Gorgeous teen ladygirl first time abby throating man sausage outdoor

Gorgeous teen ladygirl first time abby throating man sausage outdoor
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I walked in the empty hallways afterschool and sighed as I approached the classroom. I could not believe I had to do this. But in order for me to get my girlfriend's approval, I would have to make amends with him. Finally, I reached the door and stopped.

I gathered all my willpower and knocked twice. First of all, let me explain to you that I am a fourteen year old guy. I'm 5'6, 125 pounds and I have a stunning girlfriend. We've been talking about having sex but she doesn't want to do it until I cleared things up with her dad. And who was her dad? He was my science teacher, Mr. P, who I disliked.

I had done many things over the course of the school year that had made him angry and that, coupled with the fact I was dating his daughter, had made me his least favorite student.

For a couple excruciating seconds, I stood in silence, and thought that maybe he wasn't in the room. Just when I had given up and was about to walk away, the door swings open and standing in front of me was my science teacher.

He was a pretty imposing figure, standing at 6'0 and about 220 pounds. Only 35, he had a heavyset, muscular figure with wide shoulders and a bald head. Though he was very large, his body contained little fat.

He looked down at me and snorted. Turning away and walking back gangbang with skinny german milf realgangbangs deepthroat his room, he waved his finger and beckoned me to follow. I looked down at my feet and shuffled along with him. He sat down behind his desk and then started looking at some papers. I stood in front of him, like a fool, and felt my temper rising. "What do you want?" he muttered. I raised my head and swallowed my pride.

"I came here to apologize, sir, and to ask for your blessing to date your daughter." He finally looked up at me, and chuckled. "She told me you would be coming." I nodded. "I beg for your forgiveness for my behavior in your class and I promise that I will be a good boyfriend to your daughter." He tilted his head an inch. "And why should I forgive you?" I bowed my head.

"I feel remorse for my actions and I will take any punishment that you see fitting." He rubbed his clean-shaven chin and considered it. "Okay, I will forgive you," he said, "And let you date my daughter." I let out a breath in relief. "…But only if you accept my punishment and do not resist." I nodded vigorously. I was just glad that Mr. P had forgiven me and thought that any jordi el nino polla receives a steaming blowjob naturaltits and interracial was more than worth the pleasure that I would receive from my beautiful girlfriend.

He pointed at the desk closest to us. "Go over to the desk and bend over it, facing away from me." I was really confused. I didn't understand why he wanted me to do that. "Wha-" "Go!" he interrupted. "Do you want my approval or not?" I still felt wary but walked over to the desk and bent at the waist.

Mr. K was given a clear view of my butt, which, honestly, was a very nice one. He slowly lifted his large frame from the desk and walked over to where I was. "Now listen to me close," he said. "I'm going to spank you and I'm going to spank you a lot and I'm going to spank you hard. And after I spank you, you're going to pleasure me.

If you resist or refuse, I will tell Sophia (my girlfriend) that you come to me to apologize and that I caught you cheating on her." I was shocked. Unable to believe my ears, I stayed rooted to the spot.

'How could my girlfriend's dad be doing this' I thought.

"Take off your clothes," he ordered. I didn't move. "Now!" I scrambled, taking my shirt off and pulling my shorts down.

"Boxers too." Hesitantly, I stripped my boxers as well and stood there with my manhood exposed.

My 6-inch cock dangled, soft. Mr. P then took off his own shirt and revealed his hairless upper body. He huge pecs and hard abs, with a small trail leading to the waistband of his pants.

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Mr. P shoved me back down so that that face was pressed up against the desk. I quickly grabbed on to the sides and not a moment too soon. 'Smack!' The first one came hard and I jerked in pain. More followed in rapid succession as my ass was hammered by his hand. I writhed around and clutched on the desk tightly as he continued for thirty seconds.

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I was horrified to feel myself getting hard as he assaulted me. Finally, mercifully, he stopped and my behind burned. I had no time to recuperate before he commanded, "Turn around and get on your knees." Beaten out of all of my will, I shamefully did as he said. My face was level with his hips and I looked up at his imposing, well-toned figure. He then undid his belt buckle and softly tapped my cheek with it.

I winced. Mr. P unzipped his pants and pulled out his member. My eyes went wide-open. There, in front of me, was a massive cock. It was only half-hard but was already 8 inches. "You know what to do," he smirked. Trembling, I told hold of it in my hand, which was able to grasp just over half of it.

I started rubbing back and forth and he moaned. His dick rose to its full size, 10 inches. I looked up at his face and he motioned for me to continue. I inched my mouth to his cock and lightly kissed the gargantuan head. Pre-cum started seeping out. I licked the underside of it and fondled the balls. Then, finally ready, I engulfed his head in my mouth. He groaned in pleasure. Going further, I tried to choke down all of it but could only get 6 inches before I started gagging.

I pulled off and started licking the head and then the entire member. Once again, I wrapped my mouth over it and started bobbing back and forth. My own penis became rock-solid, and I decided to just try and enjoy this.

Mr. P had his eyes closed and grabbed the back of my head with both hands. He started thrusting my head towards and away from his body. I let him control me as he had me go back and forth. I tried throating him as my eyes reached just inches from his nicely-shaven pubes. After a couple minutes of giving him a blowjob, Mr. P pulled my mouth of his cock. His eyes, which were glazed over during the BJ, came back into focus.

He gave me a nasty smile. "Go back and bend over." I nodded and quickly assumed the position. I looked back to see what he was doing. Mr. P was fully naked now and reached into his desk drawer. He pulled out some lube and applied it to his cock. He came over and rubbed some on my asshole.

Shocked, I realized what he was planning. "Please, Mr. P, don't do this," I begged. He just pushed my head down and placed the tip of his penis at my entrance. He slowly started pushing into my hole and I felt huge pressure. Big jugs as a guarantee for sex was soon 2 inches in me and I groaned in pain.

Suddenly, he grunted as he thrust over half of his penis into my asshole. I screamed and he covered my mouth with his hand. Mr. P pulled out nearly all the way and then rammed it in again, even further. He repeated this action until he thrust in again one more time and I felt his balls slap against me.

I gasped, all 10 inches were in me. Mr. P started fucking me with wild abandon and pressed his chest and stomach on my back. Mr. P continued this for barely a minute until he came. I felt squirt after squirt of his warm seed fill me up. A sil pac xxx story letest later, I came with him and my cock jerked as my cum splattered onto the desk. Exhausted, Mr. P collapsed, his weight on me.

"We're going to be doing more of this, Jason." he sighed. "I guarantee it."