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South africa xxxx story big sex stories free
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I had just gotten back from Virginia, and I was nervous as hell as I stepped off the plane. I got my bags and waited for her to show up. She was a little late, but the traffic at Sac international can be a little hectic.

That's what I told myself as I lit up another cigarette. 15 minutes go by, and I start to wonder… my phone goes off, it's her, "hey, I'm here, where are you? "She asked. I was relieved to hear her sweet voice "I'm at the far end, like at the end of the building" I replied, trying to remain cool.

"Ok, I'll be there in a minute, sorry I'm so late!" she apologized sweetly. "No its fine, I'll see you" click, as I closed the phone. I lit another cigarette. If I was nervous a few minutes ago, I was goin fuckin nuts now. I waited patiently then I saw her truck, a huge green excursion. I never took a drag off the cigarette. As I opened the rear door, I was given those sweet three words, "I love you!" Maybe I should explain. We had been friends all through high school.

And there was always this weird tension between us. But, I was a good boy then. You see, all through high school I was a Jehovah's Witness. I was even baptized shortly after Christmas break, freshman year. Looking back, it might be the worst decision I ever made. Because shortly before I took the plunge, I found that I had feelings for her. And getting baptized meant you were in it, for keeps. No interaction with the "worldly," or outsiders, especially the women. I still talked to her quite frequently, and we sought each other out.

No matter how far apart we were, it was like we each had a homing beacon we could pick up on. We'd meet once on the way to class, and after that, it was a regular stop to chat. I loved looking into her beautiful eyes. God those brown eyes that, even though might not be the most spectacular color, and melted my legs beneath me.

I could get lost in those eyes, and often did. She is a beautiful Latina woman, with lightly tanned skin. She stands 5'3, and although a little short, you may make the observation that god's gift to short Latinas is a nice juicy ass.

Her legs are simply exquisite. I've longed to taste those legs since day one. The things I thought of doing to her ass, are unnumbered. She has a wonderful hourglass figure, and her tits are big B's, small C's.

She's slender, approximately 110 pounds. She's always had that athletic body; she loves to play football as much as she loves to watch it. Her body is kinda like a cross between Eva Mendes and Vida Guerra, if they played soccer. Brunette to top it all off. I've always been a brunette man. I'm 6'2, and 180 pounds. Biggest penis in her wazoo hardcore massage considered my build athletic, but I don't have the chiseled abs or anything.

I mountain bike often, and at one time thought of getting serious. I'm a strange cross between mostly German, and a quarter of almost every Asian ethnicity there is, but I consider that part of myself Filipino, because that's what I am at home. Lots of people, or should I say girls, think I'm black. Maybe I am, but we'll talk more about that later. I have the typical dark skin, brown hair and eyes, nothing special.

Guess I grew into that tall dark and handsome my mom always told me about. Even though I'm alright to look at, I never really chased the girls around. I guess I never really wanted the drama. I was always interested in the opposite sex, but never really pursued my interests, until Leah came around that is. It took me three whole years to gather the balls to talk her. Even then, I would rather us just be friends.

It seemed better that way, no drama that might force squeezing nice big titties on thai babe apart. I was in deep shit. I dreamt of this girl, something I've never done before.

I had the utmost respect for this woman, and I supported her where she needed to be. I gave her space, but took mine when I wanted it. I protected her as best I could, I would kill for her. But it was the same in return. I hated her parents because they shit talked her all the time. She hated mine because well, they prohibited me from seeing her more. We even shared a lot of the same interest, and even thought alike.

I was sure I found the high school sweetheart that you marry and have a family with. I just didn't have the balls to toss the snowball. Three years it took. Three agonizingly long short school years. By then I had met a charming little Goth chick that threatened me physically, if I didn't tell Leah how I felt.

"Fosha, if you don't talk to her and tell her how you feel, IM GONNA CASTRATE YOU WITH A PAIR OF RUSTY SCISSORS!" she yelled at me before the end of class. I said nothing in return. What could I say? If you knew her, she would at least kick my nuts in if I didn't. So, my balls dropped. The bell rang, and we walked out. "Seriously Mitch, if you don't, I'm gonna kick your ass" she told me confidently as we walked down the open corridor. "No, you're right, I gotta do it sometime, right?

What's to lose?" I said solemnly. "You can do it Hun, she likes you, I can tell." She replied as she turned to walk towards her class. I walked up the stairs, and waited for her where we usually met up dude cheats his gf with ebony roomie. She seemed to take longer to get here, or am I imagining things? My heart was pounding, it felt like all the blood in my legs had left and went to my face.

