Hot teen arya fae gets first anal babe

Hot teen arya fae gets first anal babe
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Fbailey story number 695 My Sister's Daughter My sister Libby and I were always very, very close. We first had sex together when Libby was thirteen and I was fourteen. It was a love affair that lasted the test of time. It even outlasted her marriage. Well that isn't fair. Really our brother sister love affair broke up her marriage.

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You see he just could not understand that we needed to see one another even after they got married. I would go to her for a two-week visit and Libby would sleep with me the whole time, ignoring her own husband. To be fair about it, he tolerated it for several years.

He also accepted Katrina as his own daughter knowing full well that she could easily be mine. When Katrina was nine years old she would come in to the guest bedroom every night to kiss her mother and I goodnight. She knew that Mommy was asian milf strikes the dick brunette and big tits with her brother. She also knew that we were both naked under the sheet. It was quite obvious that her mother's tits were hanging out.

Sex was just as good as it had ever been. She always did like it when we did sixty-nine. She never did that with her husband.

Or she would suck his cock occasionally and if the mood hit him he might give her pussy a kiss or a small lick, but nothing like the two of us did together. When Katrina was ten years old she started flashing me her little bald pussy.

It was cute and I laughed at her. That was a mistake because she would then do it more often. Libby laughed too and told me to enjoy it. Those two weeks were great because Katrina could get me hard instantly and wench knows how to cum a lot I would take her mother up to my bed.

On our last night together Libby asked me to let Katrina watch us make love. Sure, why not! Libby had Katrina sit up against the headboard and then she placed her own head between her daughter's knees.

So when I slipped my cock into my sister I was staring right into her daughter's open pussy. What a night that was. That sure didn't please her father any. In fact that led to him leaving and filing for separation. He did not approve of Libby bringing Katrina into bed with us. Tell you the truth I wasn't all that keen about it myself. When Katrina was eleven years old there was a lot of nudity. In fact both girls were naked most of the time that I was there. Katrina had started having periods and her breasts had started growing.

She had some baby fine hairs growing on her little pussy. That was the year that I started kissing her pussy mound at bedtime. She wanted more but I wasn't willing to give it to her…not at her age. Sex with Libby only got better and better the more I looked at Katrina's growing body. Her body was taking on a maturity of it's own.

Curves were taking place, baby fat was disappearing, and she was more interested than ever in what her mother and I were doing in my bedroom. She talked us into letting her watch us a few times. When Katrina was twelve years old her breasts were bigger and she had a lot more pubic hair on her pussy. Not only did I kiss her pussy mound goodnight but I would also kiss her clit and stick my tongue in her hole. That year things really picked up and I almost fucked my sister to death.

Katrina got to watch her mother give me a few blowjobs. She also got to watch me stick my cock in her mother's ass. Libby was happy to see me go and told me that the following year I could fuck Katrina and take her virginity. I had taken her mother's at that age, so why not.

When Katrina was thirteen years old I took a whole month off to spend more time with them.

When I arrived at their house they were standing outside waiting for me. Katrina had grown up even more. Her breasts were full in a bikini top, her tummy was flat, and those tight white shorts enhanced her pubic mound. Then there were her long slender legs. Her toenails and fingernails were painted bright red, her long brown hair fell gracefully to her breasts, and she had braces on her teeth. Libby had on the shirt that I had left behind the previous year only it had no buttons, the collar was pulled wide open, and the shirt was tied right under her big breasts.

She looked fantastic! She was wearing what they call skinny jeans. She had lost some weight in the past year and it looked great. We hugged and we kissed in the driveway. Then we headed inside. Libby had done some remodeling. The bedrooms had been combined into one huge master bedroom with a king size bed, a walk in closet for them both, x full sex stories hot story play a very nice bathroom for them both also.

Yes, they were sleeping together and obviously having sex together too. I was there for just one thing…to fuck my sister's daughter and to take her virginity. It was all that they ever talked about on the phone or all they ever wrote to me in emails. I got nude pictures of Katrina every week after she turned thirteen.

I also got nude pictures of Libby every week. On more than one occasion I got pictures of another girl naked standing next to one of them or usually between them. It turned out to be Katrina's girlfriend and lover. Diane was also thirteen and she was going to be there the next day so that I could fuck her and take her virginity too.

Diane was Katrina's sex slave and giving me her virginity was to please her mistress. It was a virgin sacrifice of sorts. Before I could even unpack my things Katrina undressed. She was not wearing any underwear or shoes so after that tiny top and those tight shorts hit the floor I feasted my eyes on her hairy pussy. I thought that she might have started shaving it but she told me that she kept it unruly so that Diane would occasionally get a pubic hair caught in her throat or teeth.

She thought that that was cute. This time Libby sat up against the headboard while Katrina placed her head between her mother's knees.

Slipping my cock into my niece was easy. There was no hymen to worry about, it was really wet, and it had been stretched out for the occasion. She and Diane had been sharing a double-ended dildo almost every day since school had let out.

According to Libby they spend a half-hour grinding into it while stroking the other's clit. They have several orgasms doing that. So with her legs up around my waist and my cock all the way inside her pussy, I started to fuck her in long slow strokes. She loved it. I tried to think of other things so as not to shoot my wad too soon. As I got more and more excited I started thrusting into her harder and faster.

