one point I slid my hand down my body while I lowered into a split, when I reached my pussy I dipped a finger inside and licked my finger slowly. I got so into my dancing that I didn't even notice that Ray started jacking off until the song ended. I knelt in front of him while another song started and gave him my best doe eyes.

He released his cock and it twitched. I took it in my mouth and let my tongue pay attention to the tip while I jacked his shaft. He tasted like heaven and salt. I didn't know whether or not I wanted him to blow his load in my pussy or my mouth.

Hoping he'd be able to do both, I took him in my mouth until my lips reached the base of his shaft. I let my tongue work its magic while my lips moved up and down him and my hand pumped whatever part of him my mouth wasn't covering. "There's something for you," he gasped, "in the bag." I kept pumping his cock while I reached over into his bag and found a vibrator.

It was smaller than his cock, but larger than any young shy teen melissa mandlikova does first time porn teen amateur teen cu I'd ever seen. It wasn't anything intricate. Just a tube with a round end and a knob at the base to control the speed of the vibration.

He took it from me and switched it on. My pumps got slower while he reached down and shoved the vibrating phallus inside of me. I nearly collapsed.

It didn't stretch me, but I could feel the vibrations from my cervix to the tip of my clit. I started furiously sucking the stiff member in front of my while my pussy muscles spasmed in an attempt to make the most of the thin vibrator.

As my pussy spasms turned into a weak orgasm that felt more like my body trying to tease me than a satisfactory orgasm, Ray shot his load in my mouth. Streams of glorious cum coated my tongue and I swallowed. To my surprise and excitement, Ray's dick didn't go completely limp once it was out of my mouth.

He stood up, member still erect though also not as hard as before, and leaned down to pull the vibrator out of my slick hole. I felt like I had just been emptied of everything, left with nothing but a horny shell of lust.

I was still on my knees. Ray stood over me and the tip of his cock was hanging inches from the front of my lips. If I hadn't wanted him buried in my pussy so badly I would've taken him in my mouth again. He put his fist around his cock and stroked it slowly. I watched the energy flow back to it. "Get on the bed," he commanded. "Spread those long legs for me." I'd never been told what to do before.

As the woman, I was generally in control. This new approach to sex had me nearly melting with the heat of my desire. I laid down and opened my legs. I wasn't even thinking as I reached down and spread my pussy lips with my first and ring finger. I used my middle finger to tease my clit, which made my whole body tense and twitch.

Ray leaned over me and I was desperate for an orgasm. He took my hand from between my legs and sucked the juices from my finger. "Fuck me," I whispered, begging. He put the dick of his dick on my entrance. I squirmed. "Ray…" He smiled devilishly. Then buried himself inside me. I was brought to the brink of a powerful orgasm and nearly went over the edge, but that's when he pulled out.

Nearly all the way. Then he slammed into me again. And again. And again. I thought I was going to loose my mind. An eternity passed between every thrust. Then he picked up speed.

In and out. In and out. In and out. In and out. In and out. In and out. In and out. In and out. In and out&hellip. Our bodies were synchronized perfectly. We somehow rolled over and suddenly I was on top, riding him like a champion cow girl mounted on a prize winning stallion.

He helped me bounce up and down the length of his shaft.

His strong hands held me at the hips and his pelvis rose as I dropped down. I coated my middle finger, the one Ray had sucked on, with my saliva and started rubbing my sensitive clit while I rode him. "Cum for me," he commanded, his voice was firm, but somehow gentle too. "Make your tight pussy fucking cum all over my cock." "Y-y-yes Ray," I screamed.

He held me up and fucked me like I'd never been fucked before. His hips pounded upward with magnificent speed. Desire overtook me and my pussy tightened around him so much I didn't know where he ended and I began. Of course it didn't matter. My body surrendered and I was in ecstasy.

It couldn't have been any better than that. Then it only got better. I felt Ray's cock twitch inside me. It rocked my body again just as my first orgasm was ending.

They overlapped and while Ray kept pounding me I started moving up and down him again. I felt his cock twitch again them his hot seed spilled into me. We kept fucking.

Our mingled juices leaked out of me. We were both cumming and moaning and letting waves of orgasm daphne loves to play with her tits fingering and european knock us over. I don't know how long Ray and I kept fucking. He didn't start to get limp until we both came again.

When it was finished I was laying on him, his softened member still mostly inside me. "By the way," he said, wrapping him arms around me.

"What's your name?" "I'm Madaline," I said, smiling.