My ears were hot, and my thoughts seemed to whizz by with lightning speed, making me sorta dizzy. I took a few deep breaths, and my strength returned to my legs.

There she was. She waved to me as she walked into the classroom to drop off her bag and books. She was particularly stunning this morning, with her dark form fitting jeans, a light green v neck shirt, and a suede leather jacket. She had her hair done in French braided pig tails, which always had sent me to battle against a huge erection.

It definitely wasn't gonna be easy this morning. I leaned against the cool wall and tried to at least act like I had my shit together. She came out, and we had blond girls lips print on wazoo tube porn usual hows your morning banter.

Then I plunged in. "Sweet, I have to tell you something." That got her attention and she looked into my eyes like she was going to find out what I was gonna say by looking into my brain. "I've had feelings for you for quite some time now." That's all I managed to muster.

It felt like somebody had lifted the weight of my shoulders, but then quickly got behind me and placed a knife at my neck. "Really?" she asked, as If I was joking around. She looked into me and saw I was deadly serious.

Then she looked away, and nodded. It felt like hours before she responded. "I've had feelings for you too Mitch." That was the end of it, the bell rang. "I'll see you at lunch then?" I asked, "Of course!" she replied cheerily as she stepped massage rooms petite girl gives big boobs into the classroom.

I felt like I could fly away! Fuck school! I couldn't wait to see her again! I punched into the air victoriously several times doing a little dance at the end. I hear once that knowing that the person you admire is interested in you has the same effect as a line off coke.

The rest of the school year was filled with awkward moments and tons of tension and energy between us. We started sending e-mails almost constantly to each other, as soon as we were too far away for physical speech.

That's when it got shitty. Satan himself found out that I was pursuing a relationship with a member of the opposite sex, and she was worldly. My biological dad had always been a bible thumping asshole. He would have nothing to do with me having a girlfriend at my age, especially a one outside the religion! He threatened me even before, when I just moved into his house, that if I didn't get baptized, he would never let me out of the house, wouldn't let me have a driver's license, and would only be allowed to visit family, and go to the meetings.

A thick threat held over a then thirteen year old's head. Now, he wanted to know everything wet cookie is ready for hot fuck hardcore blowjob her, especially if we were having sex.

We weren't, just for that reason. Our parents were the same people essentially, and we were surprisingly obedient. Now I can't stop wishing that I had never gotten baptized. At least then I could have broke the rules and dealt close up exploration of the most perfect only him. Now that I was, I had to deal with the entire congregation of these bible humpers.

I would have broken out of my room, my cell, and met up with her. Don't think we didn't plan it. Believe me, I was tempted to disappear several times. It was a double whammy, because I also had to work for him, because he didn't want me to work with anybody else. I was in the faith, and he wanted me to stay there. As I got older, and more so after he found out about me and Leah, he required me to work more. Often, he would pick me up, and I'd change clothes at the jobsite.

Mom teaching teen son sex stories that didn't work, he sat me down and told me he wanted me to start independent home studies, so he could work me more.

He called my counselor, and since my grades were good, I qualified. I took all the tests, went through all the bullshit, and was sent to enroll soon. I had to tell Leah. That was the number one problem in my mind. I hadn't come to care more about anything else except the relationship that we had. It was all that I had with her, and even though I time spent together was extremely limited, I enjoyed every second of it thoroughly.

I told her as soon as I got news of that I was going into the program. I thought she was going to march over to my house and kick my dad's ass then!

She was fuming, man she was pissed. But after that went away, she immediately started planning for a going away party. Those two weeks went by fast. That last day in public school I will remember forever.

I was supposed to head over to a jobsite on my bike, instead I rolled with Leah and our gang of friends down the street to the Arby's that was just down on the corner. We walked silently, me and her the entire time.

Everyone else debated, curly fries, or Carls Jr. the unanimous vote for curly fries rang through. I chose not go in, but to meet them at the park, which was literally right next door. My stomach was too tossed up anyway to eat anything. I circled in the parking lot, waiting for them, waiting to see my dad pull up in his truck to haul me away from her. Close enough. My cell phone rang with a text message from him. It read "did you leave yet? Where are you?" I replied to him, "on my way, slow getting out of the parking lot." He sent back with a "meet me at Greenback and Independence" "ok" was all I replied with.

I sent Leah a text saying "well, I gotta go now, I love you." And as I started pedaling away, she ran out and almost tackled me off my bike. We stood there and just looked at each other. "So he called you huh?" she asked. It looked like she was starting to tear up. "Yeah, he needs me now. I'm sorry I couldn't stick around longer.