I slammed into her cervix a few times and made her jump. She threw her head back, pointing her chin at the ceiling. Libby scooted forward and let Katrina lick at her pussy during her first cock induced orgasm.

Katrina was officially no longer lesbian threesome double licking and chubby slave i trusted him and he d his priesthood virgin…she was a very beautiful young lady…and my cock was still inside her because I had not cum yet.

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In fact I didn't cum until after her second gut wrenching orgasm. Before I pulled my cock out of her I kissed her long and passionately, I lowered her legs to the bed, and I saw that her areolas had almost disappeared around her full puffy nipples. Her pubic hair was all matted from our combined juices. Then I was limp and rolling off from her.

Libby slid her breasts along her daughter's face, down over her breasts, and landed on her tummy as her mother started licking at her crotch. Libby was giving her daughter a kitty bath…with just her tongue running through all of that fur. It was a sight to behold. We ate something, drank something, and got back on that bed. Round gorgeous czech blonde nicky angel clinic fetish was in my sister.

Libby had been waiting almost a year for my cock. She had never cheated on me after her husband had left. Of course a year later they had been divorced. However, even a fine looking lady like Libby got more than her fair share of offers.

She always turned them down. Even Katrina had the boys crawling all over her to get in her panties, but she never let them. She had saved it for me.

Now that she had given it too me she still wasn't going to let the boys fuck her. Yeah! Right! Unless she becomes a diehard lesbian some lucky boy is going get in her.

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The next morning we slept in late. Diane let herself in and was standing in the bedroom with us when I opened my eyes. She was Katrina's age but she looked more childish. Her breasts were small, she had some baby fat on her, and with her shaved pussy she looked a lot younger than thirteen years old. Katrina opened her eyes, looked at Diane, and told her to climb in between us.

They kissed and made out for a while.

She had Diane lick some of my cum out of her pussy. Then like a lamb to slaughter Diane got on her back, lifted her knees up to her tiny breasts, and held that position for me to enter her.

She sure looked like a virgin sacrifice. She looked scared. I took her hand and led Diane into the bathroom. Then I closed and locked the door keeping Katrina out. I lifted Diane up on the counter between the two hand bowls. I pulled her into my chest and kissed her.

I hugged her and I kissed her again. She had been a deer caught in headlights but she started to soften up a little. I kissed her again, I kissed her neck in a few places, and then I started kissing her small perky breasts. I kissed and sucked her nipples.

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Then I knelt down and took my first taste of her baby pussy. It was sweet but it was also very wet. She was almost dripping from her excitement. I had done my job. I stood how lovely the blowjob from erotic milf and I kissed her again. Then I asked her if she truly wanted me to fuck her. She looked me right in the eyes, smiled, and said yes. I held my cock up to her puffy slit and poked the head up against her lips without poking it in.

I asked her a second time if this was what she really wanted and it was. So without further ado I poked it into her virgin pussy. She looked up at me and smiled so I poked about half of it into her.

Another smile and the rest went in. She kissed me and thanked naughty redhead taking lots of cocks adrenaline rush dvd for going slow.

She said that Katrina was sure to punish her for not letting her watch. I told her that Katrina could watch us do it the next time. Then I got down to some serious business. I made love to that little girl in the most loving gently way I knew how. I was not sure that I could make her cum but at the very last moment just as my first burst penetrated her, she started to moan and wither up against me.

When I finished cumming she was just coming down from a long rolling orgasm that could have converted her to cock. That little girl would not be satisfied with Katrina's pussy after this. When we came out of the bathroom Katrina was giving me a funny look. I told her that she could watch me fuck Diane later. Then I told her that I wanted to keep fucking Diane at least once a day for the entire month. Katrina started to say something but that was when Diane pleaded to let me.

Then she told Katrina that she could punish her every time. Katrina laughed and said that she didn't need permission to punish her. So I watched as Diane bent over and grabbed her ankles. Katrina took a big hairbrush off her dresser and started smacking Diane's ass with it.

After ten strokes she turned it around and stuck the big handle into Diane's cum filled pussy. I saw a smile cross Diane's lips as she said, "Thank you Mistress, may I have another." Libby invited Diane's mother over to spend the night but she declined. Diane said that her fourteen-year-old brother had started sleeping with her mother.

So that she could have more time with her son she let Diane stay with me for the whole month.

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That month was the best month of my entire life. Those three wonderful girls were always at my disposal and willing to try anything. When I returned to work I gave them my notice and put my house up for sale. I contacted a good head hunter and landed a better paying job in a town just ten miles from my sister's house. Needless to say I moved in nice young adorable hottie licks old dick my sister and I lived happily ever after.

Sex with her never grew old. Katrina grew out of girls and into boys in a big way. She took them on three at a time. She loved triple penetration. Diane was traded to me and I became her Master. Fucking her just kept getting better and better. Diane's mother started joining us in bed right after her son dumped her for a slew of younger girls.

She fit right in and I gave her a good fuck occasionally but mostly I let her suck my cum out of her daughter. The End My Sister's Daughter 695