I wish I could." I replied back to her as I watched her wipe tears away from her eyes. "Are you crying?" I asked. "You are! Why are you crying?" I asked, almost mockingly. I was trying to lighten the mood. "No, I'm NOT CRYING DAMNIT!" Silence fell upon us again, and we watched the cars go by.

"Are we gonna see each other again?" she asked tentatively. "Of course, without doubt we will. I would never stop seeing you." She nodded and looked at the passing cars again.

I will remember that day always because I should have kissed her then. I should have held her in my arms and kissed her passionately. But I didn't. I got lost in my promise. I would always keep in contact with her, and try my damndest to see her as often as I could. Not too much later, the rest of her friends came bumbling down, and gave me the wave off. I rode away, wishing that I never let myself get chained under the burdens of religion.

That from then on, I would look for a way out. A few months pass, and my Mother calls me up. She and my real family had moved to Virginia already with her husband.

My little brother and sister were there, and they, well he mostly, wanted to see me again. It turned out that there was going to be a family reunion in Florida, and they wanted to go to the shuttle launch afterwards. It was late June when I went to visit them in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Once I got there, I decided to not come back to Sacramento for awhile, and that I was going to use the distance to shut myself off from the congregation.

I called my dad on July 4th. I told him that I was fine, and that I was never coming back. I got endless phone calls that night, from my family trying to tell me that it was better to stay in the faith. It was all a bunch of bullshit to me, so I turned a deaf ear. After about two years, my dad retired, and my family decided that they wanted to go back to California.

My parents left it up to me decide whether or not I wanted to go back. A free ticket back? That was an easy decision. I called Leah promptly and told her that I was coming back home. I thought my ears my bleed with all the excited shouting and screaming she was doing. I laughed and wished her a good night's sleep.

A FEW MONTHS AND A PLANE TRIP LATER I arranged for Leah to pick me up at Sacramento Intl Airport, and I waited for her to get me. She was supposed to drive me back to my grandparent's house an hour away, and I was supposed to show her where I grew up, and all that good stuff. She finally showed up and I started putting my bags in the back of her monster excursion. "I love you!" she told me sweetly. "I love you too babe" I replied, meaning every bit of it.

I closed the lid and walked up to the front of the truck and opened the passenger door. "Sorry, but you can't smoke in here, sorry" she said to me. I had no problem with it, and I wondered why she had become so apologetic. "No, no, its fine." I took one last drag and threw it to the curb. I jumped into her truck and we wheeled off.

"How was your flight here?" she inquired. "Oh man, shitty. I sat next to this crazy Mormon chick that talked my ear off." I replied, and she giggled. "Besides, the flight seemed to last years, I couldn't wait to see you again." I added, trying to get her attention. I was hoping to start this trip back to grandma's house a slow one. But oddly, she didn't really reply.

It was awkward for a moment. "WHAT THE FUCK?!? What's wrong? Am I coming off to quickly? Maybe I am. You oughtta slow down." I thought as she kept on driving silently. It started to rain. She looked over at me and told me that I should call my grandma that we won't make it back tonight, because it's raining.

"Oh shit, its gonna be like that huh? Take me home to your bed, eh?" I was saying to myself, I thought I had her, or that she had me. "I don't like driving in the rain especially at night with all these idiots on the road" she stated. "Sure make up excuses, hot milf rubs her pussy outdoors before getting banged whatever.

I'm gonna show you a few things!" I kept thinking. "Yeah, no, I totally get it. Women don't know how to drive in the rain, especially Mexican women!" I teased her, which resulted in her punching my left arm. "Oh, is that how you like it, a little rough?" I joked, waiting to see the response I'd get.

"Oh yes Mitch, I thought you knew me?" she replied. "Damn, that was fast." I thought. "Baby I know you, but I have yet to explore your body" I smoothly replied. "Mmm, you wanna get know it? Huh?" She cooed. My body was starting to respond already. I was too busy trying to think of a response to fight off the growing club between my legs. "Woman I wanna map you from head to toe, every inch!" I said to her, hoping to fan the fire.

"HOLY SHIT!" shit exclaimed, my heart stopped, I thought we were gonna crash! "What is that? Are you carryin? That's not your cock is it?" she questioned. Damn, I looked down, and shit had poked through my shorts.

I hadn't been paying attention and my shorts rose up. Now my dick head was exposed. I decided to try and roll with it. "Yeah, what you thinkin?" I asked, it was the best I could come up with. Her eyes bulged, "it's fuckin huge, that's what I think!

Oh my god it's big!" Then she just up and touched it. Electricity shot through my dick and up my back. Now's the chance I get to lose my fuckin virginity! The thought rang through my skull like cannon fire. Then her hand went right back to the steering wheel, and she glued her eyes to the steering wheel. "Fuck, she scared herself." I thought.

"Its ok baby, it doesn't bite, I promise." "No, I can't, and besides, I'm driving!" she quickly replied. I wasn't gonna argue. The time will come. We got back to her house and she shot me the bedroom eyes. My heart started pounding and her eyes locked on my crotch. "I'm still a virgin, and that things fuckin huge!" She whispered to me as I walked closer to her. "I'll be gentle girl, it's not gonna kill you" I whispered back. After a moment, she stuck her hand in her pants, eying my crotch, which was now a fully erect circus tent.

She started moving her fingers around and I just kept getting harder. She slowly started walking towards me. I took her free left hand and brought her into me. We passionately kissed each other slowly. My lips found hers, and hers mine.

As I gently sucked on her lower lip, she exhaled deeply, and shook lightly. I moved my lips up and kissed her upper lip, next her nose, and next her eye. I kissed her cheek then and slowly made my way behind her ear.

She took a sharp deep breath in, when I sucked on her neck, and she breathed slowly, "oooh Mitch." As I kissed her neck, she licked the side of my face. Then she slowly reached over and grabbed my aching cock. I exhaled deeply and rose to meet her lips again, and I spread her lips this time, gently, carefully.

She responded and opened her mouth, and our tongues slowly greeted each other. The tips of our tongues circling each other, they too were savoring this moment. I enjoyed her sweet, sweet lips and I slowly moved back down, kissing her chin. "We have to stop, my parents are home" she sighed.

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I didn't want to stop, nor had I ANY intentions on doing so. "I know babe," she said "I want this as badly as you do, but we have to stop now" she instructed me. She grabbed my chin and forced me to look into her eyes.

"You're killin me babe, killin me." I told her. "I know, I want it worse than you do," she said. "But we have to stop." She then let go of my cock. She smiled into my eyes as she removed her hand from her pants and licked her fore finger.

I smiled wantonly, and she stuck her hand in my face, and I sucked on each of her fingers individually. "I'll show you you're room" she said to me, the soldier wasn't giving up an inch, it hurt to walk down the hallway. We walked into a small room and she gestured to me that this was it. "You're gonna sleep in my room tonight" she told me informatively. By then I figured I was gonna try again, and not be so subtle. I had busty tattooed babe likes some hard shagging my cock from its purgatory, and quickly got behind her.

In one motion, I slipped my cock between her legs, and brought her head back onto my shoulder so I could kiss her neck I started slowly, working from the bottom of her neck up. "Oh god Mitch, I wanna fuck you so bad" she quietly whispered into my hungry, near deaf ears. This only fed the fire. I slowly took both my hands and slid then under her shirt.

As I gripped her lovely frame, I moved my hands slowly up, until I had reached her wonderful tits. She breathed in sharply, she knew what was coming. She threw her hand down her pants and started massaging her pussy slowly, in tight circles above her clit.

Our breathing had already accelerated, and now it sounded like we just got done sprinting around the block.

While she was massaging her pussy I slowly moved my thumbs under her brazier, and lifted it up. With the rest of my fingers I bitch laid on the floor gets ass smashed pushed it up and over her precious globes of ultra sensitive flesh.

I cupped my hands and caressed the shape of them, gripping them slightly. Her breathing, I thought, couldn't get much heavier, or faster. It didn't. Her body started to shake, and she started moaning slightly. Finally, she took the cock head between her legs and started to twist the head like she was trying to open a coke bottle.

I was so tense from earlier, I was fighting to not cum all over her hand. Baseball, basketball, my truck, anything! One sound stopped us dead. "Knock" I pulled her bra down over her tits and her shirt to her belt. "Knock" it came again, I couldn't tell if they were seconds apart or hours. I pulled my cock from between her legs and stuffed it unwillingly back into its home.

She took her hand from her cunt and turned to me, shoving her fingers into my mouth. I was shocked, I guess. "What a dirty bird!" I thought as I sucked her moist hand dry.

Her juices were so sweet. She pulled her hand from between my lips and just then, the door opened. "Leah, you home? Is that you in here? Where's Mitch? Did you drop him off already?" It was her mother. "Yeah mom, it's me. Mitch is right here, I was showing him my room, he's sleeping here tonight because it's raining out, and I didn't feel safe driving back in the rain so far away. " She explained coolly, the entire time staring into my eyes.

"Oh, ok. Does he need any extra blankets?" she asked. I think she was trying to get into the room. "No, mom he's fine." She answered.

She stood on her tippy toes, and gave me a kiss. "Good night Mitch" she said to me sweetly. "Night sweet" I gave her back. It was probably the raging hormones, but everything she did was extremely seductive. I didn't sleep well that night. I awoke early the next morning, startled awake by the sounds of shrieking women.

I jumped up, and rushed toward the door, fearing the worst. Adrenaline pumped through my system as I opened the door. I saw Leah, and her younger sister, Hannah. They were both looking down the hallway, as if waiting for something to come through the front door. It turned out to be one of the friends that we used to hang out with at lunch in school. "Hey Tim, How's it goin man?" I asked him.

It took him a second to realize I was there, because Leah had just come from the shower, and had a towel wrapped around her. Hell I didn't even realize that. Then his eyes went to her sister Hannah.

She wasn't anything spectacular to me, but she was still very good looking. She was about the same height as Leah, maybe a little taller. She was definitely petite, but her Mexican side didn't let her down, she still had a nice ass.

Her hair was closer to black, and her eyes were the same shade as Leah's. Tim finally responded, "Oh, uh, hey man, uh, "he snapped out of it suddenly. "Oh shit, Mitch man, how you been?" "Just fine Tim, but I need a smoke man." I grabbed my smokes and walked out to the backyard. Tim followed me. We chatted about random useless shit, not really catching up, kinda reminiscing, just bullshitting.

As he went back into the house, I followed him back into Leah's room, where we picked up my stuff and put it in her truck. I guess Tim was going with us. He jumped in the front seat. I knew Leach had no problem picking up men, no problem at all. I guess she had a few roadies too. I laughed to myself. An hour-ish later we arrived in at my destination. I got my stuff out, and Leah gave me a hug and a goodbye.

Tim gave me a hand shake and a so long, nothing more. I understood. She wanted to babe with great tits milks a cock our little adventures and secret, and our intentions locked up. I just played along and waved goodbye to them as they drove away. That was all I heard from her for 9 months. I was trying desperately to get a hold of Leah, but to no avail.

Every phone call, every text message, every email, every time I tried to get a hold of her through friends, it was no good. Nobody had heard from her, nobody had seen her. I was broken. What happened? I became depressed, and just did my daily routine. I ran, I ate, I slept. That's it.

Everyday. The running helped, but I was still deep. Every time I tried to contact her, I dug my hole deeper. I just kept running over my high school memories with her. Everyday, I would remember a new one. It lifted me up because of all the good times we had, porn mom ngentot sampai pingsan It killed me when I remember that she would talk to me.

Then one day, my phone rang. It was her. I had deleted her number from my phone, because I had figured that was it. Something went wrong, and she's cutting me off. "Mitch, I love you, I was stupid. I should have never shut you out. Let me explain myself." And explain she did.

I sat quietly at the other end of the phone, listening to her sob her story. Her parents were abusing her again.

Nothing physical really, but totally mental. They always fucked with her mind. And then, as if that wasn't enough, her high school gang had just upped and left her. Friends she had been friends with for some, a decade, just stopped talking to her. I was mad at her. I always told her that I was there for her, and I always tried my best to be there.

Now she had shut me out, because she had gotten shut out. I understood I guess, but I was still very frustrated.

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"I jade nile and savanah sage amazing some in the bedroom to see you Mitch, we need to do something together." She told me.

I was still mad and wanted to make sure she understood without telling her. "Why? I'm still mad at you. I understand but I'm still mad. What do you have in mind?" I had no intention on fucking her, nor had I any intention on getting some pity sex. "God Mitch, you're gonna make me say it? I need you here, I, I, uh…" she stammered. I suddenly knew where she was going. She had gotten over herself and she wanted to get back to where we left off. "I need your fucking cock!" She whispered into the phone.

"What, I can't hear you? What did you say?" I replied, I wanted to be in control. She wanted me, I knew it. I was gonna make her know it too. "I want your fucking cock, damnit!" I had realized how flustered she was.

"Are you wet? Huh? Are you?" I asked, egging her on. "Oh Mitch, I'm at work, don't do this to me. I'm soaking wet" I was starting to get hard myself. "Make some reservations at a hotel tonight woman, I'm gonna show you what happens to bad girls!" If youre interested in the rest of the story, please say so. If you feel the need to criticize, do so constructively please.

This is my first story. Thank you!